The World’s 10 Biggest Mega-Hotels

Most of the people are still confused about the fact that what really makes a hotel the biggest one? In simpler terms, what are the basic pre-requisites which should be met in order to achieve the desired popularity from the public?

Well, our research indicates that a hotel is popular based on the feedback it receives from the customer. The feedback is defined on the basis of the services they received during their stay, facilities, comfort and all those factors which are responsible for transforming their overall experience.

Since there are multiple factors for judging the hotel’s nature, it is certainly hard to define each factor separately therefore, we decided to opt for the accommodation capacity of different hotels around the world and how they trying to provide the best experience to its customers.

1. Izmailovo, Moscow, 7,500 Rooms


Izmailovo in Moscow is one of the biggest mega-hotels in the world with an overall accommodation capacity of 7,500 rooms. Izmailovo begs this position due to its strategic land positioning which cannot easily be acquired or copied by other business owners.

The hotel consists of the four towers which are named after Greek alphabets, Alfa, Beta, Vega, Gamma-delta. Izmailovo is famous because of its overall exotic ambiance and also because of its nearness to tourist attractions.

2. First World Hotel, Genting, 7,351 Rooms

First World Hotel

Photo: Benson Kua

The First World Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia is a three-star hotel, known for its incredible services which revolve around the concept of providing premium comfort zone to the visitors. The Genting Highlands is an indoor outdoor theme park hill station. First World Hotel regained the position of being the world’s biggest hotel after the construction of its newest block in 2015.

Before construction, the hotel only consisted of 4000 rooms all-in-all.

3. The Palazzo, Las Vegas, 7,117 Accommodation Capacity

The Palazzo

The Palazzo, also commonly known as Venetian is one of the five-diamond luxury hotels in Las Vegas. Venetian is the biggest mega hotel in the world with 1st class casino zone. The hotel consists of 7,117 rooms which are created to perfection in order to equip customers with an incomparable experience.

The Palazzo is also the most expensive hotel in the world built on the concept of providing luxury accommodation services to elites of the entire world.

4. MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas, 6,852 Rooms

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas is an all-in-all mega hotel that is known for hosting most iconic performances including concerts, events, and boxing matches. The hotel is made up of four towers which consist of 30-storey each. The total accommodation of the hotel is 6,852 rooms and different units for shopping centers, casinos, and world-class restaurants.

5. Disney All-star Resorts, Orlando, 5,658 Rooms

Disney All-star Resorts

Disney All-star resort is an ideal option for the people who are planning to stay in Orlando with their kids and family. The hotel consists of 5,658 rooms which are moderately priced as compared to other high-star hotels all-around the city.

Disney All-star is a theme-based hotel which consists of three resorts, sports resort, music resort, and the movie resort.

6. The Wynn & Encore, Las Vegas, 4,758 Rooms

The Wynn & Encore

The Wynn and Encore are the sister hotels found in Las Vegas. The sister towers are known for their “gold” status which specifically targets the luxury tourist class. The hotel is comparatively lower in price as compared to the other big chains in the city but consists of all the luxuries which you could imagine. The hotel consists of a total of 4,758 rooms backed by high-end services.

Some of the great features include an 18-hole golf course and als0 the Ferrari dealership for its gold customers.

7. The Luxor, Las Vegas, 4,400 Rooms

The Luxor

The Luxor is Egyptian-theme based hotel that was founded in Las Vegas in the 1990s. The hotel is known for its Egyptian ambiance which knows how to attract tourists and keep them entertained through activities and services for the longest period of time.

The hotel consists of total 4,400 rooms which are further backed by modern amenities, eye-catching attractions translating Egyptian culture and incomparable in-house services which aim to make the stay worthwhile.

8. Ambassador City, Bangkok, 4,210 Rooms

Ambassador City

If you are planning to visit Thailand anytime soon then, you should decide to visit Ambassador City which consists of 4,210 rooms. The city is divided equally into 4 towers which also consist of a number of artificial beaches that can easily become a center of attraction for the visitors.

Ambassador city is an affordable accommodation option for visitors.

9. The Venetian, Venice, 4,027 Rooms

The Venetian

Las Vegas is the home to some biggest mega-hotels in the world and The Venetian is also one of them. As the name suggests, Venetian was established on the concept of delivering the ambiance as of City of Venice. The hotel is the priciest one in the city with Grand Canals and accommodation capacity of 4,027 rooms.

10. The Excalibur, Las Vegas, 3,981 Rooms

The Excalibur

Although Excalibur is the last one in our list it wouldn’t be wrong to state that Excalibur is considered one of the best medieval-theme based hotels in the city which some major attractions for the tourists.

Excalibur is the 28-story hotel with 3,981 accommodation capacity. The hotel also consists of a number of restaurants, entertainment centers, and theaters in order to keep the guests entertained.

It’s quite interesting to see how business owners are continuously investing resources in order to beg the title of biggest and mega-hotels around the world. The owners are not only working to elevate the experience of their customers. However, they are also exploring technologies that can help them cut a lot of costs.

If you want to experience the best living and traveling experience then, you should add one of the mentioned hotels in your bucket list.

So which hotel is your favorite? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.

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