25 Beautiful Photos of Rainbows

All of us are well aware about the beauty of rainbow. Basically, a rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon which is being caused by both reflection and refraction of light in water droplets which results in spectrum of light appearing on the sky. Normally it takes the form of different colored arc. Research studies have pointed out this fact that rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun. Different photographers have captured different beautiful pictures of rainbows and we have selected this topic in order to share some beautiful pictures of rainbows taken by different photographers.

1. Rainbow Photo by Bahman Farzad

2. Rainbow Photo by amotei

3. Rainbow Photo by Cuba Gallery

4. Rainbow Photo by nfaile

5. Rainbow Photo Taken at Niagara Fall

6. Rainbow Photo By Roy

7.Rainbow Photo by Jaqian

8. Rainbow Photo by Hiram Pascoal

Photo by Hiram Pascoal

Photo by Hiram Pascoal

9. Rainbow Photo by B.J Bumgarner

10. Rainbow Photo Taken by Gary Everson


11. Double Rainbow in Taipei

12. Beautiful Rainbow Photo by Kane Gledhill

13. Rainbow Photo by Let Ideas

14. Rainbow Photo by Michael Walters

15. Beautiful Rainbow Photo take By Bhuni Joshi

16. Rainbow Photo by Tim Philips

17. Beautiful Rainbow Photo by Bhumi Joshi

18. Beautiful Rainbow Photo by Stephen Chappel

19. Rainbow Photo by Urban Wanderer

20. Rainbow Photo taken at Badlands

21. Rainbow Photo by Professor Bop

22. Beautiful Double Rainbow Photo taken at San Fransisco

23. Rainbow Photo taken by Doug Wheller in Brazil

24. Beautiful Rainbow Photo taken by Issac Borrego

25. Rainbow Photo taken Moyan Brenn


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