10 Most Beautiful Mountain Peaks in Nepal

Indeed, Nepal is a very small country but it consists of some tremendous topographical diversity which adds up to the overall beauty of the country. It won’t be wrong to state that Nepal attracts a lot of attraction of tourists because of similar reasons. Most of the people add Nepal into their traveling list because they are interested in exploring the beauty of the world.

Nepal doesn’t only consist of the highest mountain peak in the world, it also consists of some of the snow mounts, climbing peaks, and much more which need to explore so that it could be appreciated by the people throughout the world.

Some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal which should be visited by tourists are discussed below. Dig into the most beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal and get ready to be taken away by the beauty of the place.

1. The Highest Mountain Peak – Mount Everest

The Highest Mountain Peak- Mount Everest

Nepal is lucky to have a share in the highest mountain peak in the world. Mount Everest has a height of 8,848 meters which is above the sea level. Mountain Everest is allured by the people all around the globe because of its flawless beauty and incomparable height which is indeed breath-taking.

Mountain Everest in Nepal consists of the mixture of Flora and Fauna beauty which create a heaven for the trekkers. Since the mountain consists of such tall height, it also touches the jet streams where the temperature is near to freezing and could harm human beings. The best time to visit Mount Everest is between May to September because during that time the weather is moderate and tourists can enjoy the beauty of the area to the fullest.

2. Kanchenjunga – The five treasure Mountain

Kanchenjunga- The five treasure Mountain

Mount Kanchenjunga is the third tallest peak in the world and second in Nepal. The place is known for its five mountains peaks which are covered with snow throughout the area that’s why the mountain is called the five treasures of snow.

The height of the mountain is 8,586 above sea level. The tallest peak of the mountain is also called as the adventure zone because it is not relatively easier to climb the mountain and get to the area very easily. Once you reach the tallest peak then, it’s hard not to appreciate the heaven on this earth and applaud the nature for its incredible creation.

The ideal time to visit Kanchenjunga is between March till September because of the weather conditions in the region.

3. Lhotse – The Mountain of Legends

Lhotse- The Mountain of Legends

If tourists are interested in visiting one of the finest mountains in the world with the finest pea than nothing could be more exciting than trekking up to the Lhotse. Lhotse also is known as the mountain of legends is the fourth tallest peak in the world with a height of 8,516 meters.

Some of the tourists have labeled Lhotse as the most romantic mountains because of its overall trekking systems and how mesmerizingly it is designed by nature. The best time to visit the mount Lhotse is the spring season in the country.

4. Mount Makalu – The Himalayan Pyramid

Mount Makalu- The Himalayan Pyramid

Photo by Indra rai

Mount Makalu resembles the pyramid structure which is based on four pillars which are covered with snow and ice. The mountain is named after the Goddess in the Hindu religion known as Lord Shiva.

Mountain Makalu is not only famous because of its tall height, but it is also treated as the challenge by the climbers because it is said to be one of the most difficult peaks to climb because of the presence of dangerous rocks and curves. The ideal time to visit this mountain is spring.

5. Mount Cho Oyu

Mount Cho Oyu

Photo by Goutam1962

Mountain Cho Oyu is not only a mountain. However, it also acts as the border between China and Nepal. The mountain represents a very unique history in which it is said that Cho Oyu was the bald goddess who turned his back towards the mount Himalaya because one of the goddesses refused his marriage proposal.

According to the climbers, Mount Cho Oyu is the easiest one to climb because of its height of 8000 meters which can clearly help in observing the beauty of this place through the curves.

6. Dhaulagiri I – The Shining Mountain

Dhaulagiri I- The Shining Mountain

Dhaulagiri is the seventh tallest mountain in the world and is surely famous all around the globe because of the Dazzling white beauty which cannot be compared with anyone.  Most of the trekkers believe that Dhaulagiri is just like a heaven on earth with a height of 8,167 meters. The mountain is also called the shinning mountain because of its snowy and vibrant colors which can easily be observed from the farthest of the areas.

Once the tourists reach the top area of Dhaulagiri Mountain then, they can easily explore the beauty of places around the mountain. The best time to visit Dhaulagiri is in summers.

7. Mount Manaslu – The Mountain of Spirits

Mount Manaslu- The Mountain of Spirits

Mount Manaslu is called the mountain of spirits and the most beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal because of its alluring beauty. The mountain is considered sacred by many people because it is commonly believed that most of the saints mediated and chanted while using this mountain.

The height of mount Manaslu is 8,156 meters. Most of the trekkers prefer not to visit the mount because of it very quiet and it could get scary during the evening hours. This mountain is the best place for beginners to start their trekking practice.

8. Annapurna I – The Goddess of Harvest

Annapurna I- The Goddess of Harvest

Annapurna is called the Goddess of Harvest and the mountain has also got its name from the Sanskrit which means “Full of Food”. The mountain is usually associated with the Hindu Lakshmi who is responsible for making this place proposer and wealthy for the people around.

The overall height of this mountain is 8,041 and the ideal visit time is September.

9. Gyachung Kang

Gyanchuna Kang might not be the tallest peaks in Nepal but it is surely the most beautiful one. The mountain consists of the glaciers as well as pine trees which add up to the overall beauty of the place.

The height of Gyachung Kang Mountain is 7,957 meters and it should be visited during the summer times.

10. Annapurna II

Annapurna II

Annapurna II is referred to as the sister mountain of Annapurna “Goddess of Harvest” because of its similar association with the Hindu Lakshmi of wealth and health. However, Annapurna II is one of the dangerous mountains in Nepal because it is harder to climb the mount because of the presence of steep rocks and curves.

The beauty of Nepal is undeniable because it holds the power of attracting people and leaving them awe struck for the longest period of time. Every tourist, as well as the climber, should decide to visit Nepal because it’s worth it. Furthermore, Nepal is also one of the friendliest countries for tourists, and you would never be disappointed.

If you think we have missed on any of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal then, leave your comments below!

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