Top 20 Incredible Things to Do in Norway

Norway is indeed one of the most beautiful places on the Earth which offers a perfect blend of cultural and natural attractions that are seamlessly capable of adding to your trip.

Some of the most incredible things to do in Norway are as follows:

1. Take a train journey

Take a train journey

Exploring the city’s railway routes is one of the most important things which you should do while you are in Norway.

The railway routes in the city are easy to use and allow the tourists to get a glimpse of the entire city in a go only.

2. Explore Mount Floyen

Explore Mount Floyen

Exploring Mount Floyen is one of the most incredible things to do in Norway.

The mount consists of some beautiful views which are further allured by the road-side restaurants designed to enhance the time you spend there.

3. Visit Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral is the very first church that was established in the 11th century and tells a lot about the cultural and historical background of the past people.

Starting from the unique building design to, some activities, visiting the Oslo cathedral can be a perfect deal for tourists.

4. Take a ferry

Take a ferry

Taking a Ferry ride in Norway is indeed all about exploring the untapped parts of the country.

The ferry is a great way through which you can easily explore some of the beautiful lakes, glaciers, and unseen yet most incredible buildings in the country.

Since Ferry rides aren’t very expensive, therefore, taking them two to three times during your entire trip wouldn’t cost you a lot.

5. Explore the Geirangerfjord region

Explore the Geirangerfjord region

Geirangerfjord is one of the most beautiful sites in the country which is preserved by the UNESCO world heritage site.

The site consists of an incredible stretch to certain miles.

If you are short on time then, we would recommend you to have a detailed look at Alesund in the Northern region which a perfect cold place, offering an exotic view backed by the icy glaciers and lush greenery.

6. Marvel at the Arctic Cathedral

Arctic Cathedral is one of the amazing marvels in the country.

The design and overall structure of this Cathedral help it in standing out from the rest thus making it a must-to-visit place in the country.

The cathedral consists of the large ice block kind of shape further decorated with the help of dim lights which adds up to the beauty of the area.

7. Tour Akershus Castle

Tour Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle is the oldest yet most incredible place in the country which can tell a lot about Norway’s history and how it evolved over several years.

The Castle has served as the jail for criminals, the residential place for international visitors, and a church for special prayers.

8. Visit the Arctic Circle

Visit the Arctic Circle

If you are visiting Norway for the first time and have missed visiting the Arctic Circle then, you have surely missed something great.

Arctic Circle is the most beautiful sight in the country which can easily be witnessed during the summer times.

This is the time when the midnight sun enters into Norway and special natural units are released forming a perfect sight that can completely leave you in great awe.

The colors of nature would force you to control the time if you could.

9. Travel along the Atlantic Ocean Road

Travel along the Atlantic Ocean Road

Having a long drive on a beautiful highway along the Atlantic Ocean could be a perfect time spending activity while you are in Norway.

The sight not only offers an exotic view, but it also allows you to have some perfect pictures, explore the incredible beauty of the sea, and identify some great touchpoints.

10. Skiing in the Alps

Skiing in the Alps

The Glacier area in the Arctic Circle is just an accurate place where you can easily test your skiing skills and have some great time learning and executing the ways of exploring the beauty of the mount.

The mount offers the visitors to have fun while appreciating the beauty of nature, just rightly.

11. Visit Kon-Tiki Museum

Visit Kon-Tiki Museum

Kon-Tiki Museum is the most memorable place in the city offering a perfect historical exploration of different galleries that were established by the people of the past.

The vast collection of galleries can be the perfect pick for topography and geology experts.

12. Touring to Vigeland Park

Touring to Vigeland Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of the biggest parks in the region has more than 200 species based on the value and experiences of its creator.

A long day at Vigeland can easily allow the tourists to explore the work of individual artists, understand the beauty of nature, and also spend some quality time with their family members.

13. Paintings at Munch Museum

If you are a craver for iconic style and understand the hidden meaning behind some beautiful paintings then visiting the Munch Museum should be on your to-do list while you are in Norway.

The museum consists of more than 1,200 paintings, 4,000 drawings, and a stunning collection of more than 18,000 artists who are trying to explain their feelings in different ways.

14. Exploring Cultural History

Exploring Cultural History

Cultural History is something that beautifully adds to the worth of the region.

There are multiple ways through which you can easily explore the history of Norway such as witnessing the folk dances in the city, visiting the traditional cultural constructions in the regions, or by having a tour of cultural museums in the city which perfectly defines the richness of the city.

15. Village of Geiranger

Village of Geiranger

Village of Geiranger is the most dramatic yet eye-appealing site in Norway which is surely known for its exceptional beauty.

Starting from some beautifully drawn waterfalls, stunning lakes, picture-perfect squares, to small houses, this village is a perfect place where you should spend a day appreciating the beauty of nature.

16. Tour Oslo City Hall

Tour Oslo City Hall

Touring Oslo City Hall can be one of the most amazing things to do in Norway.

The visit would not only allow you to explore the culture of the city.

However, it also gives perfect information about politics is being conducted in the city and how it impacts the locals.

17. Tromso Fjords

Tromso Fjords

Tromso is the name to the icy summit in the state which aims to offer the most beautiful view by the lake to the touring body.

The waterways, shades of green, and a perfect fishing trip are what Tromso is all about.

18. Enjoy Ersfjordbotn village

Sitting by the Ersfjordbotn spot hills could be one of the premium experiences one can have while they are visiting the city.

The village is no doubt surrounded by some beautiful spots, mountain peaks, and panoramic sites which helps in getting indulged in outdoor sports.

19. Riding the Cable Car

Riding the Cable Car

The biggest attractions in Norway are its cable cars which are known around the world for their immense security and fun.

Having the four minutes ride of the cable car can surely help you in getting a perfect glimpse of the entire city.

20. Exploring the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

Exploring the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

The Arctic Alpine Garden in Norway consists of more than 5,000 plants and flower species that are capable of surviving in the state despite having the cold weather.

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