17 Best Tropical Islands in the World

What could be better than sight-seeing some tropical beaches loaded with white sand, alluring blue water, beautifully placed palm trees, and paradise looking view which can give you a calm feeling backed by relaxing view for the indefinite period?

Here’s is the list of the 17 best tropical islands in the world which can surely leave you stunned!

1. Seychelles


The Seychelles tropical island can easily be called the paradise on earth with the eye-catching beauty and a complete treat for someone who would love to spend their time at the beach.

Seychelles is formed with the help of 115 groups of islands and is also called as the dividing paradise by the experts.

2. Maldives


The Maldives is called the chain of islands which have been blessing human eyes which such amazing beauty for ages now.

This tropical island in the world is called as the most incredible one because it offers excellent diving opportunities, snorkeling zones, a combination of white beaches, perfectly managed private resorts, and a decent vacation spot.

3. Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe

Apart from being the best tropical island in the world, Ko Lipe is surely known around the world for its excellent range of seafood which can leave the taste buds in sheer surprise for the entire day.

This island is the combination of white beaches, further backed by the warm-bathing opportunity, and also the snorkeling zones where the people could also spot a few reef shark on their walk from one beach to another.

4. Bali and Gili Islands

Bali and Gili Islands

A few years ago Bali was named as one of the friendliest islands in the world because of the offers provided by the locals to the tourists. Whether it’s about the food, party, beaching, or availing several activities, Bali stated on the top of the list for years.

However, after sometimes, the Gili Island in Indonesia took this charge from Bali and became another incredible travel destination for the people who would love to explore the beauty of nature while enjoying the pretty tropical seasons, snorkeling zones, a perfect volcano to climb and also some dirt cheap living spaces.

5. Fiji


Fiji is one of the stunning tropical islands in the world with more than 322 beaches and no matter at which beach you would go, it is always heaven and beautiful.

The island is not only famous for its beauty and perfect weather, but it is also known for keeping the visitors busy with some amazing activities which are continuously changing based on the type of visitors who are visiting the sea.

No matter if you are a snorkeler, diver, or even a shallow swimmer, it is surely not difficult to find one best beach for yourself in Fiji.

6. Tahiti


It wouldn’t be wrong to call Tahiti as one of the socially promoted islands.

The name Tahiti has always been used as the synonym for heaven on the earth loaded with fine seafood to enjoy at the diner time, the perfect place to enjoy your first scuba diving trip, and a secret place for the honeymooners.

7. Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii

The Big Island Hawaii has always been making news because of its active volcano which is called the beauty of this island.

This island is pretty different from all the other tropical islands because of its unique volcano that allows the visitors to climb through the old lava tubes, play with the waterfalls and enjoy the shallow water snorkeling options while exploring the tiniest of the wildlife.

8. The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is one of the islands which is pretty hard to track on the map of south pacific but no doubt it is one of the beautiful islands with different sea patterns.

The island is named after the person who discovered it. The place is full of some unique tiny creatures and some chilling spots which can add up to your trip.

9. Curacao


Curacao is located in the Caribbean Sea, is called as one of the most beautiful Dutch islands with the tropical Holland feels.

The island is surrounded by some unique style building of Dutch. Curacao Island is the ideal place for small parties, enjoying the sunbath and for having a perfect small dinner.

10. The Perhentian Island

The Perhentian Island

Perhentian Island could be found on the eastern coast of Malaysia and consists of two unique islands.

The islands at Perhentian are covered with eye-catching and fuller palm trees which are further supported by the crystal blue water and some beautiful fishing roaming around just like that.

11. Bermuda


Bermuda is one of the most beautiful islands which can only be accessed by the richest people in the world. Since the beauty of the place is incomparable therefore, Bermuda is treated as the second home or partying zone for all the elites.

So if you have a lot of money and can afford to pay a huge amount for seeing the beauty of beaches then, nothing could be better than Bermuda Island.

12. Barbados


Barbados Island is one of its kind and when it comes to tropical factors then, it’s hard not to include Barbados. The island consists of a perfect nightlife with Bridge Town blinking perfectly.

The visitors can easily find a series of beaches associated with the place which can offer several opportunities such as world-class snorkeling, mouth-watering food, incredible resorts, and most comfortable rides to different places.

13. Isla De Providencia

Isla De Providencia

Isla De Providencia is located between Costa Rice and Jamaica. The island is made up of using two small beaches which can easily spread up to 22 kilometers.

Isla De Providencia consists of some budget-friendly options for all those people who are interesting in enjoying the beach life without putting a lot of pressure on their beloved pocket.

14. San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands is the part of Panama’s point in Central America and is called as the most underrated one because of the lesser exposure of the tourists.

The area consists of some luxurious feels that allows you to sail through between the most beautiful kind of the Palm trees, the properly maintained snorkeling zones, safe diving options, and a few good spots for dining in.

15. Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Canary Island is the part of the best tropical island in the world that is entirely owned by Spain. This island consists of 7 beaches in a row with each island offering something highly unique to the visitors.

Starting from the sight-seeing to the perfect relaxing zone, this island could be an ideal solution for many people.

16. Naxos


The Naxos is the ideal location for beach lovers who are not interested in playing around the crowd.

Naxos island is located near the Mykonos island and is known for its stunning crafting which can make your island trip a picture-perfect. Naxos have got a lot to offer because of its unique beach experience and perfect food.

17. Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands

Last but not the least, the Whitsunday islands consist of some amazing coral reefs which can leave you in utter surprise.

The combination of white sand with crystal blue water can give your eyes the immense pleasure and can allow tourists to have a perfect time while continuously appreciating nature.

Nature and its beauty is surely appreciable at all the levels as it never fails to astonish us with the great and these best tropical islands in the world are the true example of it.

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