15 Places to Scuba Dive in the World

Most of the people think that getting a scuba diving license is one of the most important things when it comes to jumping into the sea.

Well, we think it’s an amazing water sport in which the diver is supposed to look out for the final destination where they can get their feet wet and their diving suit on to experience the underwater life.

Some of the best scuba diving places in the world which could add up to the exposure are as follows:

1. Australia


When it comes to Australia then, most of the people think that it’s only about the limited Reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef. However, the reality is pretty different because starting from the Northern coast to the South Coast, Australia has got a lot to offer to everyone.

Being a beginner, the divers can always opt for the shallow treat where they can explore the initial stages of marine life and get an understanding of what happens under the water.

2. The Bahamas

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the beautiful places where the divers could dive and test their skills. The Bahamas is surely all about the big things.

Whether we talk about the big sharks making their way to the water, dolphins playing around, some beautifully situated coral reefs and wrecks, the warm water destination in the Bahamas is an ideal place for the adventure seekers.

3. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The Indonesian island is surely known for its incredible beauty and also the unique identity which helps it stand out.

The Indonesian regions consist of more than 13,000 islands which are full of exciting coral reefs, coral triangles, more than 1500 types of fish species, and unique biodiversity which can allow the divers to get the best experience.

It is surely hard to witness the beauty of this day just in a day because of the unique establishment of the area and its biodiversity.

4. Belize


Belize is an ideal diving spot for the people who would love to hang out with the giant turtles, sharks, and sea animals for a while.

There’s no doubt in the fact that scuba diving in Belize can be a dangerous sport for different people because of the natural landscapes of Belize but it is surely difficult to neglect the beauty of this place beautified by the blue hole, pathways of ray inside the water and coral reefs which never let you come out once you are in.

5. Malpascua, Philippines

Malpascua, Philippines

Malapascua is a small island which is situated near the offshore of Cebu.

The place is known as one of the most consumed refresher sites by Sharks where they come to explore the people and the world.

Once you dive into the sea, you can easily explore more than 500 different species of hard and soft coral reefs.

The Philippines have surely got a lot to offer in terms of water sports and exploration.

6. The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman island is the combination of beautiful yet scary diving locations where the divers can easily get indulged into the beauty of the blue water which is further beautified with the help of naturally pulled reefs, wrecks of the old ships and also some of the alluring sea animals which motivates you to prolong the dive as much as possible.

This spot is surely the best bet for the beginners because of its easy diving mechanism and advanced technologies which aims to provide perfect on-spot supervision.

Although scuba diving is a dangerous sport the right measures can make it easier and worthwhile.

7. Eastern Mexico

Eastern Mexico

Eastern Mexico is an ideal scuba diving place for the people who would love to explore the colors of nature and how they get transformed over time.

The Eastern Mexico point can be a complete thrill for the experienced divers because of the deep-sea experience and overall beauty of the place.

8. Fiji


Fiji is called as the soft coral capital of the world because of the beauty it can offer to the divers.

Most of the people own the opinion that Fiji is all about the soft corals.

However, the reality is that Fiji is more about the beauty of the water, the level of biodiversity which enables the people to enjoy and appreciate some of the incredible pinnacles followed by the resting area for sharks.

9. Florida, USA

Florida, USA

Scuba Dive in Florida can be an incredible experience for beginners as well as for the experts.

Starting from the perfect rays of sunshine inside the blue water, to Blue Heron which could be found roaming around the coral reefs, Florida scuba diving spots are something which should be included in the bucket list of divers.

10. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands have always been into the news for its long-ago association with the endemic species which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Since this island is situated in a remote area, therefore, the majority of the people are unable to dive in and explore it.

The best way to see the beauty of this island is by the live-boat because diving can be dangerous.

However, still, the researchers believe that diving in Galapagos can be a perfect and worthy treat for licensed and experienced deep-sea divers.

11. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, USA

Scuba Dive in Hawaii is all about exploring the beauty of the island while getting a chance of hanging out with big sea turtles, dolphins, and some other creatures which are indeed harmless to humans.

When it comes to experiencing the sea-land then, it is impossible to ignore the importance of Hawaii because of the unique diversification as well as the safety it offers at all the levels.

The best time to jump on the island of Hawaii is during the mid-morning or night time so that you can enjoy the beauty of the sea in peace.

12. Lembongan in Bali

Lembongan in Bali

Scuba Diving in Lembongan in Bali could be one of the most dangerous sports because of the depth of the sea but we can say that it’s worth all the efforts.

Once you dive in the Lembongan then, there’s nothing that could stop you from sightseeing some of the unique creatures which cannot be easily found at any other diving location.

13. The Maldives

The Maldives

The Maldives is commonly referred to as the diver heavens because of the incredible sightseeing it can offer to the divers coming in.

Starting from the good mixture of the tranquil coral reefs, to large species, this paradise has got a lot to offer in terms of exploration and diversification.

14. Mabul, Malaysia

Mabul, Malaysia

Commonly Malaysia is called one of the best places to scuba dive because of the exquisite blend of two extreme islands.

Malaysia is preferred by the divers because of the unique turtle graveyard which is a completely scary yet incredible experience.

The same island of Malaysia is used by the researchers and photographers for understanding the system inside the sea and how sea creatures react when they get exposed to any sort of human interactions

15. The Red Sea

The Red Sea

Last but surely not the least, the red sea is a must-visit diving spot which shouldn’t be missed by the divers.

The antique yet vibrant wrecks backed by the amazing coral reefs can surely be a great treat for the divers.

While diving into the red sea, the divers can explore the shipwrecks and also the fish galore which cannot easily be found at any other diving spot.

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