15 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Animals of the World

When the talk is of dangerous and deadly animals, you naturally think of big predators. The truth is that there are many small creatures which can kill people even more quickly because they produce toxins or spread viruses. Find out which the most dangerous and deadliest animals on the planet are and watch out the next time when you go out.

1. Deathstalker Scorpion


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You would probably think that this scorpion is black, but it actually has light brown and amber shades. This is because it lives in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East and has to blend easily with the stand. This creature is the deadliest of its kind causing around three quarters of all scorpion deaths each year.

2. Great White Shark


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As one of the biggest predators living in the ocean, this popular animal is among the most dangerous for humans too. In fact, it is responsible for more human deaths in the water than any other species. The Great White attacks without being provoked. With its massive body and huge mouth with big sharp teeth (3,000 to be precise), this creature is highly likely to bite off flesh.

3. Asian Cobra


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This species is responsible for the largest number of deaths caused by snakes around the globe every year. Even though it is not the most venomous, it is a master at attacking its victims. It can shoot its venom to a distance of up to 6 feet so you would not want to be in its way.


4. Mosquito


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Why is this commonly found animal on the list? When a female mosquito sucks blood, it penetrates the skin and can transfer all kinds of viruses directly into the human body. The list of transferrable disease includes malaria, West Nile fever and yellow fever. It is extended with one of the most talked-about viruses at present – Zika.

5. Elephant


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Even though elephants are generally considered to be gentle giants, they can become deadly when they are irritated or protective. They can turn quite aggressive and literally stomp people to death. They run quite fast and with their weight of around 16,000 pounds, they can be classified as true killing machines. The tusks are rarely used for attacks on humans, but they can also cause severe injuries.

6. Box Jellyfish


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They may appear peaceful and pretty, but the box jellyfish, which are found in the Indian and Pacific oceans, are among the most dangerous animals on Earth because of their venom. In addition to developing a high speed and actively hunting their prey, these jellyfish can kill a person in just two minutes causing the cardiovascular system to collapse completely. Each one holds enough toxin to cause the death of as many as sixty people.

7. Polar Bear


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This is the most carnivorous of all bears and is known to attack humans. Such incidents are most likely when a mother feels that her cubs are endangered. People living and camping in areas close to or within the habitat of polar bears must take special precautionary measures to stay safe from attacks.

8. Black Mamba


Photo Source: wikipedia

Known for its extremely quick sudden attacks, this snake is one of the most dangerous on Earth. It often strikes without being provoked. In fact, it blends so well with the surrounding environment that you might think that it’s a tree branch before it attacks you. Another unique thing about it is that it chases its victims.

9. Crocodile


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These reptiles lurk in the shallow waters and attack their victims suddenly using a great amount of force. The crocodile typically squeezes its victim with its massive jaw and takes it underwater to drown it. One of the reasons why these animals are so dangerous is that they often live in close proximity to humans.

10. Cape Buffalo


Photo Source: wikipedia

You thought that the lion is the most dangerous animal in Africa? Then you have to think again. The first spot is actually taken by the Cape Buffalo which general feeds on grass. It kills around 200 people every year. With its 1,500 pounds of weight, its two sharp horns and high running speed this is certainly an animal to fear.

11. Poison Dart Frog


Photo Source: wikipedia

These blue frogs with black spots are quite intriguing because of their unique color and pattern. However, they are not to be touched. Neurotoxin is released through the pores on their back. Each of these creatures makes enough of this toxin to kill as many as ten people. They are native to Central and South America so if you go into the jungle, you need to watch out.

12. Hippopotamus


Photo Source: wikipedia

We all like to think that these animals are cute and friendly. This is a huge misconception, however. The hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous and deadliest animals in Africa. It can attack people all of a sudden without being provoked in any way. Its massive body, huge mouth and high speed make it a perfect killer comparable to a lion.

13. Boomslang


Photo Source: wikipedia

This green snake with black pattern lives in Sub-Saharan Africa and unlike most species of its family produces a large amount of venom. The main toxin in the venom can cause severe internal and external bleeding and death. While this kind of snake will typically not attack without being provoked, it is clearly extremely dangerous.

14. Cone Snail


Photo Source: wikipedia

This animal has special teeth which act like harpoons for injecting venom. Some species can only paralyze small fish while others have a sufficient amount of a mixture of toxins to kill as many as twenty people. If you plan to go scuba diving or snorkeling, you should definitely ask your guide how to stay safe when cone snails are around.

15. Bullet Ant


Photo Source: wikipedia

This ant has got its reputation as one of the deadliest animals on the planet because its sting can kill a wide variety of animals, but gladly not humans. So much of good news, though. The bullet ant is considered to have the most painful sting of all insects on Earth. Victims feel paint immediately and it is so intense that it can be incapacitating.

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