11 Titanic Secrets and Interesting Facts Surrounding Its Sinking

We all are aware of the fact that titanic sank because it got hit by the biggest hidden glacier which was not pre-identified by the captains. However, most of the people are unaware of the fact that there are some eye-opening secrets and interesting facts about the sinking of the Titanic ship which actually largely contributed to the drastic process.

You’ll be surprised to know that the sinking of Titanic didn’t really happen because of one mistake but it was the amalgamation of multiple mistakes that forced the event to happen.

If you are interested in learning about some hidden facts which are actually mind-boggling then, you should read this article right away!

The sinking of Titanic was a tragedy but it was also more of the mismanagement.

1. The Canceled Lifeboat Drill

The canceled Lifeboat Drill


Before any ship gets on board, it is mandatory for the management to have a proper lifeboat rill in order to inform people about the ways of saving their life in case of any emergency. According to the analysis, a lifeboat drill was scheduled before the boarding of Titanic. However, management decided to cancel it based on the fact that everything was ok on the ship and no tragedy would ever happen.

2. Wrong Rescue Call

Wrong Rescue Call


When titanic was on the edge of sinking then, the ship crew started to send the distress signals to the nearby boat. The crew sent the signal to California ship rather than the Carpathian ship which was actually the nearest and could have saved a number of people from getting drowned into the freezing water.

The California ship respondent very late because the ship operators had gone to bed and the other workers were unable to identify the distress signals thus leading to adverse situations ever. Most of the opinion leaders believe in the fact that the Titanic crew deliberately sent the distress message to the farthest ship because they were involved in the crime and wanted the ship to sink.

3. Dance and Song Show on Titanic

Dance and Song Show on Titanic

It was very mysterious to see that dance and song crew at the Titanic was very calm while the ship was sinking. The song crew at the ship prepared around 300 songs which they were supposed to play throughout the journey but when the ship started to sink the crew didn’t stop singing.

According to the eyewitnesses, the song crew was very active while the ship was sinking and continued the melodious song of “Our nearness to God”. The event is sought as highly mysterious and remained unexplained for the longest period of time.

4. Titanic was literally Gigantic

Titanic was literally Gigantic


The name of Titanic was not just a name but it was a clear depiction of what titanic really was. The research stated that titanic was literally the biggest moving object built-in history. In order to make the ship operable, the best ever crew from all over the world was hired. In the same manner, the minor and major crew was trained to provide the best possible services to all those elites who were supposed to board on the ship.

5. Titanic had Fake Funnel

Titanic had Fake Funnel


That’s quite surprising that Titanic originally had four funnels that used to exhale the carbon from inside the ship’s engine. However, out of four only three were operable and the fourth funnel was actually the dummy.

The manufacturers installed the fourth funnel because it made the ship look more beautiful. Additionally, the funnel was used as the ventilation tool for the kitchens.

6. The Sinking of Titanic was Already Predicted

The sinking of Titanic was Already Predicted

In 1998, one of the authors in his book called the Wreck of the Titan already predicted that a giant ship will sink in the sea and it will kill a number of people including all the elites.

The story of the novel and the actual scene of Titanic were very similar and it left people wondering how someone could predict the exact same story.

7. Unknown Deaths

Unknown Deaths


A number of people lost their lives during the sinking of titanic most of the people got identified because of their identification process before the boarding of ship. However, a number of people remained unidentified and the managed decided to bury them without any name because they were the ones who boarded on the ship without themselves getting registered.

While the ship was ready to go onboard, most of the people from different stop tried to get on the board illegally.

8. “Too Drunk to Die” Becomes Reality

“Too Drunk to Die” become reality


One of the kitchen crew of Titanic was literally too drunk to die when Titanic was sinking. While the ship was sinking, the person started to drink all kinds of alcohol available on the ship so that he could survive in the freezing water and to our surprise and the legend literally survived and managed to tell the world about the real story of Titanic.

9. Suicide on the Ship

Suicide on the Ship


According to the news, one of the crew staff on the ship actually committed suicide by jumping into the water because he was not interested in dying inside the ship. The person belonged from the operating crew and when he learned that ship is going to drown so he decided to drown himself.

10. The Ship Broke into Half Before Sinking

The ship broke into Half before sinking


Most of the people hold the opinion that the Titanic was intact when it sank into the water. However, it actually got broke into two pieces because it got hit by the biggest iceberg inside the water. The United Nations was able to rescue the ship pieces after the 14 years of the incident.

11. Lack of Life-saving Boats

Lack of Life-saving boats


One of the most important reasons behind the number of casualties at the scene was entirely associated with the lack of life-saving boats. During the rescue phase, only 702 people could be saved because of the lack of life-saving boats. If there would have been more boats then, almost 2000 people could have got rescued from the scene.

It won’t be wrong to state that the sinking of titanic was a great strategy but it also important to understand that some events at the scene contributed to making the case vulnerable and deadly for many people.

According to the researchers, most of the people on the ship lost their lives due to the negligence made by the management. If management would have been a little more considerate more people who have rescued from the scene.

Nevertheless, all those who lost their lives during the incident are still in our hearts and would remain in our prayers for all our lives.

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