11 Least Visited Countries in the World

It’s still hard to believe that there are some places on this earth which are untouched and unexplored by the tourists of the world. It is true that these least visited countries lies in the remote parts of the world and consists of near to zero infrastructure for the tourists.

However, they can still be called as one of the incredible countries based on their geographic importance, the beauty they add to our world, and their untouched features which make these least visited countries in the world as the most desirable.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, some of the least visited countries with only thousands on annually visitors are as follows:

1. Tuvalu


Tuvalu is a small independent nation situated in the South Pacific. The beauty of Tuvalu is usually defined through its nine islands which make it stand out even with the population size of 12,000 people only.

Starting from the incredibly placed palm trees to the dunes of white sands which are always complimenting the crystal water, Tuvalu is the least visited country in the world with only 2,000 annual visitors.

The country lacks any kind of proper infrastructure which could help classifying it as a proper state. However, according to the visited tourists, the country is full of some lively music tones which are usually the combination of English and Tango language. The street life backed by the uniquely crafted food can help the tourists in enjoying their trip to the place.

2. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Marshall Island is not only one of the least visited countries in the world. However, it is also one of the expensive chains of volcano-based islands situated between the Philippines and Hawaii.

The country consists of the annual visitors of not more than 6,000 people who are rich enough to afford the ecstatic view of white beaches, decorated with some grown palm trees, beautiful sun-shine, and crimeless streets.

3. Montserrat


A few decades ago, Montserrat was known as one of the most visited tourist hubs because of the recording studio which was opened in the country by the famous producer.

However, the volcanic eruption in the country left it devastated for the years. According to recent researchers, the country is still in the healing phase but it still consists of the lowest annual visitors of 8000 people only.

4. Niue


Niue is commonly called the world’s smallest independent nation which is located in the East of Tonga.

Despite being the smallest one, Niue is loaded with some eye-catching sites and it can be a complete adventurous paradise for the people who are always interested in deep-sea diving, hiking, mountain adventure, and snorkeling.

The average population size of this country is 1,600 people only with average annual visitors of 10,000.

5. American Samoa

American Samoa

If we could call one country a picture-perfect zone then, it would surely be American Samoa. It is no secret that American Samoa is one of the most beautiful yet least visited countries in the world which is loaded with some highly incredible and miraculous locations which can easily leave a person in complete awe.

Though it is certainly hard to find the 5-star hotels in this country it is still a worthwhile place to go. According to the recent census, the country’s average annual visitors are around 20,000.

6. Soloman Islands

soloman islands

The South Pacific region is indeed full of some amazing islands which are capable of grabbing one’s attention without any difficulty. Soloman Island’s are situated as the Coast of Australia and comprises of some fantastic locations which can be a perfect visit spot for the tourists.

The country is also famous for its lively culture that is influenced by live music, tasty street food, and candlelight dinners by the sea.

The average annual visitors of this country are near to 20,000, the number is expected to hike soon due to the recent discoveries by social media influencers about this country.

7. Comoros


Photo: D-Stanley

Comoros is again an independent nation based on an island and situated on the coast of East Africa. The country is full of some lush jungles, amazing beaches, a perfect chilling zone at the harbor front, and also some dolphins which can be spotted at the coast of Hahaya.

The overall political conditions in the country and inadequate infrastructure are the major reasons behind the low tourism. The average annual visitors of this country are near to 28,000

8. Tonga


If paradise could be imagined then, it would surely look like Tonga. Tonga is a small yet heavenly beautiful country which consists of more than 170 islands that are created using some perfectly drawn white beaches, coral reefs, lush rainforests, and adventurous limestone cliff.

The annual visitors of this country are more than 60,000 people. The number is expected to grow soon due to the development of infrastructure.

9. Anguilla


To-be exact Anguilla is one of the least visited countries in the world which has spent a huge amount to develop its tourism industry.

Starting from some beautifully maintained beaches, residential hotels for the tourists to some nice eating out zones, Anguilla can easily be called the state which will soon evolve as the biggest tourist spot. Currently, the country consists of 68,000 annual visitors.

10. Timor-Leste


Timor-Lester was classified as the independent state in 2020 before that it was the part of Indonesia. Timor-Leste is relatively different from all other countries because it is not entirely dependent on the series of islands.

The country is a perfect go-to place for the adventure-seekers where they dive into deep seawater, explore the ancient buildings, check out the wildlife at the properly maintained jungles, and some stunningly maintained beaches. The annual visitors of this country are 74,000.

11. Grenadines


Grenadines is the part of sugary beaches which are full of some uninterrupted views and green seas which can be a pleasure for your eye to watch.

Due to its association with the island, the country has a lot to offer in terms of waterfall hikes, exploration, volcano, and snorkeling. The average annual visitors of this country are around 80,000.

Although we truly understand that your current travel plans might be affected at the moment.

However, the information about the least visited countries in the world can surely help you in planning your next trip and peeking into the parts of the world which are yet to be explored by those who are the appreciators of nature’s miraculous beauty.

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