15 Most Underrated Stunning Travel Destinations Around the World

The world is indeed full of some of the beautiful destinations where you could easily explore the beauty of the world and meet some incredibly wonderful people who are capable of adding to your trip in the most amazing manner.

Some of the most underrated stunning travel destinations around the world which are still untouched are as follows:

1. Bolivia


Bolivia is a land-lock country in North America which is full of some amazing landscapes and red lakes which can be an ideal visit spot for the scenery lovers.

Bolivia is an underrated travel destination because it doesn’t consist of beautiful beaches or picture-perfect spots. However, it does consist of some amazing artifacts of nature which should be appreciated.

2. Philippines


The Philippines is a travel destination that consists of the whopping 7,000 islands which can leave anybody in a complete shock because of its beauty and miraculous powers which can attract anybody towards it.

3. Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split is the underrated place in Europe which is surely known for its Mediterranean vibes, metropolitan life, finest cuisines, history of Palaces, and a lot more.

The place offers multi-dimensional fun to the tourists because of its association with the history as well as its beaches which allows the tourists to relax while enjoying city life to the fullest.

4. Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Havana is one of the most expensive yet worthy travel destinations which have been neglected by tourists because of the security issues.

The city is full of some busiest streets, shopping festivals; some uniquely created historic landmarks and tasty food.

5. Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is an amazing sight to behold with some rich lakes, the magnificent backdrop provided by the temples, the perfect Alps which can be seen from even the farthest of the places and delicious cuisine.

Due to the lack of tourism, the city is called as the underrated place in Europe but it has surely got a lot to offer in terms of stunning music, charming history and self-defining culture which can be observed by the way people live their life and execute their day to day activities.

6. Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

The smallest, artistic, yet underrated place in Europe, which is known for its stunning royal past, cathedrals, and forts.

The city is the best place to visit for the people who would love to navigate in the streets and explore history while listening to some folk music.

7. Turkmenistan

Despite being as equal in size as Turkey, Turkmenistan is still the least visited and underrated travel destination in the world.

Turkmenistan is an older kind of city where tourists can explore the culture of nomads and how they transformed in all these years.

The beautiful landscapes followed by underground lakes are a few of the amazing attractions to be named.

8. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is no doubt the economic as well as the fun heart of China which has got a lot to offer to the tourists.

Starting from the highly traditional shopping hubs to the perfectly managed museums, ancient places, Taiwan could be a stunning travel destination for the people which should be visited by the history appreciators.

9. Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland, Canada

It would be a little surprise for the readers to see Canada in the list of underrated destinations.

The data shows that Canada is the least visited destinations because of fewer attractions.

However, the truth is that the city is loaded with some beautiful landscapes, cultural streets, historical destinations and best places to dine in.

10. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the friendliest countries in the world which has just started to grab the attention of tourists because of its eye-catching beaches, village life, smiling people who are always up to welcome the tourists and cultural streets which remind people of the history.

Sierra Leone is the part of the African continent and is surely one of the most underrated yet stunning travel destinations around the world.

11. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg, Russia

For ages, Russia has been known as the war zone and the most underrated destination in Europe.

The city is a perfect example of historical representation backed by some amazing architectural landmarks and fun-oriented vodka museums.

12. Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada might not consist of some of the attractive beaches or coastlines but this travel destination is famous for the fun, amusement, and charming atmosphere which can easily leave anybody in complete awe.

Since it is one of the poorest countries in Central American state, therefore, tourists can easily enjoy some amazing food and luxury hotels even at the lowest prices.

13. Bhutan


Bhutan is not only underrated stunning travel destinations. However, it is one of the places which are not easily accessible by all.

The trip to the country could cost more than double as compared to the traditional tourist destinations because of the hefty taxes imposed by the government but once you are in the city there’s nothing which could stop the one from appreciating the stunning mountainous ranges, unique lifestyle of the people, some historic fortress and some amazing food.

14. Mozambique


Mozambique is another name for the luxury resort which can help the tourists in identifying some of the amazing beaches with the diversified coastline. Based on its population, Mozambique is the 35th largest country in the world and is part of East Africa.

Due to its association with the African region, most of the tourists are hesitant to visit the place which makes it the most underrated travel destination.

15. Albania


If you are looking for the one perfect travel destinations which are cheaper and could offer glorious scenery, extremely amazing food, street life in the best manner then, Albania is an ideal spot.

The city has got a lot to offer in terms of mountains, beaches, and historical zones.

Mentioned are only a few underrated stunning travel destinations in Europe, Africa, and South Asia which should be explored by the tourists soon because they are worthy of all the efforts.

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