Top 10 Beautiful Islands in Florida

Florida is a hub for some beautiful islands in the world which can leave you awe-struck for the longest time. Starting from the incredible beaches, giant amusement parks to some enormous islands, Florida never disappoints the travelers who decide to visit the place for maximum enjoyment.

Some of the islands in Florida are partially connected to the zones in Miami and Orlando therefore, it is important to select your travel destination wisely so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Here is the list of some of the beautiful islands in Florida which should be included in the traveler’s list.

1. Little Palm Island in Florida

Little Palm Island in Florida

Little palm island is one of the most beautiful private islands in Florida which is the dream destination for many people. Starting from the white soft stand beach to the classic tropical fantasy, you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

The best part is that for reaching to this island, you are not supposed to take your car with you, all you need is just a trip to a boat and your travel advisor will show you the path through which you can reach your favorite destination.

By staying at this amazing island, you can have a taste of yummiest seafood by the seaside, enjoy the sunset at the most important hours, and the strolling beaches. The best part about this island is that it is free from WIFI which means that you can have maximum time with your friends without getting distracted by the technology and devices.

2. Pine Island Florida

Pine Island Florida

Pine Island is half an hour’s drive away from Fort Myers. This island is known for its association with twisted mangroves that are grown at the shoreline rather than the sandy beaches. Pine island is the part of old Florida city which was earlier known as the city for fishing and now it is a city for artists.

The area along Pine Island is considered as the most beautiful and eye-catchy one.

3. Gasparilla Island, Florida

Gasparilla Island, Florida

Gasparilla Florida is the small yet alluring Island by the coastline of the western coast. The island is famous for its calm atmosphere which is potentially free from any sort of disturbance from the city zone.

The island is an ideal spot for travelers who would like to explore some parts of old Florida while staying at the moderately maintained islands. Biking and sea exploration are some of the important activities which travelers shouldn’t miss.

4. Key Largo

Key Largo

Key Largo is situated in the south of Miami. Most of the visitors consider Key Largo as the bypass zone because it comes in the middle of Miami. However, Key Largo is one of the beautiful islands which consist of several outdoor activities for the tourists.

From scuba diving to snorkeling, every fun activity at the island can easily be executed at the Key Largo because of its properly maintained zones. Additionally, a tour guide can be hired for boating to different coastlines.

5. Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas is basically the cluster of small islands that are converted into the shape of the national park in Florida. Dry Tortugas consists of an exciting collection of coral reefs, fortress and other impressive sub-marine stuff that can take your breath away.

By visiting this island, tourists can easily enjoy four hours trip to the beach in which they will be exploring the beauty of different beaches. Since this island is maintained by the Park authority, therefore, the tourists get the better opportunity of exploring the sea and performing some amazing outdoor activities.

6. Cedar Key in Florid Palm

Cedar Key in Florid Palm

Cedar Key in the Florida Palm is basically a tropical paradise which easily explains the beauty of the place and makes the place more scenic and tranquility oriented. The cluster of the island is capable is just three miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. The area is very beautiful and is far from the daily hassle life.

On this island, tourists can easily perform some outdoor activities such as kayaking, bird watching, fishing and other relaxing activities that can help you in having the maximum out of your trip.

7. Key Biscayne Island

Key Biscayne Island

It’s impossible to visit Miami and not to visit the beaches at Key Biscayne Island. The Key Biscayne Island is known for providing the 360-degrees view of Miami skyline with the help of previously created lighthouse. Key Biscayne I

Island is an ideal choice for people who would love to kayak at the bay and observe the most beautiful sunset.

8. Amelia Island at the Coast of Georgia

Amelia Island at the Coast of Georgia

Amelia Island is an ideal visiting spot for the people who want to have a lot of relaxation and peace. Amelia Island is famous around the globe for its exceptional beaches which are stretched to 12 miles.

Amelia Island on the Coast of Georgia should be visited by the tourists who are looking for some outdoor fun, visit the historic places and also some break from the daily busy life.

9. Ponce Intel

Ponce Intel

Photo by RyanSMcKee

Ponce Intel can easily be called one of the underrated yet most beautiful islands in Florida. The tides at the Ponce are usually low therefore, it allows the people to surf by the shore, do some deep diving stuff and explore marine life without getting worried about weather conditions.

Ponce is the ideal holiday location for the people who are planning to relax a bit and have a lot of fun.

10. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island

Photo by Aaron Frutman

Anna Maria is the island that provides access to some of the beautiful beaches in the state.  Anna Maria island should be on the list of all those people who are fond of swimming, playing with big castles and learning about the history of islands in the world.

It is advised to the tourists to also explore the Anna Maria Island park in order to understand the overall history of Timucuan Indian who used to be a crucial part of the island and have largely contributed its overall construction and development.

Florida is indeed a great travel destination for people who are always interested in exploring the stunning beauty of islands and how significantly they are contributing to the world’s geography.

We believe all of the islands in Florida are near to perfection because they put your eyes to calm and gives a sense of comfort for the longest time. Do you think that we have missed any of the best and most beautiful islands in Florida? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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