15 Best Things to Do in Seychelles

When it comes to exploring different places during your trip then, it gets difficult for the people to focus on their created plan because of the beauty of Seychelles. It won’t be wrong to state that Seychelles is known for its splendor beauty which is loaded with natural water sprinkles, lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, lofty mountains, and the list goes on.

In order to make your life easier and more memorable, we have compiled the list of 15 best things which you should do in Seychelles. It’s important to note that the list consists of extremely thrilling activities and can help you in having the best ever trip of your life.

So dig in and get your hands on some crucial fun-filled activities.

1. Explore the Older Times- Feels like Time Machine

Explore the Older Times- Feels like Time Machine

Exploring La Digue in Seychelles is all about going back to the ancient times in which people used to have bicycles, paved roads and cleaner white sand beaches. La Digue is the oldest beach in Seychelles which consists of some amazing sightseeing areas and clearer sunsets that cannot be viewed in the populated area.

In La Digue, you can actually roam around the city on the bicycle without getting interrupted by any traffic.

2. You Can’t Miss on Praslin

You Can't Miss on Praslin

The Island base of Seychelles is dependent upon three major islands and Praslin is one of them, Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles which is known for its incomparable beauty, a larger number of beaches and secret waterfalls, making it an ideal place of your relaxing vacation.

By visiting the place, you can actually explore the hidden and most beautiful waterfalls which cannot be identified through the normal guide map. Use Google Maps in Praslin and you’ll be able to visit some astonishing water-falls.

3. Touring Parts of other Countries

Touring Parts of other Countries

Due to the geographical beauty of Seychelles, it shares the border and coastline with Zimbabwe which is called Grand fond by the locals. By visiting Grand Fond you can explore the beauty of the sea in between the lofty mountains, lush greenery, and soothing water.

4. Snorkeling


Snorkeling is indeed a unique way through which you can actually experience a different world and get a glimpse of underwater life for a few hours or mints. Being known for its beautiful islands, snorkeling in Seychelles is called as the world’s class because it helps you in enjoying the best and get a lifetime experience.

5. Exploring Variety of Foods

Exploring Variety of Foods

In Seychelles, you can actually eat like a local without getting worried about your stomach and also about your pocket. Starting from the freshwater fish curries, to lamb stews, crumby rice and what not? Seychelles is also called one of the most pocket-friendly food spots in the world therefore; you should eat like a local.

6. Get your hands on the world’s Heaviest Seeds

Get your hands on the world’s Heaviest Seeds

Seychelles is also known for its cultural heritage which is maintained by UNESCO. Most of the part which is reserved by UNESCO is in Praslin. If you ever get the chance of visiting the Praslin reserved parts then, you should see the rainforest seeds, endangered parrots and world-famous objects which cannot be seen in the natural settings.

7. Seaside Munching

Seaside Munching

Only beach lovers can understand the happiness of munching at the seaside. La Buse Restaurant is the ideal location for the people who would love to sit next to the beach and have their favorite food.

The best part of this restaurant is that you don’t need to be a resident of this place in order to have lunch or dinner. All you need to do is check-in and you would be able to get the best site than ever.

Don’t forget, Seychelles is also an amazing place for your honeymoon.

8. Tour to Cousin Island

Tour to Cousin Island

In Seychelles, you cannot only visit the islands which are known for their beauty. However, you can also explore the islands which consist of some historic backgrounds such as the birds which actually helped in saving the island from any sort of the disaster. One-off Castaway Island is one of the major ones which should be visited.

9. Visit the Resorts

Visit the Resorts

Visiting Seychelles is all about chilling out at some of the most beautiful resorts which allow you to take a rest from your daily busy life and enjoy the beauty of the resort to the fullest. While visiting the resorts you can have relaxation massage in the world’s best spas at the most affordable prices.

10. Explore the Turtle World

Explore the Turtle World

Turtles are known around the world for their speed and also because of their reproductive capabilities which forces them to get out of the water, lay eggs, grow their children and get back into the water. In Seychelles, you can easily explore the world of turtles and see how they live their life on the soil.

11. Visiting Tempio Hindu

Visiting Tempio Hindu

While visiting Seychelles, you can also get your hands on the history of different religions and how that history reflects on the life of people. The Tempio Hindu is one of the oldest temples situated on the island and it is surely known for its incredible beauty.

While visiting the place, you would also be able to understand the connection of people with their religious fellows. This place is the must-visit area for the people who loves to explore past cultural events and how they are related to the current scenarios.

12. Market Visit – Victoria Market

Market Visit –Victoria Market

Nothing could be better than getting your hands on the freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and some high-quality freshwater fishes. During your trip, you should also visit the Victoria Market which is known as the best marketplace around the globe.

13. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Not all people are always interested in beach tours and resorts. However, some people like to explore mountains, rocks and appreciate the beauty of nature by concurring with some great heights. For such people, rock climbing in Seychelles is one of the best options.

Seychelles consists of some great trainers which can actually guide people about how to climb the mount, the do’s, don’ts and the activities which should be carried while climbing.

14. Island Hopping –The Must

Island Hopping –The Must

While visiting the beaches at Seychelles, you can also get involved in the island hopping activity which is called one of the most fun-filled activities of all times. Since most of the islands in Seychelles consists of calm water therefore, it is very easier to do the hopping.

15. Sky Diving

Sky Diving

It won’t be wrong to state that sky diving is the dream of many people and you can surely achieve this dream just by visiting Seychelles. The beautiful island in Africa is famous all around the globe for providing world class training to individuals on sky diving and then, providing them the opportunity of pursuing their dream backed by the best security services and also training.

You will never regret doing skydiving on this beautiful island.

Sky diving lovers? Seychelles is surely a must-visit place for you guys.

It won’t be wrong to state that Seychelles is the best place for that person who loves to explore different parts of the world and get the best out of their trips. Visiting Seychelles isn’t only about exploring a few islands. However, it is more about understanding the geographic beauty of the island, how each and every artifact is linked to the history and exploring different zones that can help you in appreciating nature.

Do you think that we have missed any of the best things which one should do in Seychelles? If yes then, you can write to us by leaving your comments below.

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