Top 7 Fastest Birds In The World

It won’t be wrong to state that Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures of this world because they consist of some beautiful wings which allow them to take the longest of flights in an eye-catching manner.

We all know that birds have the ability to fly high based on their body mass. The birds that have the high-level of body mass could only fly up to certain feet. However, the birds who have short wings with pointed body shape are capable of flying high above in the sky and could astonish human eye in the most incredible manner.

If you are interested in learning about some of the fastest birds in the world and what’s their estimated flying height then, dig in to the article right away and you’ll be able to get some eye-opening information. And just don’t stop here. Also look at our fastest animals in the world list.

1. Peregrine Falcon


Photo by mikebaird/flickr

Peregrine Falcon is one of the known birds from the family of Falconidae and also known as the fastest bird in the world with the flying speed of around 242 mph. Peregrine Falcon is also called as the best prey attackers because they are capable of reaching an enormous level of heights in order to target and kill their prey. Peregrine Falcon can easily be found in almost all of the parts of the world except for Antarctica. The female peregrine falcon is larger in size as compared to males and owns higher diving powers. These falcons are super intelligent and known for a clean hunt.

2. Golden Eagle


Photo by CanyonlandsNPS/flickr

Most of the people hold the perception that Golden Eagle is just an ordinary bird. However, if we look into the details then, it is the second-fastest bird in the world with a maximum speed of 200 mph. The estimated weight of Golden Eagle is 7 Kgs and they are called as the biggest raptor in North America due to their speeding powers and diving capabilities. These birds are also known for their strongest vision which allows them to identify their food even from the far distant areas.

According to the research, Golden Eagle can stay in the air for the longest period of time. These birds are capable of flying at the altitude of 10000-15000.

3. Gyrfalcon


Photo by stefanamsterdam/flickr

Gyrfalcon birds are not only famous because of its enormous flying speed of around 130 mph, but they are also known for their unique wing altering powers through which they tend to control their overall spend. The pointed peak of Gyrfalcon allows them to dive deeper and catch their targets without any difficulty.

4. White-throated Needletail


Photo by sussexbirder/flickr

White-throated Needletail is the fourth fastest Bird in the world and known for its maximum speed of 105 mph. White-throated Needletail birds are usually found in the rocky hills of Asia and Siberia. They are also called as the migratory birds because they tend to fly to different continents during winters and return back to their breeding grounds during the breeding season.

White-throated Needletail consists of the large curved wings which allow them to achieve the greater flight and catch their prey by taking the longest dive after perfectly locking their target either on land or in water.

5. Eurasian Hobby


Photo by vaidyarupal

Eurasian Hobby belongs to the Family of Falcon and is known for its incredible flight and flying speed of 100 mph. The specialist of Eurasian Hobby birds lies in their acrobatic flight which allows them to alter their wings according to their speed while having the high dives for catching their prey. These birds usually have a wingspan ranging between 20-36 cm.

These birds tend to spend their winters in Southern Asia and Central Africa well during the summer and spring they tend to stay near the forests of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

6. Frigate Bird


Photo by p.j.k./flickr

Frigate Bird is a uniquely black colored bird which is known for its incredible flying powers of 95 mph and a wingspan of 2.3 meters. Frigate bird is usually found in the tropical regions in the world and they are famous for staying in the air for more than a week. Frigate bird is also called as the chasing-prey bird and catches them by gliding in the air.

The one interesting fact about Frigate birds is that they cannot properly walk on the floor just like other birds. Most of the researchers believe that this bird tends to stay in the air and they only land just for the sake of breed or when they are intended to take some rest.

7. Spur Winged Goose


Photo by warriorwoman531/flickr

Spur Winged Goose can easily be called as a fastest flying sister of Duck with large waterfowl wings. Spur Winged Goose is usually found in the wetland of Africa and have the flying speed of 88 mph.

The overall average weight of Spur Winged Goose is around seven Kgs and they are 34-40 inches long in terms of their body shape. Spur Winged Goose is one of the only sisters from the Duck family who owns the capability of flying with great speed.

No doubt that the wonders of this World are countless, whether we talk about some fastest flying birds or some other wonders, there is nothing in this world which doesn’t astonish us.

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