10 Ingredients for a Healthy and Stronger Relationship – Love and Be Loved!

Maintaining a healthy and strong relationship can be challenging situation for everyone. There are different opinions of experts that say it is somehow difficult to build and maintain a strong, positive and healthy relationship. They also say that finding love and maintain a healthy relationship can be challenging for everyone. There should be a balance of love, patience and self-esteem to really achieve this thing. There are certain pillars that make the base of strong and positive relationship among the individuals. If all the pillars are strong and they are performing their duties in well established manner then there are rare chances of breaking up the relationship. But if the pillars are weak, then the relationship cannot be strong and positive among individuals. IF we focus strongly on these elements or pillars, then our relationship can last strong, healthy and positive for years to come.

As we mentioned above, the strong relationship among individuals is based on different pillars. All the pillars support each other. If one pillar falls then the other pillars become weaker. But one great thing about these pillars of positive and strong relationship is that they can be easily repaired but this thing requires a lot of time. If someone feels in his life that any pillar is starting to become weak or unstable in your relationship, fix it before it falls completely or try to find out the reasons of its weakness.


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Among the positive and healthy pillars of good and long lasting relationship, the honesty, trust and love are of more important. The strong and positive relationship requires that individuals should promote these elements in order to make the relationship strong, healthy, long lasting and positive. Honest peoples are considered not unfaithful, because they do not try to deceive the other partner of their life. If these pillars are strong then it becomes difficult to break up the relationship. We have selected this topic in order to discuss some important elements or ingredients of strong and positive relationship.

Essential Components of Strong and Positive Relationship

Following are some important components of strong and positive relationship.

1. Honesty

Honesty is considered as one of the most important element or ingredient of strong and positive relationship. Honesty is one of the most basic of all elements of ant relationship. There is a famous line or quote about honesty and it states “No matter what happens, you will always know the true to me.” The feeling of above quoted line can clarify different things. If we follow the true concept of honesty then it will become difficult for any misunderstanding to disturb the relationship.


2. Forgiveness

It is also considered as another important and essential element of strong and positive relationship. There are chances that dispute may arise between couples, colleagues, parents, customers or any other sort of relationships. But the true spirit of positive relationship requires that we must forgive the others by eliminating all facts of their mistakes from the heart. Different types of research studies suggest that without forgiveness in a relationship, old hurts resurface and neither person is truly able t o let go of the past.


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3. Trust

Without trusting each other in any relationship, it becomes impossible to build a strong and positive relationship. It is said that trust is like honesty in that it deepens over time. Those people who are able to trust each other don’t have to deal with insecurities between each other.


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4. Communication

This thing also plays an important role in making a relationship strong and positive. Disagreements are considered as an important part of any relationship but it is important to learn how to talk between each other during this situation. In order to make relationship healthy and strong, there will be need to learn to respect different ways of communication.


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5. Friendship

A friendly environment also promotes the strong and positive relationship. Different types of research studies suggest couples need to be friend with each other as this thing helps in promoting positive and strong relationship among individuals.


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6. Monogamy

This is considered as another important element of any relationship. Monogamy is one of the founding elements of all marriages. The value of trust and honesty becomes zero if there is no monogamy.


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7. Values of Same Nature

This thing also plays an important role in promoting strong and positive relationship. This thing requires that when you make major decisions in life, then you must fall close to the same line. This thing also helps in promoting the positive ideas among individuals.


8. Patience

This thing is also considered as an important element or ingredient of any strong and positive relationship. The patience promotes to handle the difficult situations with love and complete understanding of other partner’s point of view.


9. Passion

Like patience, passion also helps in promoting the strong and positive relationship.


10. Time Apart

Sometimes couples have to spend time away from each other. At the beginning, this thing seems difficult but with the passage of time, the couples should understand that this is an important phase of life that must be handled with proper patience.

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