10 Surprising Facts about Alligators in Florida

Alligators are famous all around the globe either for their aggression towards human beings or being the apex predators. Alligators in Florida have managed to make it to the headlines of every week because of their presence in the major areas of Florida and how they are always trying to pop into different areas in order to bring a difference in human life.

It won’t be wrong to state that Alligators are one of the interesting beings whose existence should be appreciated by all. Some of the surprising facts about the Alligators in Florida are as stated below.

1. Alligators are Extremely Toothy

It’s hard to find any being as toothy as Alligators because they have the continuous growth of teeth. A normally grown alligator tends to have teeth between75 to 80 and if during the lifetime, the teeth wear out, they will be naturally replaced over time.

A normal alligator tends to have more than 2000 teeth during their entire lifetime. According to the researchers, the number is not only massive, but it is also scary because these alligators would have similar powers as of the new adult even in the last stages of their lives.

2. They are Living Fossils

One thing is pretty clear through the research that alligators and crocodiles are not living fossils. However, the study doesn’t stop the people of the area from referring to them as living fossils because of the entire outlook.

The inhabitants of Florida calls them living fossils because they are the ones who managed to walk through history and carry the resemblance of different extinctions in them. For instance, some people refer to them as fossils for the dinosaurs, while others call them the remaining part of extinctions.

Nevertheless, all the alligators consist of the monstrous look which makes people think about their existence at the aggregate level.

3. Alligators have continuous Growth

Alligators have continuous Growth

Photo by Chad Sparkles

Just like their teeth, alligator organs tend to have continuous growth which makes them more powerful over the period of time. It’s quite interesting to see that they not only grow in terms of their organs, they also tend to have a continuous growth of height.

The average male alligator tend to be 8 to 10 feet long, very old alligators could also grow up to 15 feet long over the period of their life whereas, the female alligators are usually smaller in size as compared to the males.

Alligators also tend to have massive weights. An average male alligator could weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The larger alligators have the tendency of growing out and being totally different from others.

4. They are capable of using Tools

They are capable of using Tools

Photo by country67

Since alligators grow in terms of their teeth, body and shape over the period of time, therefore, they also develop the capability of using different tools that could effectively help them in attracting their food towards them.

Most of the time, an alligator would use tree branches, sticks and would balance them on its head until they are capable of gaining the attention of the bird. Once the bird is in the cage, they would use their tail for grabbing it and make it their prey for the day.

These alligators usually use nesting material so that they could attract the birds and other

5. They are Ecosystem Engineers

Alligators are the biggest contributor to the ecosystem especially in the wetland and because of the same reason; they are called Ecosystem Engineers. Most of the alligators create holes in the land which are commonly referred to as alligator holes.

Since these holes are big, therefore, they are capable of retaining water during the dry season which in return serves as the water and food sources for other animals living in the same area. According to the research, if alligators would stop creating holes then, it would become difficult for the other animals to survive in the same area.

6. Apex Predators having the capacity of Eating Fruits

Apex Predators having the capacity of Eating Fruits

Photo by Deus

Alligators around Florida are known for their apex predating powers. However, they are the opportunist who also seeks for the seasonal fruits during their visit to any place. The appetite of an alligator is usually determined by their overall size and weight.

Previously, it was known that alligators only consume reptiles, birds and mammals but recently it has been found out that they can also eat wild fruits such as fresh citrus fruit, berries, and grapes.

7. Alligators are Family-oriented

Alligators are Family-oriented

Photo by tvdflickr

It won’t be wrong to state that alligators take their families very seriously and this statement is truer in the case of female alligators because they are very devoted towards their children. The alligator usually carries the egg for the period of 65 days and keep them warm for the longest period.

When eggs reach maturity, the female alligator tends to create a high-pitch noise and then, she starts digging the holes where she could lay the eggs. According to the research, most of the female alligators take care of their children for a year and then, they allow them to roam around so that they could look out for their food.

8. The gender of Alligators is determined by the Temperature

The gender of Alligators is determined by the Temperature

Photo by Extra Zebra

The gender of the alligator inside the egg is dependent upon the weather condition they are getting hatched. According to the research, the eggs hatched above the temperature of 34 degrees centigrade are usually the males and eggs which are hatched under the temperature of 30-degree centigrade are usually the females.

The moderate weather tends to have a moderate and undetermined reaction on the gender of alligators.

9. Alligators are Vocal Reptiles

Alligators are Vocal Reptiles

Photo by wwarby

Just like other animals, alligators also have speaking powers that could only be understood by the alligators around them. However, there is something about the alligators that they tend to use different signals for declaring different situations.

For instance, in case of distress, they tend to use different calls, when they are threatened by competitors then, they have different vocal cords.

10. Alligators aren’t Naturally Aggressive towards Human

Alligators aren’t Naturally Aggressive towards Human

Photo by gvgoebel

According to the common media news, it can easily be considered that alligators are naturally aggressive towards the human. Although it is true that alligators can attach to the humans but they are usually friendly towards them if humans are generous enough to stay calm with them.

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