15 Top-Rated Beautiful Beaches in Panama

Panama is a small city with a population of four million people only. However, it is hard to underestimate the geographical importance of the city because it helps in creating a significant link between North and South America. The city is full of some exceptional and beautiful canals which makes it a center of attraction for many tourists.

Due to its placement near offshore, the city consists of a number of beautiful beaches and islands which have helped the country in growing its overall tourist industry. Starting from the beautiful bathes to a number of sites, tourists can easily find a stunning array of beaches in the city which are surely alluring in all the terms.

Some of the top-rated and beautiful beaches in Panama are as follows.

1. Beaches at San Blas Islands

Beaches at San Blas Islands

The most beautiful beaches in Panama are situated in the remote area of the San Blas Islands. The beaches in these islands consist of the clear white sand which is further stretched to certain limits and further decorated with some heavenly grown palm trees that add up to the overall beauty of the place.

The visit to this place can be luxurious for those people who are always striving for the incomparable beauty, natural sites, and water accompanied by beautiful trees.

2. Isla Contadora Pearl Island

Isla Contadora Pearl Island

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Isla Contadora is a favorite place of people who are always planning to escape the city life and explore the wonders of nature. Isla Contadora is one of the pearl beaches decorated with beautiful sand. The unique thing about this beach is that it is supported by two different beaches starting from one end to another. At one end of Cantadora Island, tourists would be able to connect with Camaron Beach and at the other end, they would be able to find Galeon Beach.

The beach is 80 kilometers away from Panama city so people could easily fly to the place and have a layover at the finest hotels in the town.

3. Red Frog Beach

Red Frog Beach

Red Frog is another most beautiful and incredible beach situated at 10 mints’ walk away from Bocas Del Toro Region. The beach is basically named after one of the famous inhabitants of the area called the red frog.

Visitors of Red Frog are free to bring their chairs or rent it so that they could enjoy a calm place and site seeing at the beach.

Although the beauty of this beach cannot be compared with another in the same race, however, the visit to this place can be challenging for those people who would like to avoid the hassle of dealing with the crowd from all over the city.

4. Isla Del Rey in Panama City

Isla Del Rey in Panama City

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Isla del Rey is called one of the largest pearl beaches in Panama City which is covering almost 234 square kilometers. Isla Del Rey is basically a small town in Panama city with a population of 1500 people. The beach can be accessed after 20n mints flight or the tourists can also take 4 hours boat to the area.

This beach in the small town is surely known for its incredible beauty which provides a sense of tranquility to the visitors.

5. Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach

As the name suggests, starfish beach is one of the beaches in the city which is known for the appearance of Starfish on the shallow of the beach. StarFish beach is an ideal visit location for the children who would love to explore the beauty of the beach by renting a floating chair, snorkeling by the shore, and wakeboarding.

6. Santa Clara at Pacific Coast

Santa Clara at Pacific Coast

Santa Clara is a hot spot in Panama City which is exceptionally known for its swimming capabilities. Santa Clara is just 2 hours’ drive away from the city so it can easily be accessed. Santa Clara is known for its beautiful white sand is further supported by the blue water. A visit to this place could help the tourists in appreciating the beauty of nature.

7. Isla Coiba in Coiba National Park

Isla Coiba is one of the largest and known reserves in Central America which is preserved by UNESCO- the world heritage site. The site is called one of the most beautiful national parks in the city which consists of multiple treasures.

One of the known treasures of the city is associated with the marine park which allows the individuals to explore marine life in the city, have fun with the help of snorkeling and scuba diving.

8. Bluff Beach

Bluff Beach

If the tourists are planning to visit a beach which consists of the high waves and is also swimmable then, nothing could be better than Bluff Beach. This beach is a popular spot for surfers because the waves allow them to fully enjoy the intensity of the sea and have a great experience. The beach stretches up to 8 Kilometers so it allows the individuals to enjoy the waves and have a lot of fun.

9. Santa Catalina

Santa Catlina

Santa Catalina was once used to be a small fishing village and spot for fishers where they could have some time with their friends or family. This beach might not be called an exceptional one but it consists of some amazing high waves which allow the surfers to surf and explore the beauty of nature.

Since Santa beach is still going under the development phase therefore, people would be able to find some space near the sea and relax for a while.

10. Playa Las Lajas

Playa Las Lajas

Photo: Ayaita

Playa Las Lajas is the best place for the people who are looking for the beach where they could stroll along. The beach is the ideal place for surfers because it allows them to enjoy the beaches waves. The weather of Playa is usually moderate but Palm trees can be used for shadow and people could seriously jump into the sea in case of too much hotness.

11. Punta Chame

Punta Chame


Nothing could be better than visiting the beach which is backed by a number of adventurous activities such as parasailing, mountain climbing, snorkeling, and sea diving. Punta Chame beach is one of the popular beaches in the city which is not only known for its stunning view, it is also famous for grabbing the attention of tourists because of white sand, huge stretch, and clean water which literally allows the people to enjoy the beauty of marine life.

12. Punta Duarte

punta duarte

Photo: Stopardi

If you are the sunset lover and planning to spend your day at a place where you could enjoy the soft waves and also the sunset then, nothing could be better than visiting the Punta Duarte. This beach is one of the few beaches in the Panama city which offers the visitors to fully visit the sunset over the pacific ocean and appreciate the wonders of nature.

The beach is situated at 1.5 hour’s drive away from the main city but is an ideal spot for swimmers and also the marine life explorers.

13. Burica Beach in Small Peninsula

Burica Beach in Small Peninsula

Burica Beach is called as the unnoticed beach by many of the tourists because it is situated in the small Peninsula in Panama City. After a few years of its discovery, Burica beach became an ideal spot for the surfers because of the mid-range waves further backed by the warm water.

This spot is an ideal vacation location for the people who would love to roam around the Palm trees and swims in the warm water.

14. Santa Catalina, the series of Beaches

Santa Catalina, the series of Beaches

Santa Catalina is basically a name given to the spot where different beaches interact with each other. This place is an ideal location for solo travelers because it allows them to understand the dynamics of nature and enjoy every bit of it.

Some of the activities which are highly common at Santa Catalina beaches are horse-riding, snorkeling, warm water bathing, and a lot more. The ideal time to visit this place is during the summertime.

15. Cayos Zapatillas

cayos zapatillas

Photo: Binzend

Cayos Zapatillas is not only a famous beach in Panama City. However, it also holds significant importance when it comes to the biodiversity of the world. Cayos is the only beach in Panama city which is famous for turtle nesting which is now considered as endangered. It is also a spot where visitors can easily find colorful fishes which are further beautified by the rays of the sun during the day time.

This beach is an ideal spot where people could relax and enjoy for a while.

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