13 Top Luxury Things to Do in Dubai

No doubt everyone has this one dream where they want to live the ultimate luxurious life and try every expensive thing out once in a lifetime.

If you are also one of such people, who wishes to experience the expensive life and try out some of the luxurious things in Dubai. Since Dubai has the most amazing yet luxurious attractions in the world, therefore, putting your bet on it isn’t a bad deal at all.

Some of the most expensive things to do in Dubai are as follows:

1. Private Dinner at Burj Al Arab

Private Dinner at Burj Al Arab

What could be more royal than having your stomach filled at one of the most incredible seven-star hotels in the world? Being the pioneer of luxury and class, Burj Al Arab consists of a vast array of savory delight, finger-licking food; outclass restaurants and amazing resorts that can easily give you the feel of being different yet royal at the same time.

Starting from the exotic Arab flavors to unique European delights, Burj Al Arab can surely offer a lot to its luxury-seeking visitors.

2. Royal Ride at the Dessert Safari

Royal Ride at the Dessert Safari

Visiting Ocean safari might sound like a normal thing to do for the visitors.

However, only a few are aware of the fact that Dessert Safari offers unique features to the people who are planning to empty their hefty bank accounts in a day.

On your day visit to Ocean Safari, you can easily rest in the private camp, have the most luxurious dessert ride, enjoy delicious food, and experience the uniqueness of the culture.

3. Visiting the Palm Island

Palm Island

Photo: EL_KAB0NG

Visiting Atlantis resort in Palm Island is one of the most expensive things to do in Dubai.

Atlantis is one of the known milestones attraction in the city which is only visited by the top-class people in the world.

Some of the major adventure-seeking activities which I could perform while visiting Palm Island are skydiving, exploring the beauty of underwater hotels, getting indulged into a world-class scorer.

4. Lavish Cruising

Lavish Cruising

Hiring a luxurious private yacht and sailing through the city is one of the most luxurious and expensive things which cannot be enjoyed by all.

Just imagine sailing through the sparkling silver gulf water, while having the dim moonlight falling onto your face allowing you to have a perfect relaxing feel.

5. Riding on the Private Helicopter

Riding on the Private Helicopter

If your bank account allows you to hire a private helicopter then, there is nothing more expensive and luxurious than this activity.

Since Dubai has got one of the most fabulous views in the world which can be rightly explored in a panoramic format therefore, spending your money on this trip wouldn’t be a bad deal at all.

The glimpse of the Arabian Sea backed by the view of the world’s tallest building can be a source of complete joy for people.

6. Emptying your Wallet in Dubai Mall

Emptying your Wallet in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall can easily be called as the shopping paradise for the people who are shopping freak and would love to spend their time and money on some of the world-class accessories.

Dubai is commonly called the hub of shopping where you can easily get it all.

Dubai Mall consists of more than 1300 retail shops and around 200 eating outlets which allows you to max out your day at the mall.

If you are a perfect shopping pro then, visit Dubai Mall twice because you wouldn’t be able to explore all just in a day trip.

7. Riding the Luxury Dream Car

Riding the Luxury Dream Car

For some people, especially male’s luxury is all about that speed. Dubai and dream supercars are two things that surely go hand in hand.

Starting from the top-class luxury cars to some of the vintage vehicles, Dubai has surely got it all.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, just to enjoy some of the most expensive things then, riding the luxury car should be added into your bucket list without any questions.

8. Participate in the World Richest Race

Participate in the World Richest Race

Dubai World Cup is one of the most expensive sports in the world which could only be experienced by the elitist of the all.

Dubai World cup is the horse race that takes place during the specific time, so if you are lucky enough to visit this place while the race is taking place then, you can surely experience the world-class luxury and make some incredible memories.

9. Luxury Dine in at Hotel Armani

The tallest building in the world, known as Burj Al Arab is home to several luxury hotels that are not easily accessible or affordable by the common public.

According to the data, Hotel Armani is a world-class hotel consisting of six different restaurants featuring outclasses food, and comforting services that cannot be compared to anything else.

If you want to know how the luxury looks and feel like then, Hotel Armani is just the right deal for you.

10. Private Hot Air Balloon

Private Hot Air Balloon

Treating yourself with one of the most expensive yet incredible private hot air balloons is something that cannot be missed.

Hot Air Balloon is one of the most expensive yet exotic experiences which could be enjoyed by the people.

Most of the Hot Air Balloon Rides start during the dawn time, allowing the riders to enjoy sunrise backed by the dunes and fresh morning winds.

11. Ordering Bespoke Shoes

Ordering Bespoke Shoes

If you are a luxury, usability, and brand seeker then, nothing could be better than spending multiple dollars on the bespoke shoes.

According to the research, Bespoke is one of the highest-quality shoe brands in the world which differentiates itself based on the class and luxury it offers to its buyers.

The tip is to visit the shop until you drop. The best time to visit bespoke is from 10 AM till 12 PM because of the fewer rush hours.

12. Tour The City

Tour The City

Touring Dubai is one of the luxurious Cars is indeed one of the expensive things to do in Dubai.

The perfect rides backed by the luxury, comfort, and also insightful knowledge about the city can perfectly add up to your trip.

This expensive activity can be an ideal bet for the people who are always seeking the right investment for their money.

13. Golfing at the World’s Expensive Golf Club

Golfing at the World’s Expensive Golf Club

Dubai surely consists of one of the best golf clubs in the world which is designed for quality seekers.

Before get registered at the most expensive place, you can easily book the slot of your own choice and enjoy the perfect playing experience with the world-class golfers.

To satisfy your extravagance being, nothing could be better than slipping your money in the stated activities.

However, there is more to it which you can only explore once you have started your ultimate visit.

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