13 Top Things to Do in Mauritius

From testing your driving skills at Safari to visiting some splendid beaches, Mauritius is indeed a diversified nation along the coast of Africa, which is known for its incredible beauty.

While visiting Mauritius tourists can get the chances of exploring some eye-catching islands filled with appealing blue water, awes-tucking white sand beaches, some of the cultural heritage sites preserved by UNESCO, and a lot more.

It’s true that in Mauritius tourists would never be bored because they will have the chance of exploring different things at one time and appreciate nature on its beauty. Below is the small list of 13 top things to do in Mauritius and how you can get the most out of the trip in the given time.

1. Paying a Visit to Port Louis

Port Louis

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Port Louis is basically the capital and the largest city in Mauritius which surely needs attention. By visiting the place, you can explore some of the biggest bazaars and the central parks. For visiting this place, you at least need more than 2 days because it is loaded with some exciting places, amusement parks, and other worth-exploring areas.

2. Fishing for Fun & to Eat

Fishing for Fun & to Eat

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Mauritius is one of the places where you can get the chance of doing deep-sea fishing. Since deep-sea fishing isn’t a piece of cake for everyone therefore, it should only be preferred if the tourist has the proper equipment as well as the knowledge about the procedure of deep-sea fishing. The fishes caught through deep-sea fishing are the freshest yet yummiest ones as compared to other types of fishing.

For non-fisher, low fishing is still an option that can easily be performed on the outskirts of the islands which are a little deeper.

3. Exploring Waterfronts

Exploring Waterfronts

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The waterfronts are basically the areas that consist of some land pieces as well as the water flows which adds up to the overall beauty of the place. Mauritius is indeed loaded with amazing locations that can easily be viewed from any nearby islands.

This place is the must-visit for the individuals who are fans of beauty and wants to see how beautifully it can be reserved.

4. Visiting Ramgoolam Botanic Garden

Visiting Ramgoolam Botanic Garden

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The gardens in Ramgoolam Botanic Garden can easily be compared with the Kew Gardens in London based on their beauty, reservation, and overall outlooks. The garden consists of giant glasshouses, eye-catching tropical plants, and incredible beauty. The tourists who are passing by the Mauritius gardens should consider visiting this place without giving it a second thought.

5. Visiting 1,300 Hectare Nature Reserves

Visiting 1,300 Hectare Nature Reserves

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The natural reserves of Mauritius are commendable because they are huge and full of life. The reserves consist of 1,300 hectares of land which can be explored by the quad bike. By visiting the fields, tourists can easily explore the sugarcane fields, waterfalls which are followed by the rocks, the unique bird species which cannot be found in the local areas and the steer views which can leave you awe-stuck.

6. Explore Ontological Gardens

Explore Ontological Gardens

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The gardens of Mauritius are full of some amazing sceneries which can be an amazing sightseeing location for the tourists. The gardens on the island are not only known for their incomparable beauty but they are also famous for their amazing history which allows people to understand the importance of the garden and how they can impact the eco-system of the world.

7. Trying out Scuba Diving

Trying out Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving isn’t a piece of cake for everyone because it requires a lot of courage and sometimes places too. It’s true that scuba diving isn’t for the people who know how to swim. However, with little training, everyone can dive deep into the water and explore the underwater world without any difficulty.

Blue Bay is the ideal place where tourists can easily dive deep and get the experience of their life.

8. Visiting Casela Nature Park Zip Line

Visiting Casela Nature Park Zip Line

Photo by Prayitno

For adventure-oriented people, nothing could be better than visiting Casela Nature park which actually allows the tourist to have a perfect zip line tour. This place is a combination of safari and water-land.

The experience of zipping over the green land with a lot of views can stay with the tourists for the year long.

9. Exploring Authentic Local Eateries

Exploring Authentic Local Eateries

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The local eateries of Mauritius are an ideal spot for the foodies. The eateries are not only known for their quality food and great quantity but also for the low prices which can allow the visitors to explore a lot of food of their own choice.

10. Visiting Local Market near Village

Visiting Local Market near Village

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For minimalist people, nothing could be better than visiting the local markets situated near the villages of the island. By visiting the markets, visitors can easily explore some of the fruits, vegetables, and seasonal items fresh grown on nearby farms.

11. Exploring Mountain Ranges with Waterfalls

Exploring Mountain Ranges with Waterfalls

Photo by dgoomany

Some people are water lovers while others love to explore mountain ranges. However, if you can’t decide the type of person you are then, visiting the mountain ranges could be an ideal solution. The Le Morne Brabant Mountain in Mauritius is the beautiful tourist location that is situated at the edge of the island and gives a clear picture of hidden mountain caves in-between the water. The site is reserved by UNESCO and tells a lot of the runaway slaves who used to hide under the caves for their safety.

12. Exploring History of Sugarcane

Exploring History of Sugarcane

Photo by SCOTT

L’aventure Sucre is the unique sugarcane museum in Mauritius which tells the story of how sugarcane became the main crop for the Island after it got an introduction from Dutch during the 17th century.

A short tour to this place can effectively help in understanding the past history of sugarcane, how it is processed, consumed and then, reused for the multiple items. This museum is a few minutes’ walks away from the gardens of Mauritius

13. Visiting Buble Lodge

Visiting Buble Lodge

Buble Lodges are the most expensive yet most alluring hotel domes in Mauritius. The special domes are transparent in nature and are surrounded by the incredibly lush green beauty. The night under the semi-transparent banks could be a dream of hundreds of people. While visiting this hotel, the tourists will also get the chance of exploring the organic tea factory, tea museum and the largest tea plantation in the world.

Mauritius is one of the ideal vacation locations because of its incredible beauty which cannot be easily compared with another island. Mauritius consists of the mixture of beautiful islands, history and cultural sites which can help the visitors in understanding the geographical importance of the island and how it is contributing to the world’s economy in all the forms.

Mauritius was the ideal experience for us. If you think that we have missed on any of the top things which should be done in Mauritius then, feel free to write to us by leaving your comments below.

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