10 Best White Sand Beaches of the World

This earth we live in is a watery place where 71% of its surface is nestled with water and the ocean holds about 96% of the earth’s water.

So our planet is naturally blessed with thousands of dazzling beaches.

Beaches spread around the world are black, pink, or white in color that depends on various reasons. It is hard to choose the best among these beauties, as they are all beautiful in their own ways.

Different people have different choices. There are a majority of people in this world who love white sand beaches over others to perk their desires.

Undoubtedly white sandy beaches are famous due to their jaw-dropping exotic beauty and charming features and provides an additional benefit to their visitor in the shape of loveable soothing soft white sand.

We have selected this article in order to discuss the best white sand beaches in the world.

1. St George Island State Park, Florida

St. George Island beach is considered one of the best white sand beaches in the world. July and August are ideal months to visit this beautiful and charming 28 miles long island.

St George Island State Park has nine miles of award-winning beaches.

Out of these nine miles, only four miles are accessible only by foot or by permitted vehicles.

Photo by E C Johnson

Photo: E C Johnson/flickr

One thing that is important to remember before you plan a visit to this park that this park holds its annual coastal clean-up in the month of September.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this beautiful white sand beach.

There are different facilities and famous food chains available for tourists to enjoy.

You can also stay in world-famous hotels, which provide different kinds of packages to their visitors. This island can be hopped with friends and family or even alone to enjoy the tranquility of it.

2. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod Massachusetts is a prominent sugary white sand beach of America. This beach is also famous as “the Great Beach”.

A major portion of this beach has been spread out around 44,600 acres and contains about more than 450 different species of wildlife.

Photo by Philip Chin

Photo: Philip Chin

The best time to visit this beach is between February to June. The most interesting thing about this beach is that it features six self-guided walking trails along the shoreline.

There are also different famous hotel chains of the world, which offer a variety of services to their guests.

3. Siesta Beach, Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta beach is the most popular white sand beach in Florida.

It is renowned for its powdery sand and crystal clear water surrounded by lush tropical forest.

This beach has the whitest and finest sand in the world and 99% of its white sand is pure quartz.

People come here to enjoy different things ranging from dining to walking on a beautiful shore of soft sand, which brings coolness to eyes and calmness to hearts.

4. Waimea Bay Beach Park, North Shore, Hawaii

Waimea Bay beach is a beautiful and pure white pearl of Hawaii.

It is a picturesque beach where you get amazing views of a remarkable sunset.

Different people from different parts of the world just come here to see the beautiful scenes of sunsets.

This beach stretches for more than seven miles and is an absolute icon in the surfing world.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come here to see the beautiful views of nature. Tourists describe that the best time to come there is between November to April.

5. Coronado Beach, California

Every year, Forbes and other magazines publish the list of most attractive and beautiful beaches of the USA. There are too many beautiful white sand beaches in the United States to even count.

Coronado Beach in California USA is unique in its own way. It has been blessed with plenty of glowing minerals that give it a beautiful shine.

Photo by Elizabeth Wallace

Photo: Elizabeth Wallace

This beach is two miles long and has four distinct and important sections containing the popular training sites for Navy SEALS.

You can enjoy different sorts of activities. The hotels and restaurants resent various kinds of cuisines to the visitors, which add much to the memory of their visit.

6. White Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines

Aren’t white sand beaches truly beautiful! Have you been to one of these?

A must to experience is Boracay Island beach. This beautiful beach is situated in the Philippines.

It is also included in the list of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world.

This beach has over two miles of powder-soft white sands and the most interesting thing about this sand is that it never gets hot.

This beach is one of the best tropical vacation spots in the world. Different tour operators suggest coming here between September to June when the temperatures are moderate.

During these months winds become quite soothing due to rain.

7. South Beach, Miami, Florida

Florida is a hub for some beautiful islands in the world, which can leave you awe-struck for the longest time.

South Beach, Miami, Florida is a glittery beach that is a hidden treasure for everyone.

Photo by Wadester16

Photo: Wadester16

The island is renowned for its stunning white-sand beaches, glorious turquoise lagoons, amazing marine life, and wide-ranging landscapes.

The beauty of this beach increases more during the night. This beach is also considered as a quiet and peaceful beach with luxurious oceanfront hotels.

Most people visit this place to relax and enjoy the perfect scenic beach life.

8. Santorini’s Red Beach, Greek Islands

Red Beach is the most recognized beach of Santorini and also one of the most colorful beaches of the world.

This beach has some of the most beautiful and unique red sand in the world.

Photo by Min Pics

Photo: Min Pics

The beach is famed for the soaring red lava cliffs that surround this beach. Santorini beach can only be accessed by boat.

The best time to visit this beach is between October to March.

Every year, several visitors holiday at this beautiful coastline and capture the picturesque scenes of nature.

It is believed that the entire island was formed from non-active volcanoes.

9. Tulum Beach, Mexico

Mexico has different spectacular beaches and Tulum Beach is among those miraculous beaches.

This beach escapes itself from crowd and pollution and presents itself as the most silent and charming beach.

It is famous for its white sand that is fine as powder and white as pearl!

Tulum Beach has an abundance of hotels and if you have an interest in archeology, ancient civilization, or just love exploring, then this place can be the best pick for you.

10. Hanalei Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on the North Shore of Kaua’i Island in Hawaii, bordered by a 125 feet wide white sand beach.

This beautiful beach is surrounded by gorgeous green mountains and a backdrop of waterfalls. The beauty of this beach increases more during nighttime.

Photo by Fick Nick

Photo: Fick Nick

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come there to explore the beauty of nature.

Hanalei beach becomes relatively busy during the winter season when tides are high, giving surfers an excellent opportunity to surf freely on the waves.

Although in summer it is a paradise to those who enjoy swimming in generally calmer ocean or just play in the white sand shore.

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