15 Most Colorful Cities in the World

The significance of colors is known for decades, the spectrum of vibrant colors has ‘their own way of expressing to the naked eye. The same goes for architectural buildings and cities that are painted with the beauty of colors so that they could attract people from around the globe.

The most colorful cities in the world are dominated by their incredible color coordinates streets, uniquely designed buildings and multi-color roads which helps them in standing out from the boring cities.

If you are interested in learning about some of the most colorful cities in the world then, dig into this article right away.

1. Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

It’s a small town located in the Venetian lagoon in Northern Italy. It has an abundance of colorful houses that is why it is a quite famous place all around the world.

Interestingly all the houses in this colorful city are situated beside the canal that increases its beauty and water of the canal has a reflection of sky that turns out the color of canal greenish which attracts the tourists.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

It is the most colorful place in the harbor district of Nyhavn. There are beautifully colored houses with the canal which has wooden ships that obviously increase the beauty of the place. It has the oldest house which was built in 1961.

Apart from the painted houses, the streets and pathways of Denmark are colored with eye-catching shades which could easily leave the tourist awe-stuck.

3. Menton, France

Menton, France

There is no denying the fact that Menton is a unique tourist location with some pretty and colorful places to visit.

It has a light color building not so vibrant and garden beside them which contribute to increasing the beauty of the city for local people as well as for the tourist.

4. Guatape, Colombia

Guatape, Colombia

It is located in Colombia’s Antioquia department. It has bright colored tiled buildings that somehow represent a unique value proposition which also perfectly depicts the culture of that area.

Every building in the city consists of multiple signs, shapes or animal designs that help in understanding the value of the place. The place is a great attraction to the visitors because they can easily get the bird eye-view of the place from the hilltop.

5. Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and the city has colorful buildings as well as colorful cars. It is also known as the rich-Havana.

6. Varenna, Italy

Varenna, Italy

It is not so famous place it is actually a small town situated beside Lake Como which is located in the province of Leco. The city has bright yellow and vibrant red color buildings/ houses which becomes the center of attraction for the tourists.

Since the city is based on some canals therefore, tourists can easily use ferries for commute purposes.

7. Colmar, France

Colmar, France

Colmar is situated in the Alsace region. Colmar is known for its colorful houses, ancient architecture and historic museums. There is an old house that is painted differently in red, pink, yellow, green color and all houses are adjacent to each other so one cannot just skip the colorfulness from sight-seeing.

The houses are painted again on Christmas or Easter and other holidays so colors got refreshed and looked even more attractive.

8. Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato, Mexico

It is situated in central Mexico. The city is famous because of the houses which are painted using three major colors red, saffron and green-lime. If you are planning to visit a tourist-friendly country and would like to see a breathtaking view, you should decide to take the aerial view of the city.

9. St.John’s Canada

This is the coldest place in Canada. The city consists of the multicolored houses which are also sometimes called the jellybean row houses.  The interesting part about the city is that each house is painted so vibrantly that it becomes difficult for the tourists to take their eyes off from them.

10. Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India

It is the Rajasthan and also known as Rajhistan’s second-largest city and people call this city “the blue city”. It is called a blue city because it differentiates the city of Brahmins from other castes and classes of people in India.

All the houses in the city are painted with a sky blue color.

11. Zalipie, Poland

Zalipie, Poland

It is known as the painted village and is located in Poland’s Gmina Oiesno.

The houses here painted colorful but with the floral designs on it and it doesn’t include black color much. The houses are made up of different materials as compared to normal buildings. Zalipie’s one of the painted houses is now a museum that represents their local culture.

12. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

This small city is located Rif Mountains which are northwestern sides of morocco.

Most of the cities are in blue color which represents the sky color which gives the different shade at different times of the day with sunlight and at night the colors have its own beauty.

13. Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

This city is located in the Northern region of Spain’s island of Tenerife. The city has a major history and is a significant value for tourism now and even in the early 1950s.

The buildings are painted in vibrant colors and bright colors red yellow shocking pink along with the doors of the houses that has small illustrations on them which have families sir names who lived there or living their names are carved beautifully.

14. Gamcheon Village, South Korea

This village is situated in Busan city which is coastal Busan in South Korea. It was once depicted as the cultural village and marked as the safe haven for refugees of the Korean War. It has colorful streets and buildings which has the city’s own theme known as “dreaming of Busan Machu Pichu”.

The artists who painted the city with this theme has their own unique thoughts and ideas to paint the walls of buildings differently and in the more unique idea that attracted the tourist.

15. Tobermory, Scotland

Tobermory, Scotland

This is situated on the west coast of Scotland with pastel-colored houses. The city has only 900 people who reside there. The colorful pastel-colored houses are with the seafront that attracts more people and it’s different because every city has used the bright or vibrant color themes but this place used the pastel colors to look the city and place unique in its own way.

There is certainly no denying the fact that this world is full of beautiful colors that can leave you in awe-stuck. We are totally impressed with the colors and beauty of this world.

Which colorful city is your favorite one? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.

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