15 Longest Rivers in Europe

The longevity of the river is directly connected with the level of irrigation and fertility on the land.

The river is indeed one of the important sources of fresh water that is responsible for supplying water to drains, other rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

Europe is the biggest state which is known for having naturally gifted artifacts that are miraculously beautiful and can leave the person in a complete awe-stuck.

Some of the longest rivers in Europe are as follows

1. The Volga River

The Volga River

The Volga River is one of the largest in Europe with a length of 3692 km.

It is called the giant river because of its unique draining system which provides the water supply to Central Russia and the Caspian Sea.

Additionally, the river is also providing support to several reservoirs.

2. Danube River

Danube River

The Danube is the second largest river in Europe with a length of around 2,860 km.

The river is located in Central and Eastern Europe providing the freshwater supply to 10 important countries including Russia, Germany. Austria, Hungary, and many other countries.

3. Ural River

Ural River

The Ural is 2428 km longer in length and provides support to Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Ural originates from the mountains of the Ural which are famous around the globe for its unique height. Ural River in Europe is also the 18th longest river in Asia, known for providing a continuous freshwater supply to multiple regions.

4. Dnieper River

Dnieper River

Dnieper River is one of the most important Rivers when it comes to the overall eco-system of the region.

The Dnieper is the fourth-longest river in Europe with a length of 2.290 km.

The origins of the river can be found at Valdai hill’s and then, it continuously flows through Russia, Ukraine, and the Black Sea.

5. Don River

Don River

Credits: Alexxx1979

Apart from being the fifth largest river in Europe with a 1950 km length, Don River holds a significant value for the traders.

Starting from the sea of Azov in between the mount, the river’s basin meets with Dnieper Basin, Volga Basin, and Oka basin at multiple locations thus making it highly navigable as compare to other rivers in Europe.

6. Pechora River

Pechora RIver

Credits: mpozdeev

Pechora River is famous around the world for its whopping length of more than 1800 km and its eye-catching beauty that initiates from the Northwest part of Russia and the west side of Ural Mountains.

The river is a perfect blessing for the people residing by the Pechora town because of the levels of irrigation it offers to the land.

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7. Kama River

kama river

Kama river previously known as the Belaya River consists of a total length of 1809 km, making it the seventh longest river in Europe.

Interestingly, the Basin of Kama river is relatively larger than the Volga river thus, making Kama largest in terms of the overall discharge.

The river flows through different cities of Russia while having its origin from the Udmurt Republic

8. Northern Dvina River

Northern Dvina River

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Northern Dvina River initiates from the mount of Dvinskiy Zaliv while having its main source from the Yug River.

The overall length of the River is 1774 km and flows through some of the major parts of Europe such as Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk.

9. Oka River

Oka River

Oka River is one of the longest rivers in Europe with a total length of 1500 km.

The river originates from Glazunovsky Districtoriginates while having its major source from the Volga River. Oka River has its connection with multiple basins having drainage in central Russian cities and because of the same reason, it is the most navigable river in Europe.

10. Dniester River

Dniester River

Dniester River is one of the longest River which is found in Eastern Europe and have a total length of 1362 km.

The river initially originates from the Carpathian Mountains, flows through the major cities of Ukraine, and Moldova then discharges into the Black Sea.

11. Rhine River

Rhine River

The Rhine is one of the major rivers in Europe known for its source from Switzerland, which makes it one of the beautiful rivers too.

The overall length of the river is 1320 km and it passes through some of the major countries namely Germany, the Netherland, France, and Austria.

12. Elbe River

Elbe River

The Elbe is 1090 km Long River and has its great contribution in adding to the water sources as well as the beauty of Eastern Europe.

The river originates from the Giant Mountains and passes through the cities of Bohemia, Germany, and then makes its way to the Northern sea for discharge purposes.

13. Donets River

Donets River

Usually, Donets River is called the biggest blessing which is found at the East European Plains.

The total length of River is 1053 km and it originates from central Russian uplands and flows through Ukraine and drains into the Sea of Azov thus making it a crucial part of Don River.

14. Vistula River

Vistula River

Vistula River is one of the largest rivers in Poland and the longest in Europe.

The river is finely divided into two countries with a total length of 1047 km.

The river originates from Barania Góra and then, passes through major cities of Poland to have an ending point at the Baltic Sea.

15. Daugava River

Daugava River

Last but surely not least; Daugava River is the fifteenth longest river in Europe, having a total length of 1020 km.

The river has its origin from the Valdai Hills and flows through some of the important cities such as Andreapol, Riga, and Daugavpils.

No doubt that the overall length and contributions of rivers in forming the perfect eco-system are incredible and tells us how beautiful nature puts everything together to keep the operations going.

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