13 Amazing Things to do in Panama on Your First Visit

Panama is one of the wonderful and most beautiful secret spots under the territory of Central America. The country is known for its incredible canals which were discovered during the layoffs of different people from all around the globe.

Surprisingly, Panama got its due recognition because of the transit system offered by multiple flights which allowed the tourists to explore the city during their layoff time.

Recently, the beautiful canals of Panama have got a lot of attention and now it is called one of the favorite vacation spots by many people. Being a newbie in the state, a tourist can do a lot of amazing things which can easily add up to their overall experience and could help them in enjoying their day to the fullest.

1. Explore Colonial Towns in State

Explore Colonial Towns in State

Colonial Towns in Panama are called as the favorite neighborhood to the city. The town was founded in the late 1600s and is known for its beautiful Spanish architecture. Initially, the state was the home to the local poor families which suffered to make the end meet.

However, later on, the commercial developments helped the state in getting the attraction of tourist who forced the management to create trendy hotels backed by the Spanish architecture, uniquely settled bars and also some of the alluring restaurants which can easily be called as the high-end.

2. Exploring Traditional Beverages

Exploring Traditional Beverages

What could be better than getting your hands on some of the amazing traditional beverages which can help you in understanding nature better? Geisha Coffee is one of the best coffee beans in the state which is known for taking the people’s heart away with its best taste.

3. Must-visit Panama Canals

Must-visit Panama Canals

The reason why Panama got recognition was the Panama canals. The canals were first discovered by the people who were staying in the city for the sake of their layoffs.

The canal consists of the unique four-story interactive museum which can be a center of great attraction for people. The tickets to the canals can easily be pre-booked by tourists.

4. Communicate with the Sloth

Communicate with the Sloth

What could be better than communicating with the sloth which can also revert back to you with some unique answers? Sloths are usually considered as the forest habitants who are commonly found in the city.

Since sloths are very friendly, therefore, you can hold them up, cuddle them on the belly and enjoy some good pictures with them.

Some of the sloths are trained by the maintainers so that they can reply back to humans while using the different communication mechanisms such as their hands and head.

5. Explore the Private Plane San Blas Islands

Explore the Private Plane San Blas Islands

This activity might not be very suitable for every individual because it is super expensive but it is surely worthy of everything.

San Blas Island is a semi-private space with a beautiful beach that allows the tourists to take a private plan and roam around the city. The experience can be a cherry on top for the people who would love to explore the city to the fullest.

6. Visit Indigenous Embera Island

Visit Indigenous Embera Island

Touring the indigenous Embera Island is like enjoying the perfect mix of a traditional culture where the tourists can easily enjoy and experience the unique lifestyle.

The visit to Embera Island is full of beautiful scenery, some unique tropical rainforests and local waterfalls that cannot be ignored at all.

7. Cafes at Panama

Cafes at Panama

Trying out the local food in Panama is all about experiencing and understanding the taste buds of Panama.

The people of Panama are usually the fan of different kind of rice and chicken dishes which are further mixed with unique vegetables in order to enhance the taste.

Some of the best dishes which should be tried on ones visit Panama are petacones, fried green plantains topped with chicken or octopus meat. The cafes of Panama are also known for their unique texture, thickness and also the taste.

And if you decide to settle here, Panama is also an ideal place to live after retirement.

8. Visiting Volcanic Site

Visiting Volcanic Site

The Hike Baru Volcano in Boquete is not a place for faint hearted people and also for those who are traveling alone because visiting this place is all about having a lot of courage. There is certainly no denying the fact that the Hike Baru Volcanic site is an exceptional adventurous spot.

However, it isn’t easy for many people to travel to the area alone, sleep in the camps without any support, and hike to the summit without getting prior help from anybody.

It is usually recommended to visit this site in the form of the group in order to avoid the chance of any sort of mistreat.

9. Experience the Zipline

Experience the Zipline

If one has never been to ziplining then nothing could be better than visiting the Volcanic site in Hike Baru.

The place consists of the great highlands which makes it possible for the people to explore the beauty of the rainforest in the one that goes only.

The tour of the forest can easily be completed within 3 hours. The tours are usually initiated by the local agencies in the area who takes people up the hill during the morning hours and bring them down to the road before the sunset.

10. Get your Hands on the Street Food with Jazzy Live Music

Get your Hands on the Street Food with Jazzy Live Music

Panama is surely known for its jazzy live music which you can always listen up while having some trendy food items.

The street food at Panama is entirely different from what one consumes inside the café. The street food in the city is known for its unique flavors which are jumbled up with the juices and just the right match of music.

11. Pay a visit to Metropolis

Pay a visit to Metropolis

Visiting the metropolis in the city of Panama is all about observing the local life of the city and how it is connected with the commercial life.

The locals would help the tourists in understanding the city’s art, enjoying the view by hill-side and interesting stories associated with the beach.

12. Learn the Importance of Biodiversity

Learn the Importance of Biodiversity

The unique and natural geographical placement of Panama helps it in becoming the bridge between North and South America.

The bridge is further supported by the fun museum which is created using 8 different colors. The color depicts the history of the place and helps visitors in understanding the concepts of flora and fauna development in the region.

13. Surfing at Bocas Del Taro

Surfing at Bocas Del Taro

Surfing at Bocas Del Taro is all about achieving your dream of exploring the underwater life.

The place is no doubt known for its stunning beauty and clean water which never fails to grab the attention of people. While surfing by the island, the tourists would be able to gaze at a number of starfishes that would be roaming around to elevate your experience.


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