11 Most Hard-To-Catch Fish in the World

Fishing is a great sport for a number of people because it revolves around using different tools, making strategies and also challenging the weather. Fishing isn’t easy for anyone because it is relatively harder to predict fish behavior.

The process ultimately gets tougher when the fish you are trying to catch is one of the hardest to catch fish in the world and consists of some unique powers which you cannot determine or predict beforehand.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the hard to catch fishes in the world and why they are even awarded the title.

Some of the hardest to catch fishes which you just can’t catch and eat are as follows:

1. Roosterfish

Rooster Fish

Seven Long spine fins that are directly connected to the backbones, roosterfish is one of the rarest fishes in the world which cannot be easily caught. Most of the fishers consider it as their challenge to catch the roosterfish because it is the amazing of all.

Roosterfish is hardest to catch because it doesn’t allow you to grab itself to the peak of the point and put its maximum power to go back to the water. Since it acts normally throughout the process therefore, it gets hard for the fishers to predict its behavior at the last minute.

2. Tiger-fish

Goliath Tiger-fish is the hardest to catch fish because it consists of the razor-shaped teeth which can very easily cut the bait ropes, eat the humans and smart enough to escape from the scene. Tiger fishes are only found in the freshwater and they are hardest to hook. Additionally, it is not easier to find this fish in freshwater

The only way of catching the tiger fish is to have a lot of hooks that can grab the fish and pull it up. If you are using the signal hope then, you might need to invest all of your life catching this fish.

3. Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is no doubt one of the most beautiful and iconic fishes which can be identified from afar but it is surely the hardest to land this fish on the land.

The blue marlin is known all around the globe for fighting with fishers for saving itself. This fish can literally fight before getting on the land. These fishes are rowdy and you surely need 50 to 130 pounds to handle this fish.

If any person is capable of catching the blue marlin then, their story can actually get features because it’s a big achievement.

4. Bonefish

Bone Fish

Bonefish is one of the boniest fishes in the world because they consist of a number of bones in their body. It is hard for fishers to catch the bonefish because they are capable of camouflaging themselves.

Bonefishes are naturally born with the unique capability of hiding under the can at times of difficulty. Additionally, these fishes can easily change their body structure according to the need.

It won’t be wrong to state that bonefish can easily enter into the incognito mode when they are in the water or near to other fishes.

5. Permit

Permit Fish

Permit which is also commonly known as the grey ghost of the sea is one of the hard to catch fishes in the world because of their multiple mood swings. According to the researchers, a permit is the sensitive fish and doesn’t really corporate when it’s not in the mood.

Most of the fishes get preyed very easily because they allow themselves to get trapped into the fisher’s strategy. However, it is nearly impossible for the fisher to trap in because of their mood.

6. Muskellunge


Muskellunge also have known as the Muskies are the predators consisting of the razor-shaped tooth which makes it ultimately difficult for the fishers to get the fish in the bait. These muskies also have the power of fighting with the fishers and their boats with their strongest teeth.

7. Wahoo


Photo: Phuket@Photographer/flickr

Wahoo is the speediest fish in the world and if you really want to catch this fish then, you surely need to get your hands on some of the fish-catching methods. For catching wahoo you need to get the speeding trolling and wild-colored lures that can help you in catching fish.

8. Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna

Pacific Bluefin Tuna is one of the most common fishes around the world which you usually eat in high-end restaurants and it is called sushi. It is relatively hard to catch Bluefin Tuna because fishers are supposed to have giant suckers to catch them.

The ultimate range of suckers should be between 1,000 pounds and it should also reach to 10 feet in order to catch the fish.

9. Amberjack

Amberjack is not only the toughest to catch fish. However, it is also the one which could actually detect the bait in the water, easily eat it without you knowing about it and can also easily swim back to its place without being the prey.

10. Tarpon


You will be definitely surprised to learn that Tarpon is a dish which is known for its acrobatic skill’s and it can actually fight for itself by using the skill. Tarpons can easily leap up to 10 feet and once they are ready to fight then, they can easily cause a lot of pain to the person.

11. Apache Trout

Apache Trout

Photo: USFWS

Apache Trout is the hardest to catch fish because there aren’t a lot of apache trout fishes left in the world. Since the population of apache trout is getting down at a continuous rate, therefore, even if you try to catch them, you should release them right away.

We are amazed to see that a there are a number of fishes in the sea which you cannot catch because they are extremely giant and consists of safety strategies which made it difficult for people to get their hands on these fishes.

In our opinion, we have covered all of the hard to catch fishes; do you think that we have missed any? Make us aware by leaving yo

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