20 Most Searched Popular Animals According to Google

You naturally love animals and who actually doesn’t? Some are friendly while others are deadly. Some make great companions while others are fierce and aggressive.

In any case, we are all curious about them and their behavior and habits. Wondering which the most popular animal on the web is? Let’s look at the most searched ones via Google to answer this question.

1. Dog


You aren’t surprised by the number one spot holder, right? With 340 breeds recognized by the International Cynology Federation and growing, there is a pet for practically anyone. Whether you want a German Shephard to guard your house or a Yorkshire Terrier to accompany you on shopping trips, you can readily find the ideal dog for you when searching online.

2. Cat


Felines naturally take the second spot given that they are among the most popular pets. People search not only for information on breeds (the currently recognized are 73), but also for advice on how to take good care of their felines and how to teach them discipline too.

3. Rabbit


In the past, these animals were raised in farms for the purpose of getting fresh meat. Now they have become popular pets. Just as students might seek assistance with hausarbeit schreiben lassen for their academic projects, you will find lots of cute photos with bunnies on the web, plus plenty of practical advice on how to raise them at home.

4. Bird


There are approximately 10,000 species of birds in the world. Given this, it is not surprising that a bird is the fifth most popular animal on the web. Whether you are curious about penguins or hummingbirds or want to learn how to look after a parrot, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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5. Horse


These beautiful and intelligent creatures inspire owe in every respect. People use Google to find pictures of these animals, advice on taking care of them and information about different kinds of equestrian activities and events. You can readily find a place for horseback riding near you.

6. Chicken


The truth is that this isn’t the most popular animal which people want to know about. Most searches are for recipes of how to cook the meat. Nevertheless, many people raise these animals at home and use the web to learn how to care for them even better.

7. Snake


How come this animal is in the top 20? While some people are terrified of snakes and want to learn how to protect themselves in their yard or when they go hiking, others are fascinated by them and keep these dangerous reptiles as pets. Which group do you belong to?

8. Fish


Whether you want to catch fish, to cook dinner with it or to decide which species makes the perfect pet, you can readily use Google to get the answer. This explains why this is one of the most popular animals on the web.

9. Eagle


These birds of prey are simply majestic, but are at risk of extinction as people destroy their natural habitat. That is why the interest in them increases continuously. It is great to be able to find a spot where to watch them in the wild.

10. Shark


Elusive and deadly, sharks are naturally among the most popular animals. Whether you want to see a video of them hunting, learn how they live or book a tour to meet them up close and personal, the web will help you out.

11. Ant


For some, they are pests while for others they are pets. Are you in any of these opposing camps? Perhaps you are just someone who is curious about the unique ways in which ants get organized and cooperate with each other.

12. Pig



These farm animals are raised in most parts of the world. Recently, they have become popular pets too. Mini breeds like Royal Dandies can live at your house and make great companions too. Just remember to learn more about having a pet like this at home before making a final decision.

13. Duck


They make awesome attractions at park and there are numerous fairytales and books written about them. Who doesn’t love small fluffy ducklings? At the sme time, ducks are also raised for food. The ones which live in the wild are hunted.

14. Bear


These amazing creatures have always been among the most popular animals on the web and not only. They are alluring yet extremely dangerous at the same time. If use the web to learn where and how you can see bears in the wild, remember to read the safety precautions too.

15. Lion


Often referred to as the king of all animals, the lion is definitely among the most popular and loved animals. You can see it in the local zoo as well as on a safari in Africa. Besides, there are numerous videos of cute lion cubs online.

16. Wolf


In addition to being gorgeous animals which are associated with freedom, wolves are very interesting to study too. They live in hierarchical packs with clearly defined leaders купить набор кастрюль по акции. Practically every pack has its unique hunting technique which involves practically all members.

17. Bee


In recent years, the worldwide population of bees has been declining at a fast pace. This is among the main reasons why these are among the most popular animals on the web купити сковорідку. Furthermore, it is more than amusing to learn how they collect pollen and make honey.

18. Deer


Over the years, the deer has become a symbol of power, gentleness and beauty плед купить киев. It is often referred to as the king of the forest and is the main figure in many local and even national legends.

19. Cow


Whether you want to learn how these animals are raised for milk and meat or your kid wants to see how they live in a farm, you will naturally use the web to search for them магазин постельного белья. You probably didn’t know this, but cows are considered to have the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom.

20. Monkey


There are more than 260 species of monkeys and most of them are lots of fun and unbelievably cute too. Whether you want to see pictures and videos of them or to learn how they live and communicate with each other, the web will help you to discover their world дропшиппинг поставщики. They are indeed among the most popular animals.

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