17 Unmissable Things to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places, which is surely known for its incredible beauty, sight-seeing, amazing sunsets and what not.

If you ever get the chance of visiting Hawaii then, you can surely enjoy a lot of unique stuff that can add up to your trip and can help you in crafting some amazing memories. Hawaii is one of the ideal places filled with beautiful white sand beaches. It’s quite interesting to see that Hawaii is not only known for its watery locations. However, it consists of the cultural as well as geographical history which allows the tourists to explore the area to fullest.

After a lot of research and tourist opinion, we managed to compile the list of some of the interesting and Unmissable things which you should do in Hawaii in order to get the best out of your trip.

1. Watching Whales Dancing

Watching Whales Dancing

Visiting Hawaii with your family and children is all about visiting the aquarium in which you can actually see the whales dancing with all their hearts and energy. Whale dancing is one of the oldest yet most exciting activities in Hawaii which shouldn’t be missed

2. Playing the Golf

Playing the Golf

Playing golf isn’t a piece of cake for everyone because you are not only supposed to hit the right area in the one go only. However, in Hawaii, you can enjoy some of the amazing outdoor activities in which you would also be able to get some pieces of training and insights on how to play the game.

3. Hopping Around the Beach

Hopping Around the Beach

Water has always been known for relaxing the human mind and if you want to experience the best of the water treatments then, hopping around the beaches on Hawaii is one of the best options available to you. Hawaii is famous all around the globe because of its incomparable water beauty which tends to get improved on a continuous basis.

4. Explore History with Sightseeing

Explore History with Sightseeing

Nothing could be more amazing than exploring a city while also paying attention to some amazing sites, valleys, and the mountains. The sightseeing in Hawaii is amazing because it allows you to explore the beautiful beaches and sites while also studying the history in depth.

5. Visiting Cultural Locations

Visiting Cultural Locations

Not all people are always interested in the ocean, valleys, and waterfalls. Some people are fond of the cultural sites which could help them in understanding the history and creating a connection between the cultural sites with the norms and traditions.

If you are one of the persons then, visiting Hawaii could be a great deal for you. The place is loaded with some amazing cultural sites and heritage locations which can be transformed into the learning material.

6. Surfing the highest Wave

Surfing the highest Wave

In ancient times, surfing was treated as one of the spiritual events which can be used for healing purposes or connecting oneself to nature. Hawaii is known for its highest waves which allow you to surf and enjoy the ocean and its beauty to the fullest.

Since you cannot Surf throughout the year, therefore, it is important to visit the place during the times in which you can enjoy the boarding activity

7. Attending Luaus Feast

Luaus Feast is the unique kind of live entertainment that cannot be missed in any way possible. Luaus feast is called as the life of Hawaii islands and you can easily attend any of the feast based on your ease and group nature.

Since various shows take place at various islands, therefore, it is easier to select the one based on your own group

8. Enjoying the Spa Day

Enjoying the Spa Day

If you are visiting Hawaii and you have missed the SPA day then, you have literally missed something important. Hawaii is indeed loaded with some amazing SPA’s which can help you in getting some relaxation massage while lying on the natural zone.

The SPA Day at Hawaii is also treated as the Medical treatment day for most of the people facing any sort of anxiety or depression issues.

9. Hiking the Mountains

Hiking the Mountains

Climbing the highest mountains isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. The hiking group of Hawaii is divided into three different units which allow the people to select the plan based on their own ease.

People can either opt for the mountain walks on the easy tracks or they can go for the harder challenge which can help them in exploring some of the biggest yet amazing tracks.

10. Taking City Tours in Helicopter

Taking City Tours in Helicopter

Nothing old be better than exploring the Hawaii city while sitting on the Helicopter. Although this activity might be a little expensive it can surely help you in exploring the best parts of the city without getting disturbed by any other tourist.

Just imagine flying on the top of some of the beautiful waterfalls, valleys, and oceans.

11. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up-Paddle Boarding is another popular ocean activity that is known all around the globe because of its fun element. SUP is the unique sports which is performed in the ocean and allows you to surf on the calm water while exploring the marine beauty.

12. Zipling


Zipling in Hawaii could be a great adventure for the people who love to explore newer sites that are right next to the coastlines; Zipling is an outdoor activity that allows you to experience the beauty of the sea.

13. Cruising in Sunset and Cruise Dinners

Cruising in Sunset and Cruise Dinners

Seeing the sun is all about appreciating the beauty of nature in the best way possible. While cruising during the day, you can easily visit some of the beautiful vessels and could enjoy the sunsets. Having your dinner at the cruise is all one of the amazing options which you shouldn’t ignore.

14. Horse Riding on Mountains

Horse Riding on Mountains

Exploring the coastlines and country-sides is one of the best adventures which you can have while visiting Hawaii. In order to get the best experience, it is recommended to hire trained horses which can take you towards Hawaii Islands, and beautiful sightseeing.

15. Visiting Farmer’s Market

Visiting Farmer’s Market

Visiting farmer’s market is all about enjoying some of the fresh fruits, seeing farmers sorting the items and flawlessly packing them so that they can be dispatched to the final market.

It won’t be wrong to state that all of the Hawaii farms consist of something great and unique to offer also, you would be able to see some beautiful locations while visiting the farms.

16. Attending Stage Shows

Nothing could beat the beauty of live entertainments at the seashore. Hawaii is indeed famous for live entertainment which consists of live musical night, theater performances, dance shows and comedy nights.

17. Snorkeling


One of the most important and the top one activity which you cannot miss doing in Hawaii is snorkeling. This activity basically allows you to explore the marine life and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Hawaii is indeed a great place to visit because it is loaded with some amazing sights which can surely not be missed. In our opinion, all of the activities are the great one and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

If you think that we have missed any of the places then, feel free to mention it in the comments below.


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