Top 20 Beautiful Lakes in Canada

Canada is no doubt gifted with some of the incredible natural resources and its beautiful lakes are one of them.

Starting from the frozen beauty to the perfect panoramic scenery, this friendliest country in the world has got a lot to offer to the tourists.

Are you interested in learning about some of the beautiful lakes in Canada? Dig into the article right away.

1. Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada which is known for its largest dimensions that makes it the largest lake out of 61 lakes in Canada.

The lake is surrounded by some of the incredible glaciers, high-end lodges, and some premium residential places by the lakeside.

2. Peyto Lake, Alberta

Peyto Lake, Alberta

Peyto is the frozen lake in Canada which is glacier-fed by nature and is known all around the globe for its beauty.

Since Peyto is situated between the mountains and a crystal blue valley, therefore, it is called as the glacier lake. The lake can easily be accessed just by hiking and climbing up some mountains.

3. Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is the second largest mountain lake in Canada extending up to 13 miles.

The lake is beautifully surrounded by some of the snow-capped mountains, a stunning panoramic view and a perfect place to stay. The lake is situated at the shoreline which makes it a perfect scuba diving zone.

4. Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is the glacier lake which is fed by the Lefroy Glacier. Lake Louise is a small lake that measures less than a mile.

However, the stunning beauty of this lake is surely incomparable. This lake can be a perfect visit spot for the people who would love to explore the cold place while being near to the main towns.

5. Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Not to lie but Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed spots in Canada because of the panoramic scenery view it offers. Moraine Lake is indeed one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada that its picture can be found on any famous wallpaper a person can recall.

The symmetrical mountains, icy blue water with little shimmers, the area occupied by the glaciers, and perfectly put trees that complement the beauty of this place.

6. Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

Maligne is a beautiful bright blue water lake found at the cold place and the base of mountains.

The stunning lake consists of the naturally crafted pine trees and glacier water which never fails to leave the person in the complete awe.

Maligne Lake is a great place for fishing, kayaking, and some lakeside parties.

7. Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is the glacier lake with shallow water properties.

Since it is the small lake that extends up to 7 km, therefore, it allows the visitors to have a long walk by the shore, enjoy the cloudy weather in the cold place and have some kayaking fun for the day long.

8. Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi is the part of one of the friendliest countries that easily extends up to whopping 2,500 acres.

The water of Garibaldi Lake is extremely clear that the surface of the lake can easily act as the mirror. This lake is commonly called the picture-perfect square because it’s hard to find such beauty anywhere else.

9. Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes is a tiny mountain lake packed with tress houses, icy-mountains, and pictures perfect rocky spots.

The lake can easily be discovered after the hiking distance of 3.5 km.

10. Berg Lake

Berg Lake

Berg Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Canada which perfectly lie just underneath the highest mountain peak in the country.

The only way of seeing the beauty of this place is by hiking through the pine forests in the wild.

The lake is worth all the effort because the landscapes, lights, and water of Berg are miraculously beautiful and can surely help in blowing one’s mind away.

11. Wedgemount Lake

Wedgemount Lake is the glacier lake which is known for its deep association with the Garibaldi Mountain Range in British Columbia.

This lake is a heaven for the climbers and the hikers because it allows them to explore the beauty of the mountains and how beautifully they can complement the lake for enhancing its overall beauty.

12. Lake Superior

Lake superior

It won’t be wrong to call Lake Superior as one of the largest lakes in Canada.

Well, if you are planning to visit this lake so that you can walk by the shore then, that’s hard to happen because of its diverse range and length, although you can still drive by it and enjoy its exceptional beauty which is covered by glaciers, perfect trees, and crystal clear water.

13. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is full of some beautiful beaches and cliffs which can be an ideal zone for the hikers who love to explore the beauty of mountains and the frozen lake at the same time.

The lake is the perfect place for the surfers because it consists of freshwater which never lets you sink in.

14. Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake as the name suggest, is a small patch of water which has got nothing good to offer during winter but just when the summer arises, the beauty of this place gets incomparable and amazing.

Due to the unique properties of the lake, the water consists of the high level of mineral content and when it gets evaporated, it leaves a unique mark on the surface which helps to make the lake crystal, clear and exceptional.

15. Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake is one of the man-made lakes in Canada therefore; it is named after a man.

The 20 miles long stretch of the water was created in the 1970s along with the Bighorn Dam.

Abraham Lake is the part of the frozen lake category which can get trapped under the ice during the harsh winter season and during the summer times, it can show its magic to the tourists backed by some stunning mountains and also lush vegetation.

16. Great Slave Lake

The one thing that sets Great Slave Lake apart from other lakes in Canada is its amazing depth which cannot be compared to another in the country.

The beauty of Great Slave Lake lies in its exploration. It is said that one cannot simply explore this beautiful lake in a day because of its vast beauty.

Most of the scientists believe that Great Slave Lake is a part of the world which is still untouched by the majority of the tourists.

17. Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake is surrounded by the diverse area covered by the National Park in the region. The stunning water surrounded by fuller trees can help the people in appreciating the beauty of nature just rightly.

Waterton Lake is also famous because of its extremely preserved environment by UNESCO World Heritage. This lake is a perfect go-to place for the hikers because they can calmly explore beauty without getting distracted by the crowd.

18. Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Smallest yet one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada with one of the largest surfaces in the world.

Lake Erie is surrounded by some fully grown trees which gives a perfect scenic view. Some of the activities which could be performed by the lakeside are kayaking, enjoying the cold breeze and observing the wildlife

19. Huron Lake

Huron Lake

Huron Lake is one of the bluest lakes in Canada because of its unique properties which make its surface entirely different from other frozen lakes in the country.

Huron Lake is a perfect go-to spot for the people who are looking for a calm cold place to relax and appreciate nature.

20. Great Bear Lake

Great Bear Lake

We are incredibly impressed with the beauty of Canada which never fails to leave the person in complete awe.

One such example of beauty is the Great Bear Lake which is full of beautiful scenic views.

This lake is a perfect heaven for the swimmers where they could easily enjoy the summer fun while getting drooled into the chill water.

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