15 Best Beaches in Kenya You Must Visit

Kenya is one of the Famous Eastern African country’s which is known around the world for its beautiful lakes, shimmering coastlines, wildlife and exotic beauty which forces the tourists to stay for a little longer in this state because it has got a lot to offer.

If you are a beaching freak and visiting Kenya anytime soon then, some of the best beaches which you should visit are as follows:

1. Mombasa’s Serene Treasure

Mombasa’s Serene Treasure

Mombasa’s is one of the best beaches in Kenya which is called a paradise for snorkeling lovers.

Mombasa is the oldest city in Kenya that can offer a lot to visitors in terms of history and beaches.

Since Mombasa is the metropolitan region therefore, the visitors can explore beaches and some delicious food at the same time.

2. Bamburi Beach

Bamburi Beach

Photo: hickey-fry

Bamburi Beach is one of the most visited and beautiful beaches in Kenya which is famous all around the globe for its incredible beauty.

The beach is a perfect spot for people who would love to enjoy the freshness of water while soaking in the sun.

For making some beautiful memories by the sea, the tourists can always ride on the camelback, explore the underwater life by performing scuba diving and witness the beauty of the sunset by the nearby coral reef zone.

3. Nyali Beach in Kenya

Nyali Beach

Photo: CT Cooper

If you are a beach lover but want to avoid the crowd to experience a calm and relaxing feeling then Nyali beach in Kenya is the perfect spot for you.

This beach surely attracts the individuals who sought a little privacy to enjoy their time.

Visiting Nyali is all about experiencing the truest form of sunbathing, swimming in the warmth of the water, and surfing by the sea to explore the beauty of nature.

4. Lamu Beach

Lamu Beach

Lamu Beach is commonly referred to as the white sandy paradise which is full of some luxury spots that can leave you in complete awe.

Apart from offering complete relaxation, Lamu beaches are one of the picture-perfect squares where you can get yourself pictured by taking help from nature.

The ideal time to visit Lamu is during the mid-summer because of the availability of luxury resorts which can simply add up to your entire trip.

5. Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach is situated at the Mombasa South Coast and can be reached with the help of a fun ferry ride.

Tiwi Beach is one of the most preferred beaches by the visitors because it can offer a lot in terms of recreational options and delicious pools.

Since this beach consists of a few beautiful lakes too, therefore, it must be added to your bucket list.

6. Watamu Beach

watamu beach

Imagine yourself standing by the cliff and soaking in the sun during the mid-summer days.

The beach stretches up to 7 km’s allowing the visitors to have a full day walk by the sea.

Watamu is also famous for its local coral reefs, soft sand, and crystal clear water that motivates people to visit this beautiful beach while they are visiting Kenya.

Additionally, if you are looking for a place where you can easily test your scuba diving skills without spending a lot of money then, Watamu Beach is the perfect spot for you.

7. Kikambala Beach

Kikambala Beach

Photo: DocWoKav

Kikambala Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya which is beautifully surrounded by palm trees that simply add up to the beauty of the place.

Apart from offering a beautiful view, this beach consists of white sand and some stunning coral reefs which help it in being the best beaches in Kenya.

The visitors can simply get indulged in the beauty of the sun while exploring the stunning healing powers of palm trees and how nicely they calm the humans down.

8. Gazi Beach

Gazi Beach

Photo: Jan M

Gazi Beach is located at Chalet Island and it won’t be wrong to state that the white beauty of this beach is surely incomparable.

The best part about Gazi Beach is that it offers the utmost privacy to people visiting the gem.

If you have a small family and you are planning to explore the real beauty of the beach then, the best bet is to visit Gazi because it can offer a lot to the tourists in terms of exploration, sea diving, and exotic experience which is further backed by the lush green vegetation and some high-end resorts for resting purposes.

9. Malindi Beach

Malindi Beach

Malindi Beach is indeed a picture-perfect zone which is also famous for its history.

Malindi is one of the few beaches in Kenya which not only offers a stunning view.

However, it also allows the tourists to enjoy the perfect weather, soak themselves into the crystal clear water, sail through the water to experience the beach life, indulge in scuba diving, and also deep-sea fishing to have maximum fun.

10. Shanzu Beach

Shanzu Beach is commonly called as the gateway to heaven because of the beauty it offers to the visitors.

If you are planning to relax by the sea while having the perfect sun view then, visiting Shanzu Beach should be on your bucket list because it is surely worth all the money and time.

Shanzu is a perfect family beach where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

11. Kuruwitu Conservancy Beach

Kuruwitu Conservancy Beach

Kuruwitu Beach is a small sandy beach which is an ideal spot for people who would love to relax by the cliff and enjoy some time with their friends and family.

Since this beach in Kenya is small as compared to other beaches therefore, the crowd is pretty less.

While visiting the conservancy, you can also look for some of the beautiful lakes and explore the underwater marine life.

12. Dunga Beach


Photo: Omondi

Dunga Beach might not be one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya because this beach is only visited by fishers and few tourists.

However, when it comes to calmness and amazing food then, Dunga is the best bet.

While visiting Dunga beach, you can get indulged in delicious seafood, explore the wildlife, and enjoy some relaxing time with your family.

13. Che Shale Beach

Che Shale Beach

Photo: Dwkns

Che Shale Beach can be a stunning treat for the people who would love to sunbathe while experiencing the waves of the sea.

Starting from some luxurious resort to tasty food, this beach can offer a lot of extravaganza activities to the visitors.

14. Spiaggia delle Tartarughe

Spiaggia delle Tartarughe

Spiaggia delle Tartarughe is a small gem in Kenya which is full of peaceful locations and places to relax.

Delle is not a popular beach but surely one of the most beautiful destinations which shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Kenya.

15. Kilifi


Photo: Ninara31

Kilifi is a small yet highly beautiful beach that could be found in the Coastal range of Mombasa.

Kilifi is famous around the world for its white soft sand and river which adds to the exceptional beauty of this place.

Kenya is indeed full of some of the beautiful beaches which you must visit to observe the beauty of nature.

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