15 Best Hiking Destinations in the World

Nothing could be better than exploring the wonders of nature by making your way to some of the beautiful horizons, mountain ranges, and peaks that would continuously force you to appreciate nature.

Some of the best hiking destinations in the world are as follows.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon in Arizona can easily be called an ultimate paradise for the hiker because of the beauty it tends to offer in terms of the view and trekking services.

The Canyon enables the hikers to explore the beauty of the area by taking a brisk walk to the Rim Trail which leads to the Hermits village. The village is a perfect area to rest and to enjoy some delicious regional food.

2. Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail, Peru

Being a hiker, if you are up for the four days long hike where you could easily experience different weathers in a day then, nothing could be better than visiting Inca Trail in Peru.

The area of Peru is commonly referred to as the Lost City because of the remains left by past generations. After all the exploration, the Trail has become one of the favorite hiking destinations which one should travel to.

3. Tour De Mont Blanc, Italy

Tour De Mont Blanc, Italy

Tour de Mont Blanc in Italy is one of the best-hiking destinations for adventure seekers.

The overall hiking time of this destination is around 10 days where hikers can easily cover 112 miles, which is highest in Western Europe. The beauty of this peak lies in the coverage of the area.

While hiking through Mont, the hikers will be passing through three different countries Italy, France, and Switzerland. On the way to the last peak, the hikers would be observing some of the beautiful lakes, highest mountain peaks, stunning Alps, and some underdeveloped yet full of greenery towns.

4. Appalachian Trail, Eastern United States

Appalachian Trail, Eastern United States

It won’t be wrong to call Appalachian Trail as one of the biggest trekking zones in the world with more than 2000 miles.

The trekking at this zone could easily take up to more than 7 months starting from the main destination to coming back to the zone point.

This hiking zone can be the best bet for people who are looking forward to taking a long break from the daily routine and explore the beauty of nature by wandering around some of the best mountain peaks, forests, and adventure zones.

Due to the overall coverage, this trekking zone is only recommended to the experienced hikers with proper hiking gear and accessories.

5. Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland

Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland

Iceland is indeed one of the smallest countries in the world with some beautiful lakes, high mountain peaks, and adventure zones.

Surprisingly, the country also consists of an amazingly maintained trekking unit which can be a complete pleasure for the hikers. The hikers can easily start their 5-day journey of 50 miles from the hot spring, explore some glaciers, geysers, rivers, mountains, and natural highlands.

To explore the beauty of the land, keep your adventure hiking gears ready, and be ready to have the best experience of all the time.

6. Kalalau Trail

Kalalau Trail

Kalalau Trail is not only famous for its diversified hiking opportunities but it is surely one of the most beautiful places on the earth where the hikers can experience the 300-foot-high waterfall, view the pacific and how miraculously crashes under the sun at dawn time, have a rest time at the sand beaches and appreciate the nature.

Since hiking over 2 miles in the area requires proper hiking license therefore, the government only allows the people who own proper hiking gear, have the experience and contains either learning or proper hiking license.

7. Kenai River Trail

Kenai River Trail

Kenai River Trail is a perfect hiking point in Alaska which is loaded with some beautiful lake views.

The zone is the incredible point for the people who would love to explore the beauty of the turquoise lake, complimented with calming weather and some of the birds which are only found in the state.

8. South Maroon Peak, Colorado

South Maroon Peak, Colorado


South Maroon Peak in Colorado is one of the best hiking destinations in the world because of the pretty bell mountain peaks that can leave a person in complete awe.

It won’t be wrong to state that the surrounding valley’s of Maroon Peak offers some of the astonishing views which can add up to the overall hiking trip.

Since this hiking zone is a little rocky and consists of the sedimentary mudstone therefore, it is always recommended to the hikers to bring their proper hiking gears with them including helmets.

9. Lares Trek, Peru

Lares Trek, Peru

Lares Trek in Peru is the sister to the Inca Trail. Although this trek is a little smaller in height as compared to the sister but can surely offer a delightful hiking experience to the people visiting.

The hikers can easily experience some cold breeze backed by the view of the Urubamba mountain peak where the farmer is always found working and picking crops.

10. Paine Circuit Trek

Paine Circuit Trek

Paine Circuit Trek offers the 80 miles trekking loop to the hikers with the perfect view of the newly created National Park near the range.

The true beauty of this trek lies in the three stops which could be discovered by the hikers on their way to the final hiking destinations.

The stops allow the people to have a glimpse of some beautiful lakes perfectly complimenting the glorious mountain ranges.

11. Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro in South Africa is not only one of the best hiking destinations in the world. However, it is one of the tallest free-standing peaks which consist of several points where hikers could explore nature.

Hiking at Kilimanjaro could be an ideal adventure sport for the people who are the professional climbers and are always looking for the perfect spots to challenge their skills.

12. Trek to Petra, Jordan

Trek to Petra, Jordan

If you are not a beach or valley person and looking for the hiking zone that is full of ancient memories then, nothing could be better than giving a try to Trek to Petra in Jordan.

Hiking trip to Petra is complete 5 days 40 miles journey in which the hikers can cross some of the ancient ruins, view sandstone buttes and valleys. Additionally, the hiking zone is only a few kilometers away from the known Jerusalem tourist destination.

13. Mount Washington

Mount Washington

Mount Washington might be one of the smallest trekking zones but it is surely the most dangerous one with only a few average annual hikers.

This mount is commonly called the cold mountain range with some unruly rising temperatures, dangerously piling up winds and rocky spots which could only be handled by the experienced hikers.

14. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Reaching the base camp of Everest in Nepal is merely the dream of some of the hikers. It won’t be wrong to call Everest Base camp as one of the best hiking destinations in the world with a panoramic view which is surely incomparable.

Nepal base camp is the toughest hiking zone that could be covered by the hiker because of the continuous changes in the weather which affect the elevation levels, gains in the mountain ranges which leave an impact on the speed, and undetermined hurdles.

15. Pacific Crest Trail, Western United States

Pacific Crest Trail, Western United States

Due to its longevity, Pacific Crest Trail can easily consume up to 6 months for completion.

According to the hikers, this zone is a perfect adventure bet for the experienced hikers because it consists of some tough zones and stretches which cannot be covered by the average hikers without having access to the right hiking equipment’s. 

The stated best hiking destinations can be a perfect treat for the avid hikers because they have got a lot more to offer in terms of panoramic views, weather, and some delicious food.

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