The Equipment You Need to Wear for Mountain Climbing & Trekking

Mountain trekking is considered as a wonderful experience for those who love mountain trekking. In some cases this journey may become dangerous due to certain reasons including lack of training, lack of knowledge and lack of some important equipment which are required for this trip or journey. In addition to all these things, the mountain trekking also needs sufficient stamina in order to reach at a specified height. In some cases, there are real examples in which many people died due to deficiency of oxygen and lack of stamina as in those cases their bodies did not support them. For many peoples, the mountain trekking is a grand dream that they want to realize at any cost.

There are different highest mountains in the world and every year different tourists try to reach there after passing different stages, both easy and tough. During mountain trekking, the tourists can find different parts of trekking in which certain parts can be technically easier to climbs than the others. In order to pass the difficult phases of the mountain trekking, they need sufficient training and essential equipment in order to reach at their destination.

There are different types of equipment that are available in the market for mountain trekking. These equipment can be classified in to different categories according to the needs and demands of the customers. There are equipment in the markets that have been designed for high altitudes mountains. There are also different types of equipment that have been designed and developed for medium range mountain trekking. There are also different types of companies in the world that are manufacturing different equipment for those who love to have small and simple Mountain trekking. Moreover, there is some equipment that is equally important and required for all types of altitudes. We have selected this article in order to discuss some important equipment that is required for mountain trekking.

Items You Must Need for Mountain Trekking

Following are some important items that are required for mountain trekking.


This is considered as an important item which is required for mountain trekking. Basically, the mountain trekking is not a simple trip and due to this reason it requires proper attention and experience while selecting the best footwear for mountain trekking. During mountain trekking, your feet are going to take a real beating since your stay can be lengthy. In mountain trekking of high altitudes, the duration of stay can extend up to eight to ten weeks. Thus, special attention and care is required while selecting footwear for mountain trekking. In some cases, there may be some serious concerns like frostbite. So, in order to avoid this problem, try to select and buy that footwear that is larger in size than the normal shoes or boots. They will provide more room to stretch and expand for your feet. -


As mountain trekking is a lengthy and tough journey, therefore pay more attention while selecting the footwear manufacturing company. There are different companies in the world that are manufacturing footwear for mountain trekking but the quality of all the companies cannot be guaranteed. There are different types of research studies that have been published by most of the famous climbers and in those research studies the climbers suggest to buy footwear made by a company which is called One Sport or Mullet. Socks are considered as an important component of footwear. So, the shopping of socks also requires proper attention and care as the socks will keep your feet warm during the whole trip. If your trip of mountain trekking is of long duration then several pairs will be needed for the complete journey. Moreover, the socks should be of different kinds including wool socks, wear over liner socks and cotton socks. These things will be more helpful for your feet.


Another important item which is required during mountain trekking is hand wear. The selection of handwear also requires proper care and attention. This is due to the fact that the body’s extremities are always at risk in the cold and severe weather. Another important thing about the selection of hand wear is that the hands are more frequently used part of the body during mountain trekking after feet. So there is need to have special gloves or mitts that can provide warm to your hands and more importantly they should be more functional. Like, the selection of socks, you will need to have different kinds of handwear for various locations of mountains. If you are going to ice-ridden area, then try to use those gloves that are water resistant. Moreover, down mittens also do well in the higher up areas. Try to buy and include both lightweight and heavyweight gloves for various locations, temperatures and operations. Always try to avoid those handwear that have been made of polypropylene material. Always include a spare pair of gloves in your kit.



This is also considered as an important item which is required for mountain trekking. A specialized headwear is required for mountain trekking because heat escapes through the top of the head. Therefore there is need to have a hat to store natural heat of the body. A proper headwear is also needed and required because in different parts of the mountain trekking, the sun can be burning and there you will have to protect the head from heat in order to prevent from sunburn. The climbers must place a scarf around the neck in order to protect the neck from sunburn and frostbite. In some cases, specialized headwear is required for climbers especially when they want to climb in dark and when windstorms blow up. For this purpose, they will need to have headlamp with extra bulb and batteries for smooth journey.



Another important thing which is considered must for mountain trekking is the selection of underwear. This is due to the fact the underwear are required in both warm and cold temperatures and weather. It is recommended to have lightweight tops and bottoms because it can be worn easily and comfortably in warmer weather and in cold temperatures as well. If someone uses underpants instead of underwear then he must bring several pairs of underpants with them during mountain trekking.



The selection of legwear is also considered important for mountain trekking. It is also included in the list of equipment that must be needed for mountain trekking. It is recommended by different types of research reports that always try to use and choose those pants that have zippers on both the sides. The zippers are recommended on the basis of different reasons including the main reason that you will need to get cooler and warmer temperature in different areas during mountain trekking and this thing will only be possible if the zippers are available with you. There are some mountain climbers who recommend using the down pants. There is need to give proper attention while selecting the leagwear for mountain trekking.

Upper Body Wear

The selection of upper body wear is also considered for mountain trekking. It is the thing which covers different sensitive parts of the body. It is said by climbers that when there is need to choose a jacket or coat, it is better to get or buy one with zipper up on the front. While selecting the jacket, there is need to check that the jacket is warm enough due the presence of cotton like stuff because this thing will help a lot in cold weather. There is also need that jacket must have proper hood so that you will be able to cover your head when you climb at height in cold temperature.

Climbing Equipment

There are also different other types of equipment that you must have during mountain trekking. They include the ropes, harness, crampons, ice axe with leash, webbing, cord, trekking poles. Repelling equipment is also needed during mountain trekking. There will also be the need of ascendents and slings.

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