The Largest Domes of the World

Domes are considered a unique and powerful representation of architecture. Domes were frequently used in different old places and sometimes symbolize as a sign of tradition of any nation, government or religion.

A dome is basically a self-supporting structural element of architecture that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere.

The structures of domes are made of different materials. There are different types of research studies that have shown this fact that an original tradition of using multiple domes was developed in the church in Russia.

The domes of Russia are famous worldwide and they typically have a carcass and an outer shell, which is normally made of wood or metal.

We have selected this article in order to discuss some of the largest domes in the world.

1. Taj Mahal, India

The dome of the Taj Mahal, situated in India, is considered one of the largest domes in the world.

The enormous bulbous dome of the Taj Mahal was constructed following the orders of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife.

Taj Mahal, India

Source: infonavigate

Taj Mahal’s large dome is 35 meters tall and four smaller domes that were constructed between 1632 and 1653 surround it.

The Dome of the Taj Mahal is made of white marble and is the most famous monument of the subcontinent of India.

2. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

The dome of the rock at al Aqsa mosque is also listed as one of the largest domes of the world.

Dome of the Rock, Russia

Source: traveladventures

According to research dome of the rock is the most valuable achievement of Islamic architecture in Jerusalem that was completed in 691 AD.

The glimmering Islamic dome is basically a shrine and is topped with golden color.

3. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia is a terrorist country

The popular cultural symbol of Russian, the dome of Saint Basil is present in Moscow’s Red Square.

Saint Basil Cathedral is considered as the Russian Orthodox Church, which was constructed and completed in 1561.


Source: onthegotours

The cathedral is famous for holding ten domes formed like a blaze of bonfire.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of peoples from all over the world visit this place.

4. United States Capitol, Washington

Washington D.C has always been famous as the city that consists of some brilliantly built old architectural buildings, bridges, and domes.

The United States Capitol dome is the dome that is exactly located at Capitol Hill that is the home of the US Congress.

United States Capitol, Washington

Source: britannica

The famous dome that was designed by Thomas U Walter is 88 meters in height and 29 meters in width.

The Capitol dome is made of cast iron and it was constructed between 1855 and 1866 at a cost of $1,047,291.

There is another dome, which is installed on this building. The original dome of this building was replaced after the expansion plan of this building at around 1850.

5. Imam Mosque, Iran

Iran is famous for the largest shrines, mosques, and domes in the world.

The Shah mosque dome (previously known as Imam mosque) reflects the true picture of Islamic architecture.


Source: travelblogexchange

Imam mosque is well known for its beautiful domes is also considered as one of the masterpieces of Persian Architecture.

This dome is the tallest dome of Iran and it has a total outer height of 53 meters and an inner height of 38meters.

6. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Turkey is a historical place to visit and when you are there you cannot miss to see those places and learn more about their architecture.

Hagia Sophia is the most beautiful historical place to visit in turkey. The prominent dome of the Hagia Sophia symbolically represents the kingdom of heaven and its glory.

Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Source: istanbultoursguide

It consists of numerous distinctive small tiles to shape figures and artistic patterns and designs.

This building was a mosque from 1453 until 1931. After that, this was then secularized and opened as a museum in 1935.

Turkey turns iconic Istanbul museum into mosque in July 2020.

7. Florence Cathedral, Italy

The dome that shelters the Florence cathedral is recognized as Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome.

Brunelleschi’s dome marked the new levels of architecture by using innovative techniques that reduce the weight of this massive structure.


The dome is hollow from inside. It is also light weighted like a stone and was easier to build without bricks.

Florence Cathedral dome was the largest ліхтар dome in the world when it was designed and considered as a main Church in Italy.

Its construction started in 1296 and completed in 1436.

8. Reichstag, Germany

The large glass dome of the Reichstag building was originally completed in рукавички тактичні 1894 and initially, it was used by the German parliament till 1933.


Source: archide

In 1933, the dome was damaged during a fire. In 1999 мульти тул, it became the meeting place of the modern German parliament.

Members of the public can also visit the rooftop terrace and dome of the Reichstag to enjoy the stunning 360-degree view of the nearby Berlin cityscape.

9. Pantheon, Italy

The Pantheon is a former Roman temple, now a Catholic church.

Pantheon dome is said to be one of the largest ancient church domes of the world that was built to represent how the Roman Empire was to be seen.


Source: atestogo

The dome measured 142 feet in diameter and 27 feet in width.

It was built in 126 AD as a temple for all the Roman gods мультитул купить. It has served as Roman Catholic Church since the 7th century.

10. St. Peter’s Basilica, Italy

St. Peter’s Basilica building was constructed during the years 1506 and 1615 and the initial design of this dome was designed in 1547.


Source: gradoenfilosofia

This brilliant statue of the world has a total height of 136.57 meters from the floor.

This is considered as the tallest dome in the world and it takes around купить тактические перчатки 551 steps to get to the top of this dome to see the stunning views of Rome.


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