13 Best Theme Parks in the World

Who doesn’t want to spend some quality and fun time with their favorite people during weekends or vacations? Sometimes people decide to spend time at their home or while others opt to look out for some amazing amusement parks which are full of thrill and fun.

In order to get an idea about the best amusement parks around the world, we had a word with some famous travel junkies and they informed us about the best theme parks while considering the fun needs of children, youngsters, and also the adults.

If you are interested in learning about the best amusement parks then, dig into this article right away.

1. Universal’s Island of Adventures in Orlando, Florida


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Universal’s Island of Adventures located in Orlando, Florida is on the top of our list because of its eye-catching beauty, incredible rides, fun-filled memories, and night shows which are capable of leaving you in awe-stuck for the longest time.

If you are looking for the best amusement parks which can give you the memorable time of your life then, you should visit Universal’s island in Florida.

2. The Prater in Austria


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The Prater is a heaven for people who are Giant Ferris Wheel fans. Austria’s amusement park is designed for the people who are always starving for the fun rides and memorable fun-time. Although, the Prater is a seasonal amusement park but it is a must-go place for Ferris lovers.

3. Port Aventura in Spain


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Port Aventura is located at a few minute’s drive-away from Barcelona. Barcelona’s amusement park is called as the world’s best because of its historic civilization theme which allows the visitors to explore different civilizations in one place.

4. Tivoli Gardens in Denmark


Photo by Kieran Lynam/flickr

Tivoli Gardens in Denmark is one of the oldest operating theme parks in the world. Denmark’s amusement park started its operations back in the 1840’s and it is still called as one of the best parks. As the name suggests, Tivoli Gardens is a park based on the theme of eye-catching garden, open stage show, theater area and a place for a concert.

Tivoli Garden is an ideal vacation place for families.

5. Universal Studio’s in Singapore


If you are a ride lover and also want to spend your time exploring some exciting games then, Universal Studio’s in Singapore is the right choice for you. This amusement park is loaded with some exciting rides, incredible gaming zones and thrill units which can amazingly transform your vacation day.

6. Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands


Photo by Nicola since 1972/flickr

If you are ready for the nightmare-y kind of rides backed by the electrifying effects than nothing could be better for you than Efteling amusement park which is situated near Amsterdam. This amusement park isn’t only famous for its ambiance but also for the fairytale vision backed by a lot of entertainment

7. Fuji-Q Highland in Japan


Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson/flickr

Fuji-Q Highland in Japan is one of the most incredible yet scariest theme parks. Japan’s amusement park is surely not for the faint-hearted people because this place is loaded with a lot of thrill. If you have the guts to experience the world record-breaking rides followed by the haunted mansions then, you can try visiting this place.

Most people refer to Fuji-Q highland as a heaven for daredevils.

8. Legoland in Denmark


Photo by hans s/flickr

If you have ever played with LEGO’s in your childhood then, you must be aware of this iconic theme park. Legoland located in Billund, Denmark is the first-ever amusement park created on the theme of LEGO.

The entire cycle of the park revolves around the concept of LEGO and activities are also executed in the same manner. LEGO theme park consists of the 50 over rides which are perfect for small kids, young children and adults also.

9. Pleasure Beach in England


Photo by Jasmine Halki/flickr

Pleasure Beach located in Blackpool is one of the most famous theme parks in England. Pleasure Beach amusement park is known for its dual fun. Thrilling ride with the perfect view of the beach!

If you are a beach lover and also want to have fun with some extremely thrilling rides then, England is the right place for you. Beware that this place isn’t for the light-hearted people.

10. Everland in South Korea


Photo by USAG-Humphreys/flickr

Everland in South Korea is an all-rounder amusement park for families and friends. This theme park is divided into multiple units and each unit is named after their theme. For instance, you would be able to find bustling rides in the middle of a zoo called zootopia, it also consists of a specific picturesque area called Plantopia and a perfect adventure area for ride lovers.

We must say that Everland amusement theme park in South Korea is a must-go place for all the adventure-seeking people.

11. La Ronde in Canada


Photo by abdallahh/flickr

Planning to spend your weekend at a place that is full of rides, delicious food, and events? If yes then, La Ronde situated in Montreal, Canada should be your choice. The night time at La Ronde is full of life because of some breath-taking, fun-filled rides, mouthwatering food, and celebrations.

This amusement park is a perfect place for family day because it allows you to have a lot of fun and food at the same time.

12. Waterbom Aquapark in Indonesia


Photo by HERVP30650

If you are a water park lover and planning to spend your vacations while enjoying the perfect water breeze then, Waterbom Aquapark in Indonesia is an ideal option for you. This amusement park is loaded with some lung-shrinking water slides, a forest-based theme environment and multiple resorts for the visitors.

13. Siam Park in Tenerife, Spain


Photo by Public Domain Photos/flickr

Siam Park is called as one of the most allured amusement parks around the world because of natural ambiance which is backed by some incredible water rides and flows. This park might not have some thrilling rides but it surely consists of relaxing waterfalls and beachy vibes which can make your family day very special and can help you in enjoying your time to the fullest.

You should decide to head over to this place for some relaxing time with your loved ones.

Our Verdict

We believe that all of the mentioned theme parks are the best ones because they are designed while considering the fun needs of every individual. Whether you are a youngster or an adult, it is for sure that you can have fun in all of these parks.

We hope that piece of information will allow you to schedule your vacations and budget accordingly.

Don’t forget to make us aware of your final decision by leaving your comments below.

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