20 Must Things to Do and See in Denmark

Denmark is indeed one of the most colorful and full of excitement countries in the world which are known for its incredible beauty throughout.

If you are visiting the Northern region anytime soon then, there are some must things to do and see in the country which shouldn’t be missed at all!

1. Discovering the National Park

Denmark National park is the first official National Parks in the state which extends up to massive 12 kilometers offering a perfect sight to the visitors backed by the western coastline.

A full day at National Park is all about indulging into some popular activities, dunes, exploring the flora, and witnessing different species.

2. Climbing the Mile

Climbing the Mile

Rabjerg Mile is the part of moving dunes in Denmark which is very famous amongst the tourists for its exceptional beauty.

The perfect site of dunes slightly covered in ice caps and some stunning landmarks can leave a person in complete awe.

3. Skiing in the Down Town

Skiing in the Down Town

Skiing in the Down Town is the most amazing way of exploring the colorful vibes of the city which is further backed by beautiful streets that give a perfect view of green-initiative taken by Denmark.

The adventure of skiing can be taken over by exploring the man-made slope in the city.

4. Visiting the State Zoo

Visiting the State Zoo

If you are interested in learning and witnessing some of the extinct animal species in the world then, having a visit to state zoo should be in your to-do list.

Denmark state zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world with more than 250 different species and 3,000 animals.

5. Exploring the Northern Most Spot

Exploring the Northern Most Spot

Grenen is the Northern-most spot in Denmark offering an exotic view to those who are the real appreciator of the beauty.

While standing at the spot, one can easily detect the meeting and the crashing points between Skagerrak and Kattegat seas. The view is surely worth all the efforts.

6. Climbing to the Tree Top

Climbing to the Tree Top

Camp Adventure is the perfect climbing spot for the people who would love to try out their climbing skills amid the full forest.

The camp adventure is the new activity introduced by Denmark for the adventure-seekers who are interested in getting a perfect glimpse of the forest.

7. Exploring the LEGO building

Exploring the LEGO building

Although the city isn’t made up of LEGO it surely gives LEGO feels which cannot be neglected by the families visiting the state.

Starting from multi-colored playing zones, nine terraces for the playgroup, to LEGO-themed restaurants and a whole museum explaining the history of LEGO, this place is a must-visit.

8. Artificial Rainbows in the City

Artificial Rainbows in the City

Having a look at 360 degrees view of the city in Aarhus should be one of the most important things in your bucket list.

The view can be taken from the rainbow reflected glass that beautifully enhances the beauty of the city.

9. Hiking to the Buried Lighthouse

Hiking to the Buried Lighthouse

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is one of the most famous destinations in Denmark which is scary and amazing at the same time.

It is called buried Lighthouse because the dunes are slowly covering it up. After all, it’s not operational now.

The best time to hiking to this destination is during the winter times so that you can enjoy the weather and the sight, side by side.

10. Exploring the Burial Grounds

Exploring the Burial Grounds

Some of the most incredible Viking artifacts in Europe can be found just by hiking some of the Burial Grounds in Denmark.

If you are looking for a place that is backed by information and aesthetics at the same time then, exploring these burial grounds could be amazing.

More than 680 graves from Viking Age and Iron Age could be found with more than 150 ships made using the heavy stone.

11. Indulge in Bridge walking

Indulge in Bridge walking

In Europe, Denmark is the second most amazing place after Sydney where you can easily get indulged into the activity of Bridge walking and can have a perfect experience while exploring the stunning views and amazing skyline.

12. Participate in the Largest Cultural Event

Participate in the Largest Cultural Event

Denmark is surely known for hosting some of the biggest cultural events in the world with more than 100,000 people.

The festival in Roskilde is full of music, fun, and activities that could allow people to have maximum fun. If you are planning to attend the festival then, try booking your tickets during the mid of July.

13. Sand Mountain Climbing

Sand Mountain Climbing

It’s not as difficult as it might sound to the people.

The North Jutland in Denmark is one of the places known for beautiful streets and some biggest dunes which can be turned into a perfect adventure zone for the people.

14. Exploring the Maritime Museum

Exploring the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum in Denmark is one of the underground museums in the city which consists of an incredible history of Denmark.

According to the researchers, the museum offers a unique setting to those who would love to understand the culture and its importance.

15. Oresund Bridge Drive

Oresund Bridge Drive

The stretch of 5 Miles of Oresund Bridge is something that motivates the people to have a long drive across water.

Oresund Bridge connects Denmark with the neighboring country Sweden and allows the riders to have an exotic view of the ocean.

The drive with your loved ones is something that should be in your to-do list while you are visiting the country.

16. Meeting Santa Clauses

Meeting Santa Clauses

Do you like getting gifts from Santa Clauses and would like to see them in real? Every July, the country hosts the grand event at Bakken, which is the oldest theme park in the region and allows the tourists to meet the real Santa Clauses.

The fun of this theme park is surely incomparable.

17. Exploring Forgotten Giants

Exploring Forgotten Giants

Exploring the six forgotten Giants in Denmark is all about ditching the beautiful streets of the city for a while and getting indulged into the forest life.

The six forgotten giants were created by the Artists which are perfectly laid on the outskirts of the Copenhagen forest. The Lush greenery, backed by the small lakes can surely add to your trip.

18. Relaxing by the Lake

Relaxing by the Lake

Copenhagen Island’s in Denmark is called nature’s blessing which can allow the tourists to have a perfect time alone or with their loved ones.

The nicely maintained lakes backed by the electric boats enabling people to relax, just rightly.

19. Dance of Starling

Dance of Starling

What could be better than watching more than one million starlings dancing by the sky and showcasing some stunning move which can surely leave the person in complete awe? This dance party in South Jutland is something which you surely wouldn’t like to miss on.

20. Look out for Fossils

Look out for Fossils

One of the perfect sights to look out in Denmark is Mons Klint.

The landmark is not only known for its dramatic landmarks, but also some incredible scenery, cliff sides, and beach walks which are further backed by the prehistoric fossils which can be explored through fossil hunt.

No doubt Denmark can offer a lot to the people who are real adventure seekers and would love to explore the beauty of nature at the same time.

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