Best Places to Live in the World after Retirement

A retired life of an individual can be an important part of his or her life. A man reaches to retirement after serving a major and most important portion of his life. At this time he wants to relax himself for the rest of his life because he or she has served his entire life for earning money. Now this is the time for which an individual can dream a peaceful and happy life. Because at this stage of life, most of the elderly people across the world fulfilled their obligations and at that time they want to spend the life for themselves in a peaceful environment.

A retirement life can also include a part time work to earn small money for daily expenditures. There was once upon a time in which retirement means no more need to work. Now, the people want to spend their life after retirement in a peaceful and smooth environment in which they can pass their remaining portion of life peacefully and smoothly. As the time of retirement approaches near, people start to plan to set a place for them in which they can remain for the rest of life peacefully. Most of the retired people try to find a location which is full of greenery and in which there are different facilities available for their rest of life. There are different property advisers in the world which are offering different important places to live after retirement. Here we have included a list of ideal places to live after retirement in the world.

Best Places to Live After Retirement

Following are some important and beautiful places to live after retirement.

1. Medellin, Colombia

This place is considered as an ideal place to live after retirement and now days this place has become an important choice of most of the retired persons of the area. With the population of more than 2.4 million peoples, the Medellin is blessed with average temperature which reaches to a maximum pleasant level of 72 F. Another positive aspect of this city is that it is situated in the mountains and due to this reason the nights of the area can be cool and the issue of humidity in this area is ignorable. The main airport of this city is Jose Maira Cordova and it is located 19 miles to the southeast of Medellin’s city center in Rionegro. From this airport, there are nonstop flights to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Another positive aspect of living in this area is that access to the health care centers is quite easy. There are five to six top hospitals which are located in this area. They are providing world class health facilities to the patients. Due to affordable and high quality health services and facilities, this city has become famous in the nearby areas and many people come there from different places for treatment of different problems.

The cost of living in this area is also affordable as compared to other parts of the world. According to different types of reliable research reports, a retired couple could live comfortably on $ 1,500 per month in the Medellin. A small apartment in the middle of the city costs around $75,000. Today, Medellin is known for its growing tourism industry and architectural renaissance than cartel violence. In short, we can say that this place is an ideal place to live after retirement.



2. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This small city is also considered as an amazing and beautiful city to live after retirement. This small city has small population of around 43 thousand individuals. There are different reasons to live in this small town. The climate of this town is moderate with no too much cold and warm. Temperatures range from the mid 40s in January and February to the low 80s in June and July. This thing attracts many visitors to come there during summer and winter. The health facilities are also available there. The main airport of this city is Dubrovnik and this airport is situated ten miles from the city center in Cilipi. There is General Hospital in Dubrovnik and this hospital has been blessed with different important services and features and no doubt this hospital is a blessing for the peoples who are residing there. This hospital is located in the center of the city. The cost of living in this small city is also moderate. On average, an American couple could live comfortably at the cost of $2,700 per month.

This city is situated like a sandwich between mountains and sea. This thing makes this place an ideal and breathtaking place to live. Those people who are in search of culture, history and architecture will find this place a best collection of all these things. The people can also find beaches and island-hop along the coast. In short, we can say that this place is an ideal place to live after retirement.

3. Salinas, Ecuador

This place is considered an amazing and ideal place for living after retirement. This city has got popularity of hundreds of peoples due to different reasons. The climate of this place is quite mild and dry. The temperature normally remains in the range of 7s during day time and it comes down to low 60s at night. The temperature of this area also rises to above 90s in summer but it happens for a very short period of time. This thing makes this place an ideal place to live there. It is a small town with total population of no more than 36 thousand peoples. The main airport of the city is Jose Joaquin de Olmedo which is about two hours away from the city if you travel by bus or car. From here you can fly nonstop to United States.

