10 Most Beautiful Black Sand Beaches of the World

This planet embodies the dazzling glory of nature and beaches are undoubtedly one of them. There are many beautiful breathtaking beaches in the world.

Beaches are considered an attractive place for both recreation and sightseeing.

There are different beautiful beaches that are present in different parts of the world. There are white sand beaches in some parts of the world as well as black sand beaches in others.

We have selected this article in order to discuss some beautiful black sand beaches of the world, where you would love to stay at a beach hut to enjoy your vacation at its fullest.

1. Vik Beach, Iceland

When we talk about the black sand beaches, Iceland is the topmost destination to offer an opportunity to see them.

The Vik beach is considered one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the world.

Photo by Joao

Photo: Joao

This beach is located in a small village, which is located in the southern part of Iceland.

There are different types of research reports that have clearly shown this fact that the Vik beach was nominated as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth in 1991.

Vik is also the wettest village in Iceland. This beach is considered as a marvelous place to see.

2. Black Sand Beach, Prince William Sound, Alaska

To get you inspired, here is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches, the Prince William Sound, Alaska.

This beach is located just 60 miles from Anchorage.

This is a mesmerizing place to visit and if you look into water or around you, you will see that the ten-thousand-foot peaks are reflected in the beautiful icy water.

When discussing black sand beaches, this beach has to come up on top as a wonder of nature.

3. Pololu Valley Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a rich cultural history and, yes, black sand beaches.

Pololu Valley beach in Hawaii is a compact yet exotic dazzling beach that is a perfect sight to watch.

On this beach, you will find that you have access to an excellent view of the Kohala Mountains as well as the coastline.

This beach is one of the smallest beaches in Hawaii. Swimming and snorkeling activities are not allowed at this beach.

4. Kehena Beach, Hawaii

This fine sand beach bordering the blue and green variants of water is also located in Hawaii and is included in the list of most beautiful black sand beaches of the world.

Different types of research reports have classified it as a clothing-optional beach, though this thing is illegal in Hawaii.

The people can enjoy swimming with already present dolphins.

5. Kaimu Beach, Hawaii

There are a slew of exotic black sand beaches in the zones of Hawaii. Kaimu beach is another great black sand beach that is a must to see place.

This beach is somewhat of a dangerous beach in Hawaii.

There are different types of surveys that have shown this fact that during the 1990s; this beach was covered in about 20 feet of lava.

Black beaches, colored by volcanic minerals and lava fragments, can be found in many places in Hawaii.

However, now, the visitors can see ferns, palm trees, and other plans there.

6. Black Sand Beach, Lost Coast, California

Spectacular black sand beaches promise to take your breath away. From Hawaii to Alaska to California, you won’t forget these coastal beauties.

Lost coast beach is also a black sand beauty that is around 80 miles long and is located in California.

Photo by Sergei

Photo: Sergei

It is considered as one of the lightest traveled coasts. There are different peaks that are more than 2000 feet high.

Many analyses have shown this fact that the highest peak around it is King’s Peak, which is around 4,708 feet high.

This beach brings about an extremely dramatic scene, with pearl sparkling water, sand, and peaks all around it.

7. Oneuli Beach, Maui

Oneuli Beach in Maui is considered one of the most beautiful and dreamy black sandy beaches of the world.

What makes this beach a great beach is the tourist attraction to it.

Photo by Puuhale

Photo: Puuhale/flickr

It’s so delightful to relax on this beach as the water is perfect and the land is so great that you can even camp at this beach.

Visitors are allowed to do different activities here that include snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking, and many other water sports.

8. Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Maui

Honokalani black sand beach is located in the Wainapanapa State Park.

Its turquoise waters and fine black sand will leave you breathless.

This beach offers lava pebbles that are smooth and small.

The visitors can also find lava cliffs there.

9. Waianapnanpa Black Sand Beach, Maui

Waianapnanpa is the prettiest black-sand beach on Maui.

This major draw of sightseers was formed by waves crashing against the volcanic rock over decades and decades.

The visitors can look and go into sea caves, bridges made of natural stone.

10. Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Nestled under the shade of coconut and palm trees of Hawaii is this miraculous black sand beach named Punaluu beach.

The beach is located on the southeastern Kau coast.

Photo by EM Kaufman

Photo: EM Kaufman

Punaluu Beach is surrounded by black sand that was created by lava from volcanoes flowing into the ocean and then cooling.

This beach is no doubt so beautiful but it is illegal to take the sand off the coast.

Another reason that makes Punaluu beach famous amongst tourists is the turtles feeding in the water and on land.

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