15 Best Places to Visit If You Are Traveling Solo

Nothing could be better than exploring the world on your own, whether be it about dining alone, or getting your hands on some of the mind-blowing adventures, we can surely say that a solo traveler can enjoy more because of all the right reasons.

Solo Travelling isn’t difficult at all. However, what is difficult is finding a travel-friendly country where you could easily relax, roam, explore, and have fun without getting worried about your security or basic needs.

If you are planning solo travel soon then, all you need to do is dig deeper into the list and you’ll be able to find some best places to visit.

1. Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

Seville Spain can easily be called the traveler’s heaven and if you are on solo travel then, Seville is the best place to visit.

Starting from finding some amazing friends on the roadside who you can easily dance with, to explore the purest form of music which can easily bring on your toes, Seville is one of the finest cities where street life is considered as the public affair therefore, it is taken care of in the most amazing manner.

2. Redding, California

Redding, California

The Redding might not be the very hippest place to travel alone but it is surely one of the amazing towns that can offer a lot to the people who love to explore alone.

Redding has often traveled city because of its uniquely managed national parks, some eye-catching waterfalls, and perfect resting places that are safer enough for individual travelers.

Redding is also famous amongst the visitors for its exciting street and nightlife which is always filled with music and tastiest food.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

It won’t be wrong to call Bangkok as one in all places which can easily be called the traveler’s heaven.

The combination of unique jungles, backed by the white sand beaches, exotic places to dine in, some highly friendly folks, bike rides, and solo club visits are some of the very few factors which you should consider while planning your visit to the place.

The best thing about Bangkok is that it is a highly friendly country where you can easily gel in with the foreigners just based on common interests. Starting from food to residential places, Bangkok has surely got a lot to offer.

4. Paris, France

Paris, France

Exploring Paris on your own might sound like a selfish decision but nothing could be seriously better than viewing some of the artifacts of nature just by sticking around with some of the local’s tourists.

Paris is commonly known as the love-sight but very few people know that this place consists of some of the best museums in the world, amazing strolls, decent places to visit, and a lot more. Paris city can easily feed people with a lot of culture and beauty which is hard to compare in any way.

5. Wales, UK

Wales, UK

For a perfect breath of Fresh air backed by some of the artistic units just near the coastline, is a short description of the beauty of Wales, UK. Wales is one of the best places to visit if you are traveling solo because it is called a friendly country which is often traveled by visitors and has got a lot to offer.

The city encompasses some of the best beautiful beaches in the world, emerald fields, adventures rack cliffs, and colorful architecture created on the water and some world’s best food.

6. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana

As the name suggests, Glacier National Park is one of the remote areas which is located at the mountaintop where one mistake of the hiker can lead them to a lot of problems.

Well, that might sound a little scary but that’s what the adventure of this place is all about.

Glacier National Park is all about exploring the miraculous beauty of nature which can easily help in identifying another version of you. Glacier National Park consists of the 1 million acres space which is full of 175 mountains and incredible 745 miles of hiking trail which can be ideal for the adventure-seekers.

7. Belgium


Belgium is the city of breweries and it is impossible not to find them at every stop. Belgium is the ideal visit spot for solo travelers because it allows them to explore themselves and the beauty of the small city while taking help from nature.

If you are looking for a lavish visit to a place where you could easily roam in your car then, Belgium isn’t the right choice because this city is all about making friends while riding your bike and being at your best whole continuously appreciating the beauty of nature.

8. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo in New York is a short abbreviation for the perfect picture party spot.

It is commonly referred to as the traveling place where solo travelers could dance the entire night out, make some incredible new best friends, explore the beauty of street food, have fun with strangers, understand the culture and appreciate the breweries.

9. Ireland


Ireland isn’t a very big city but it is surely one of the friendliest traveling zones where solo travelers can easily explore more in lesser time.

Starting from the Irish folk music to some incomparable Dublin inspired food, Ireland is a power pack of adventures that can easily allow travelers to have a lot of fun.

10. Morocco


In short, Morocco is a picture-perfect place which should be visited by solo travelers because it allows them to create a memory on each step.

The aged architecture, painted landscapes, blue building perfectly complimenting the sky and some beautifully crafted sculptures by the seaside, are few of the reasons to visit the amazing place.

Apart from this, Morocco is a travel-friendly country that knows how to keep the solo travelers entertained.

11. Utah


Utah is a place for travelers who are craving for some peace and adventure at the same time.

Utah can be a part of the winter trip because the beauty of the place gets doubled during the winter season. From taking the bike rides during the day time to relaxing under the sky full of stars, Utah can offer a lot to the calm travelers and can surely allow them to explore their self just rightly.

12. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Germany has got a history of being the best and beautiful. When it comes to finding the best places to visit then if you are traveling solo then, it wouldn’t be right to miss out Berlin.

The city is known for its historical background, cultural foundations, Museums, and parks which can easily leave you awe-stuck.

13. Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Whitehorse in Canada is one of the isolated and cold countries with some amazing people who could easily become your friends in a matter of a few minutes.

Since Whitehorse is a small place, therefore, it is easier to explore it completely within a few days.

14. Croatia


If you are low on budget and still looking for the best place to visit if you are traveling solo then, Croatia is for you.

The sandy beaches, cheesy food, and sunbathing opportunities, Croatia is indeed loaded with a lot of fun. While visiting the place, you can easily get indulged in the beauty of the place without putting a lot of pressure on your wallet.

15. Miami


What could be better than ending our article on one of the favorite places? Yes, you’ve heard it right! Miami is one of the perfect chilling spots where you could easily explore the beauty of the city life while partying at your best.

Apart from perfect food and partying zones, Miami is the often traveled city which is known for its friendliness and fun.

If your travel list is not updated as yet, we hope that this guide would help!

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