12 Top Things to Do in Iceland in Winters

Visiting Iceland in the winter could be an amazing experience because Iceland weather is not unique. However, this place has got a lot to offer in terms of scenery, sightseeing, cold spots, glaciers, beautiful lakes, and food.

The best time to visit Iceland is during the winter because due to the Icelandic weather and cold temperature, only a few people decide to visit this place.

Some of the to-do bucket list things which you should do while being in Iceland are as follows:

1. Explore Blue Lagoon

Explore Blue Lagoon

One of the top and the most important things to do in Iceland especially in winters is exploring the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is a fabulous geothermal spa point in Iceland that is known for its mineral-rich properties which are said to be amazing for one’s skin.

The blue lagoon is situated only 20 km away from the international airport which means that this spot should be the first thing in your to-do list.

2. Indulge in the Awesome Waterfall


Iceland consists of several small and large waterfalls which can provide a completely exquisite experience to the tourists.

Starting from 26 small waterfalls in the state which offers a perfect view with tasty food to, visiting the icy falls which change their structure based on the Icelandic weather.

The beauty of these waterfalls can only be understood by those who truly appreciate nature for its wonders.

3. Experience the Ice Cave Beauty

Experience the Ice Cave Beauty

Whether we talk about nature crafted Ice caves or the man molded structure, a trip to Iceland would surely not be completed without paying a detailed visit to the Ice caves.

The beauty of these caves lies in their style, shapes, and sizes. The best time to visit these ice caves is during the mid-winter where you can easily take a short walk and explore the beauty at the same time.

4. Tour to Volcano

Tour to Volcano

The extinct Volcano in Iceland surely offers the lifetime experience to the people visiting the country.

Thrihnukagigur Volcano tour should be made a part of one’s bucket list thing because it allows you to experience the Earth from 200 km above the sea level.

The combination of Ice with a magma chamber is something that cannot be pronounced through words.

5. View the Beauty of Northern Lights at Winter Nights

View the Beauty of Northern Lights at Winter Nights

Of all the best things to do in Iceland, viewing the Northern Light is something to be called a bucket list-worthy.

The Northern lights can be seen at the Golden circle point from Thingvellir National Park. The astonishing combination of hazel green, blue, and golden lights can surely leave you in complete awe and you would wish for the time to stay forever.

To enjoy the best view, it is recommended to spend a night in the bubble transparent tent so that you can have access to it for a longer time.

6. The Glorious Glacier

The Glorious Glacier

No doubt that standing on the top of Iceland glacier can give you a whole new perspective about the beauty of this world and how it unfolds every day to appear better than before.

The best time to conquer the glorious glacier of Iceland is during the day trip because you’ll be able to view ice walls, caves, sculptures, tents and even houses made up of Ice.

You can also get a view of hikers hiking beautiful mountains and trekking to the destinations.

7. Trekking the Coolest Zones

Trekking the Coolest Zones

Trekking to the mountains is one of the most important things in Iceland which cannot be missed by anyone.

Since it is one of the oldest cities in the world with rising temperatures, therefore, walking can be a great exercise for the people who would love to max out their trip and also enjoy the Icelandic weather while viewing some of the beautiful sceneries.

8. Conquering the Golden Circle

Conquering the Golden Circle

Completing the Golden Circle trip in Iceland is another important bucket list thing that shouldn’t be ignored.

The trip to the golden circle can take up to 2 hours with an exploration of some amazing geysers, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and geothermal areas in the city.

On your way to the trip, the tourists can also get their hands on the history of the city and how it got evolved.

9. Involve in the Day long Exploration


A full day exploration can be complete heaven for the people who are the walking enthusiast.

Since Iceland is full of some beautiful sceneries therefore, the walkers can explore some of the beautiful lakes, glaciers and black sand beaches while taking the trip to Fimmvorduhals and Skaftafellsheidi.

Both of the hiking zones can be covered in 12 hours. The zones are full of tasty eating points where you could easily find some cool friends and other members to have food and chat with them.

10. Road Trips

road trip

Iceland Ring Road Trip is one of the best things to do in the country because this road trip will allow you to explore every part of the country.

Whether we talk about the black sand beaches, beautiful lakes, amazingly drawn glaciers, or highlands in the East, this one 7 days long trip can help you in understanding each and everything about the country.

The best time to take this road trip is during the mid-winter season because it is easier to find the paths and food on the way.

11. Sightseeing


If you have visited Iceland and overlooked the capital Reykjavik then, you have surely missed something great.

Sightseeing at Reykjavik can be a great deal where tourists can explore the Icelandic architecture, understand the history of the capital, get indulged in the culture, and appreciate the changing nature of Icelandic weather.

The city also consists of some of the amazing restaurants where you can easily dine in without spending a lot of money.

12. Exploring Old Areas

Exploring Old Areas

The public transport in Iceland is not just a casual commute. However, it is a completely different experience for the people living in urban areas because of the old-age transport facilities in the city.

While using the old-style and underdeveloped commute services, people can easily explore the old areas while getting fascinated by the cultural sites.

Starting from some beautiful spots to perfectly complimented hiking spots, it is true that Iceland is one of the most exceptional vacation spots which could elevate the overall touring experience of the tourists.

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