12 Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Alaska

Alaska is one of the magical places which should be visited in summers. Alaska is loaded with some eye-catching snow-capped mountains, lush green rain forest, amazing beauty which can leave the tourist in a total awe-struck.

Alaska not only allows you to enjoy some beautiful lakes, but it also empowers the tourists to enjoy their trip to the fullest by relaxing at the shores, playing some outdoor games on the lakeside, and a lot more.

Being in the north, many lakes in Alaska turn into frozen lakes in cold winters, giving a beautiful and scenic view.

The list of 12 beautiful lakes in Alaska is a perfect announcement of the fact that Alaska is a must-visit place which should be visited if the tourists would like to explore the wonders of nature.  So dig in right away and get the right information without any deals.

1. Twin Lakes – Port Alsworth, Alaska

Twin Lakes – Port Alsworth, Alaska

Twin Lake is the right tourist place for recreational activity which major contributions from the brown bears and salmons that are continuously running up to the streams. The lake gives a unique panoramic view of the coastline which is further supported by the snow-covered mountains in the area.

The best time to visit this lake is between September and November.

2. Wonder Lake – Denali National Park

Wonder Lake - Denali National Park

As the name suggests, wonder lake is definitely a wonderful lake that is loaded with a lot of beauty and eye-catching visiting zones. Wonder Lake is the epic spot for camping where the tourists can also get a right glimpse of wildlife and stunning views which can force you to go back to the place once you are back.

3. Tangle Lake

Tangle Lake is known for its incredible beauty which can leave the people purely tangled for the longest time. Tangle Lake is the 16 miles long lake which is connected further to the on-going water streams. Tangle Lake is usually utilized by tourists for camping along the stream and enjoy the views wi

4. Eklutna Lake – Eklutna, Alaska

Eklutna Lake – Eklutna, Alaska

Photo by Frank K.

Eklutna Lake is the right combination of the Glacier Mountains at the coast of lofty peak ranges.  Eklutna Lake is the ideal location for camping because it allows the tourists to stare at the star, explore the beauty of the mountain, and do a lot of hiking.

5. Kenai Lake – Cooper Landing, Alaska

Kenai Lake – Cooper Landing, Alaska

Photo by Frank K.

Kenai Lake is the zig-zag lake which is located at the Peninsula of Kenai in Alaska. This lake can be called as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of its blue and green combo of glacial water that you wouldn’t be able to witness anywhere else.

Kenai Lake is the home to most of the outdoor fun activities which can help the tourists in having a great time during their visit to the place. contributions, this lake is capable of offering a lot more to the people who are suckers for the fun.

6. Mendenhall Lake – Juneau

Mendenhall Lake – Juneau

Who doesn’t love the bergs of Ice guiding towards the lake which is full of splashing beauty and elegant proglacial style? Mendenhall Lake is labeled as one of the scenic and most alluring lakes in Alaska because of its eye-catching beauty and overall outlook.

Whether you decide to explore the glaciers by taking a boat to the next end or climb up to the glaciers, this lake area wouldn’t disappoint you at all. The ideal time to visit Mendenhall Lake in Alaska is during the post summers and pre winter time because during that time you can enjoy the trip to the most.

7. Iliamna Lake – Northern Alaska Peninsula

Iliamna Lake – Northern Alaska Peninsula

Iliamna is the 100 Miles west of Seldovia and can be an amazing destination for the people who thrive to explore for the lake beauty. Iliamna Lake is one of the second largest freshwater lakes in the world which drains into the Bering Sea and several other rivers.

Iliamna Lake is loaded with some breathtaking island and visiting spots which can surely leave you in an awestruck and would force you to appreciate the beauty of nature. If the tourists are fish lovers, then, flying fish should be added to the target because it is one of the beautiful fishes which surely deserves the attention of fishing tourists.

8. Lake Clark – Port Alsworth

Lake Clark - Port Alsworth

Lake Clark is actually surrounded by the four million acres of lake water which is further supported by some steaming yet alluring volcanoes and salmon feasts and a number of campground activities that can add up to the overall fun for people.

Lake Clark is the deepest lake in Alaska, and is the right choice for individuals who would love to explore the beauty of lake and volcanoes altogether.

9. Portage Lake – Chugach National Forest

Portage Lake - Chugach National Forest

Portage Lake is famous all around the globe for its unique and magical beauty which can put your eyes to complete rest and calm for the longest time. Portage Lake allows the tourists to take a cruise from one glacier end to another and enjoy some great time with soothing songs that can add up to your trip.

The best time to visit Portage Lake is during the summertime because you will be able to see the combination of a glacier and how they tend to react in the water.

10. Big Lake – MatSu

Big Lake – MatSu

Most tourists believe that Big Lake is basically the unofficial party lake of Alaska because it is hard that people visit this lake and not have a proper party that can be remembered for life. Big Lake is known for its fun boats which allows the tourist to have a tour to nearby sports, jet-skies and kayaks and rafts which can help the tourists in having a lot of fun in lesser time.

11. Becharof Lake  Aleutian Chain

Becharof Lake is the 37-mile long lake that is surrounded by the beautiful outlook which can leave the tourist in the awe-struck for the longest period of time. Becharof Lake is the perfect spot for hunting because of warm weather which allows the visitors to enjoy their day to the fullest.

12. Lower Dewey Lake – Skagway

Lower Dewey Lake – Skagway

Last but not the least, Lower Dewey Lake is one of the lakes in Alaska which can only be accessed by climbing up some of the steep rocks and hills. Once the tourists decide to hike up to the hill, they’ll get access to some great array of vibrant flowers that are full of fragrance, colorful mushrooms, and some peaceful moments which can easily take you away.

The lake is a heaven for the people who are nature lovers.

All of these lakes in Alaska are the most beautiful ones because they offer people different things which they can easily enjoy and appreciate. Apart from the physical aspect, the lakes consist of higher value in terms of its geographic placements and how they are contributing to the overall ecosystem of Alaska which ultimately results in making Alaska a better place for the people who are trying to find the survival kits in the area.

Do you think we have missed any of the beautiful lakes in Alaska which should be visited? Inform us by leaving your comments below.

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