Top 15 Greenest Cities in the World

There is certainly no denying the fact our world is full of some greenest and beautiful cities which can leave us an awe-struck for the longest time.

Every metropolitan city consists of some eco-friendly masterpieces which are either hidden in the downtown or are unexplored.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the smallest yet the greenest city in the world. The city consists of the hydrogen economy which is expected to be operational by 2050.

Additionally, the city is using a unique mechanism where it is getting its 80% of the resources from the green system maintained by the state.

The hydropower’s are potentially-free from all sorts of the greenhouse harmful gases which could be damaging for the state in one way or another.

2. Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Portland, Oregon, U.S.

The capital of Oregon has always been in news for providing the greenest and eco-friendly lifestyle to its residents which the measures which could easily be practiced by everyone at all levels.

The city consists of some uniquely designed forest parks, the beautifully maintained rivers, and also the double-decker bridges which can be an ideal deal for the people who are looking for the incredible blend of greenery and the technology.

3. Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil

Since the 1970s, Curitiba is known as one of the most livable cities in Brazil because of its incredible green system which is backed by some amazing measures.

Curitiba is one of the metropolis in the world with the tax policies which are directly implied if the person is found guilty of breaking the green rules.

Apart from the rules, the city consists of a whopping number of 1.5 million trees, 30 parks with the largest wild-life system and plantation procedures initiated by the residents which could easily be found at the Highways

4. Malmo, Sweden 

Malmo, Sweden

The third-largest city in Sweden is no doubt a model of sustainability for the entire world with the extensive number of natural parks that contribute to the overall sustainability goal followed by the state.

The city focuses on the urban development that is further backed by the green rules that motivate the neighboring countries to follow the mechanism and contribute to the goal of making the city socially, environmentally, and economically well and highly responsive in all the terms.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

When it comes to the Greenest or the eco-friendly cities of the world then, it wouldn’t be the right thing not to include Vancouver.

The city is situated a step away from the wild British Mountains. The city consists of the cleanest air quality because of the excess use of hydropower, renewable energies, and a massive number of parks which pushes the people to have a perfect green life while staying in the greenest city of the world.

Vancouver is also a perfect city for runners, with mesmerizing beauty all around.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the known cities in the world with its eco-friendly system that has never fall short of perfectionism and safety.

Half of the city’s population used bicycles to drive from one place to another. The city is full of harbor points which eventually decreases the overall usage of harmful gases thus making it the greenest city for the people.

7. Amsterdam


Rural landscapes, the cyclists on the roads, the perfectly maintained harbors to relax and a classified industrial zone with stunning greenery helps to make this metropolitan the most allured city in the world.

Apart from having the best eco-friendly system, Amsterdam is also known around the globe for some incredible art galleries and promotion of music that helps the city in standing out.

8. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has long been known for its green status that initiated with the help of Eat Local movements that positively motivated the residents to follow the Grassroots concepts.

Apart from the locally known practices, this city of the USA is also known for banning single-use plastic bags in 2007, having the largest number of employers who are actively following the practices of eco-friendly technologies.

9. Bahia De Caraquez, Ecuador 

This metropolitan in Ecuador is one of its types and is surely known for recognizing the rights of nature in the law. The city is commonly labeled as one of the greenest cities and travel destinations in the world because of its incredible system’s which could leave people stunned.

Starting from the wildlife to the bio-diversified measures taken by the city, this city is a favorite greenest zone for the people who are always striving to live in a green state.

10. Sydney, Australia 

Sydney, Australia 

Although the measures taken by Sydney to combat the environmental issues have just taken the hike.

However, the policies followed by the city easily explain that how they are ready to become the greenest and eco-friendly urbanized zone in the world by reducing the excessive use of all those inefficient power energies which could damage the world in one way or another.

11. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The city is surely famous for its pedestrian-friendly mechanism which contributes the largest to its overall success.

The 37% of the city’s population travel on foot, consumes the innovative energy mechanisms that motivate the people to follow the technological advancements while following the techniques of eco-friendly systems.

12. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

The addition of Bogota in the list of cities that are greenest will surely be a great surprise for most of the people because the city is known for the slums and crimes.

However, despite having the bad associations, the city is continuously following the procedures of sustainable growth where newer mechanisms of efficient energy uses are continuously being proposed for making it one of the greenest cities in the world

13. Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok have surely got some incredible plans for the future technologies in which the country is planning to follow the principles of five-year green strategy which would motivate the residents to consume the energies which are less harmful to nature and could protect the country against all the factors which are damaging in one way or another.

14. Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

The capital city of Uganda is continuously trying to overcome the green challenges faced by several developing countries. The city is naturally gifted with some lush greenery as it is built on seven hills.

However, to maintain the beauty of the state, the city is taking all the measures which are effective enough to protect the sanity of the environment and to make it more eco-friendly at all levels.

15. Austin, Texas, US

Austin, Texas, US

Last but not the least, by the researchers; Austin is one of the greenest cities in the world with continuous measures to become the number 1 solar manufacturers in the world.

The city is also trying to hit the number of 20% energy consumption through renewable energies.

A number of countries throughout the world are indeed trying to enter into the list of top greenest cities in the world and taking measures to make this happen by shifting to renewable energies, plastic-bans, clean water management, and waste disposable procedures.


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