9 Best Lakes in Hawaii You Must Visit

According to the research, the largest quantity of water can be found in the surroundings of Hawaii Island. However, it is quite sadder to observe that Hawaii isn’t full of natural lakes because some of the lake areas are either recreated as the constructional unit or recreational areas such as golf centers.

Despite all the construction activities, Hawaii is still full of some of the beautiful beaches as well as lakes which can help the visitors in enjoying their vacations to the fullest.

Without going anywhere, let’s look at some of the remaining natural lakes in Hawaii.

1. Lake Waiau in Hawaii

Lake Waiau in Hawaii

Photo by Fravizza

Lake Waiau in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful lakes and also the third highest lake in the US. The lake consists of the cinder cone shape which is partially glacial-fed. The amount of water in the lake is dependent upon the level of precipitation in the area. Lake Waiau is also considered as the sacred lake by the residents of the area because of its swirling capabilities and the availability of water near the summit.

Some of the scientists also believe in the fact that the presence of a lake in the middle of the area is still questionable because the area isn’t considered as very fertile. However, it is still impossible to deny the beauty of Lake Waiau.

2. Halulu Lake

Halulu Lake is the largest natural lake in the region with a total area of 74 hectares. The beauty of this lake lies in its overall size which tends to get shrink in the dry season which is also called the summer season and the size could get up to 150 hectares in the rainy season.

Halulu Lake is surrounded by natural trees, freshwater, sand, and a lot of Hawaiian species which cannot be found in the other areas of the island. Halulu Lake is named after the high chief of Hawaiian that’s why it is more famous amongst the residents and the tourists.

3. Lake Kauhako

It is hard to find the unusual lakes all around the globe and one of the unusual ones can be found in Hawaii named Lake Kauhako. It won’t be a justice to call Kauhako a lake because it consists of the sea level water and greatest depth which is unusual for the lake to have.

Initially, some researchers believed that this lake wasn’t fit for humans because of the sulfide level in the lake. However, later on, it was proved that Lake Kauhako is fit for humans and can be visited freely.

4. Green Lake

Green Lake

Green Lake could be found in the private property land in the Kapoho area on the big island. Green Lake is another lake in Hawaii which can be found at cater and its bottom. Green Lake is situated in the rain forest and if you want to visit the area then, you are supposed to take permission from the owner of the forest.

The beauty of the lake is impressive because of its overall location and also the structure.

5. Laysan Lake

Laysan Lake

Photo by Polhem

The hypersaline and the low lying sandy island is the perfect description of Laysan which is situated in the Northwest. Laysan lake area is called as the largest conversion area in the US. Some of the researchers believe that lagoon and ocean are partially connected with one another.

However, some scientists believe that there is no direct connection between the two because no scientific reasons could be found to address the statement.

6. Violet Lake

Violet Lake

Violet Lake is surrounded by the montane rain forest which makes it the most beautiful lake all around the world. The mountain and the lake are at the elevation of 1,530 meters above the sea level.

The importance and contribution of Violet Lake cannot be denied in the overall eco-system of the area. The lake is the home to some of the endangered species and rare wildlife. Additionally, the surroundings of the lake are considered holy and a meeting place between the earth and heaven.

7. Ka Loko Reservoir

ka loko reservoir

Photo by Ken

Ka Loko is the form of the Lake which was formed through the eastern river. The lake is responsible for supplying the water from one lake to another reservoir and also the Pacific Ocean. The reservoir is the best known for the flood which caused back in 2006 and also destroyed a number of houses in the one go only.

8. Kahalu’u Fishpond Lake

Kahalu’u Fishpond Lake

Photo by Daderot

Kahalu’u Fishpond Lake is one of the four properly surviving Lakes in Hawaii and is also registered in the US National Register of Historic Places. Kahalu’u Fishpond Lake is also treated as a private property and could also be used as the wedding destination.

The lake consists of some beautiful pavilion and the wedding which could perfectly help the people in getting the best out of the location and also enjoy their day to the fullest.

9. Nu’uanu Reservoir

Nu’uanu Reservoir

Nu’uanu Reservoir was basically the hidden reservoir which got discovered during the early 1990s. Although it is hard to access the reservoir directly because it is still hidden inside the two mountains but tourists can still peak in the area by climbing up the mountains. Tourists can also view this lake from the Pali Highway which is situated in the north of the city.

Nu’uanu Reservoir is commonly called as one of the most beautiful reservoirs because it is surrounded by the giant bamboo trees which help the reservoir appear lush green from the farthest of the places. The place also consists of the rusted river which can be accessed in the daylight only.

It won’t be wrong to state that Hawaii is loaded with some beautiful lakes which cannot be easily compared with the rest of the lakes in the world. Hawaii can be a heaven place for the people who are water lovers and want to calm their selves down while sightseeing some of the amazing locations.

Do you think we have missed any of the important lakes? Leave your comments below.

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