Top 11 Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

It won’t be wrong to state that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places in the world which is also called the Devil’s point.

The term Bermuda Triangle was coined in the year 1964 because the area of Bermuda Triangle is connected to three points namely Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. These are the points which are basically known for disappearing the ships and planes.

Most of the people hold the opinion that the Bermuda Triangle consists of the paranormal powers which could vanish the objects in the air. All those planes, ships or boats which ever touched the Bermuda point went missing and they never came back.

Scientists are still trying to identify the reason for disappearing. However, they are unable to come up with one solid reason.

In the midst of reason, scientists got their hands on some of the mysterious facts about the Bermuda triangle and how it actually works. If you are interested in these facts then, dig into this article right away.

Bermuda Triangle, points of mystery, and nature’s artifact.

1. Chances of Piracy

Chances of piracy

It won’t be wrong to state that piracy occurs on all the seas, all around the globe and some people hold the opinion that the Bermuda triangle is occupied by the pirates who usually seize the nearby object. However, it’s hard to provide any justification for this.

2. Presence of Methane Gas

It was also believed by the number of scientists that the Bermuda triangle and the nearby areas consist of the excess amount of the Methane gas which is capable of attracting high volt objects inside. Methane gas is the natural gas that is denser than the water and can sink the boat or any other moving object inside.

3. Magnetic Powers

Magentic Power

Since the Bermuda triangle is created with three different points from different poles, therefore, there are the chances that this triangle might consist of the high unit magnetic powers that are capable of grabbing any collating object inside.

This theory can be accepted to a certain extent since the connection of three different poles can easily give birth to distinct magnetic powers.

4. Human Blunders and Dumb Mistakes

Human Blunders and Dumb Mistakes

One group of researchers believe that the Bermuda triangle is nothing except for just a point and all the objects which have gone missing near the point can easily be traced with little efforts. They also believe that all the objects went missing because of the human mistakes, and dumb blunders by pilots rather than any abnormal activity at the points.

5. Huge Waves and Rough Weather

Huge Waves and Rough Weather

Since the mystery of the Bermuda triangle is still unsolved therefore, different people hold a different opinion. According to one group of researchers, the weather around the Bermuda triangle is very adverse and unfit for the flying or traveling purpose, therefore, any object which tries to pass by the area tends to befall into the adversity of the weather. For instance, the planes usually get crashed and ships get wrecked.

Many people refused to accept the theory because they believe if any object gets crashed and wrecked then, the remains of these objects should be found but near the Bermuda triangle, there are no traces of missing objects.

6. Presence of Electronic Fog

Presence of Electronic Fog

Bermuda triangle consists of the electronic fog which is actually the natural phenomena. The electronic fog consists of the highest ever frequency therefore, if any object tries to cross the path then, the electronic fog tents to force them inside the hole leading to the disappearance.

7. Unverified Supernatural Existence

Unverified Supernatural Existence

Researchers believe that the Bermuda triangle is occupied by some supernatural powers which don’t allow the pass of any human-ly object. For instance, if any object tries to cross the area then, these supernatural powers grab them and force them to fall into the trap.

Although there is no scientific proof for the statement it can be believed in some cases only.

8. Presence of UFO’s

Presence of UFO’s

UFOs commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects are said to be present near the Bermuda triangle, although the chances of presence of UFOs are very low in the area. Some of the opinion leaders are totally convinced of the presence of UFOs because they believe that UFOs are able to take the objects far away from this world.

9. Not all the Missing objects are in Bermuda Triangle

Not all the Missing objects are in Bermuda Triangle

The recent study indicates that not all of the missing objects such as planes, boats, and ships are in the Bermuda triangle. However, the pieces of these objects could also be found in nearby locations.

Researchers believe that the places near to Bermuda triangle also consist of mysterious powers that could destroy the place.

10. The unresolved Mystery

The unresolved Mystery

Even after a number of decades, the mystery of the Bermuda triangle is still unsolved because researchers are still trying to identify the one reason which is responsible for the unpredictable missing of the planes, boats, and ships.

According to the opinion leaders, the mystery is expected to stay unresolved for the longest period of time because it’s hard to get to the area and conduct the research.

11. Deliberate Sinking

Deliberate Sinking

Some of the researchers hold the view that not all the planes and boats sunk in the Bermuda triangle got missing because of the mysterious powers inside the triangle. However, they got missing because of the deliberate sinking.

Deliberate sinking could be conducted because of multiple reasons such as suicide attempts, hiding of explosive material or other activities that cannot be openly expressed by the conductor.

It won’t be wrong to state that Bermuda’s triangle mystery is one of the most mind-boggling mysteries because researchers are still struggling to find a once clear answer through which they could justify the incidents which have happened around the vicinity.

Some people believe that those incidents happened because of the deliberate intentions of the pilots while others consider this place as a holy point because it consists of supernatural powers.

We are also confused. What’s your opinion about it? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.

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