Top 13 Largest Islands of the World

The world is indeed full of some beautiful wonders which are not only incredible in terms of how amazing they are to our eyes. However, they are also known as a carrier of miraculous nature.

Some of the largest islands of the world are the countries that once used to consist of plenty of the amount of water.

Do you know what the top 13 largest islands of the world are? If no then, you surely need to dig into the article because we have got some really interesting information for you.

1. Greenland


Greenland is called one of the largest islands in the world with the landmass of 840,004 sq. miles. Greenland is commonly known as the Arctic Island which comes under Denmark.

Surprisingly, Greenland is not only popular because of its massive size. However, it is famous amongst the tourists for its sparkling lights, Icebergs, and some beautiful sky views which can easily leave a person in complete awe.

2. New Guinea

New Guinea

The second place in the list is occupied by New Guinea with a landmass of a total of 303,381 sq. miles. The land is equally divided into two zones; the first zone comes under the Indonesia region while other is part of New Papua Guinea.

New Guinea is a tropical island is famous for its inhabitants which are capable of speaking more than 1000 languages. The island is also full of some visionary sites which can be a complete pleasure for tourists to watch.

3. Borneo


Borneo is the third-largest island of the world and is home to one of the closest relatives to a human being called Orangutans.

The island of Borneo is based on the landmass of more than 285,000 sq. miles. The island is shared between three countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

4. Madagascar


Madagascar is not only one of the largest islands in the world. However, it is a multi-cultural zone which is known for its biodiversity for the ages now.

The island consists of the area of 226,917 sq. miles. This island is also the home to several florae and fauna ranges that came into existence because of the isolation of millions of the years.

5. Baffin Island

Baffin Island

Just like Greenland, Baffin Island is also one of the Arctic Islands. In the Canada region, Baffin is the largest island with a size of 194,574 sq. miles.

The island is also famous for its perfect combination of greenery and icy element which makes it a perfect travel destination.

6. Sumatra


When it comes to Island and some incredible architecture of nature then, Indonesia is surely a blessed country.

Sumatra is the sixth-largest island of the world and shares its beauty with Indonesia having a total size of 182,859 sq. miles.

The island is the home to more than 50 million people who are continuously involved in harvesting and producing delicious farm items for the entire world.

7. Honshu


Honshu is the largest and the populous island in the world with a population of more than 100 million people who are mostly residing in Tokyo city.

The island occupies the overall landmass of 227,960 sq. miles. The region is also famous for some of the eye-catching attractions which motivate the tourist to visit the area frequently.

8. Victoria

Victoria island

Some of the researchers are still unsure about the size difference between Victoria and Great Britain. However, the majority claim Victoria Island is the larger one with a size of approximately 210,000.

Victoria Island is the home to 1,000 inhabitants with some scenic views which tends to keep the island busier all around the year.

9. Great Britain


Great Britain

Great Britain is the ninth largest island in the world with a size of 209,331 sq. miles.

Great Britain is called one of the populous islands of the world after Honshu and also the largest one in Europe with some amazing attractions.

10. Ellesmere


Ellesmere is the tenth largest island of the world with the landmass of more than 196,000 sq. miles.

Ellesmere Island is located in Canada and sometimes it is also referred to as the hidden beautiful island. According to the current census, only 146 people are residing in the region with only a few important resources available.

11. Sulawesi


Sulawesi Island is not only famous for its massive size. However, it is also known for sharing the territory with two other largest islands of the world names as Borneo and Maluku island.

Sulawesi Island occupies the landmass of more than 180,600 sq. miles and is home to some essential food crops such as rice, corn, coffee, and sugar cane.

The island is also responsible for fulfilling up to 50% of the essential food needs of Indonesia.

12. South Island

South Island

What could be better than having the best-built water park on the Island which is already famous around the world for its incomparable beauty? South Island is the part of New Zealand and is sometimes also referred to as the Mainland of the country.

The total of the landmass occupied by the island is around 145,836 sq. miles. If you are planning your trip anytime soon to an island that is full of some incredibly scenic views and adventure opportunities then, the south island is an ideal choice.

13. Java


Last but not least Java is called the thirteen largest island of the world with the size of more than 138,000 sq. miles.

This island is also one of the most populous regions with a population of 137 million. Surprisingly, the island consists of 400 different bird species which are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

The mentioned islands are only a few ones that are known all around the world for the massive landmasses. However, scientists believe in the fact that there could be some largest islands of the world that are still hidden from the eye of a human.

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