The health conditions of the area are also up to the mark. There are several clinics and laboratories in this city which are on just 20 minutes drive by car or bus. There is even a local doctor in Salinas who makes house calls. This doctor charges $ 30 per visit. The retired people can even find better quality hospitals that are situated in nearby city. The cost of living in this area is also reasonable. According to different types of research reports, the Ecuador comes in fourth and number one for Latin America on the Global Retirement Index for lowest cost of living. A retired couple will need to have about $ 1,500 per month to live there comfortably.

4. George Town, Malaysia

This small town of Malaysia is famous all around the world due to its beauty and fascinating places. With total population of more than 800,000 peoples, this town presents an ideal place to live there. The climate of this area is hot and humid. The average temperature of this area remains in an affordable range. This George Town is located in northwest Malaysia and this area gets fair share of rain particularly during April and October. The main airport of the area is Penang International Airport which is located 11 miles south of George Town. There is at least one flight connection which is required to reach United States. The health facilities of this area are also admirable. The main advantage of health facilities of this area is that these facilities are available at affordable prices. Foreigners routinely travel to Malaysia for affordable, quality medical and dental services. There are different hospitals and clinics that are located in and around of the George Town. Malaysia came in third after Thailand and Philippines in the Global Retirement Index in terms of lowest costs of living. An American couple can live there comfortably with $ 1,500 per month.



5. Bilbao, Spain

This place is also included in the list of those places which are considered ideal to live after retirement. This small town has total population of more than 400,000 peoples and this small town is considered as gift of nature. The climate of the area remains mild throughout the year. Normal temperature remains in the range of mid 50s during winter and high to mid 70s during summer. The month of January is considered as the coolest month while the months of July and August are hottest month of the area. This small town is situated in Spain. The main airport of the area is located about seven miles north of the city center. Passengers can reach to the airport by taxi within 15 minutes. There are connecting flights to the United States. The health conditions and facilities of the area are also good. This area has hospitals and clinics that provide state of the art health facilities to the residents of the area. There are numerous medical stores in the area and most of them remain open for 24 hours a day. If we talk about Spain as a whole, then Spain is not cheap to live. But since then the real estate market has been collapsed, this area has also become cheaper to live. An American couple will have to need about $ 3,500 per month in order to live there comfortably.

6. Panama

This place is also considered as an ideal place to live after retirement. There are different reasons to live there after retirement. This part of the world has much more developed than our expectations. All the basic facilities of the life are available here. All of the amenities of the life that one can expect and wish to have are available there. The most interesting thing is that all the basic necessities of the life are available at an affordable price. The health facilities of this are also admirable. The patients receive state of the art health facilities there at reasonable rates. Highly qualified doctors and nurses are there to serve the patients.  The education system of this city is highly meeting the International Standards.

An important advantage for the retired peoples to liver there is that they receive different discounts from different shops ranging from restaurants to medical stores. The Government of the city also offers many excellent benefits and incentives so that the retired people can enjoy their retired life there with happiness. - –

7. Italy

This country of the world does not need any introduction. If Europe is more your stay than Latin America, then Italy is considered as the best to live there after retirement. There are many places to live a retired life in Europe and Italy is the best choice to live there. There are different reason to live there after retirement in Italy. The peoples are mainly concerned about the availability of health facilities in a particular area and most often they are also concerned about the prices of the commodities in a particular region or area. If we talk about Italy, this country of the world ranks at No. 2 on the World Health Organization’s list of countries which provide quality health facilities and services to their patients. In addition to this, there are also numerous options, benefits and locations that are available in Italy and all these things make this country and ideal place to live there.

8. Costa Rica

This place is also considered an ideal place to live after retirement from work. If someone wants to enjoy pure life in its true sense then this place is an ideal place. Tucked between Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, this place has all those things that an ideal place must have. This place has long stretched deserts, dense forests, jungles with exotic wild life, heart taking volcanoes, green valleys etc. In addition to all these things, there are also hundreds of crystal clear lakes and rivers. So we can that this place is an ideal place to live after retirement.


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