10 Tips to Look Fresh All the Time at Work

It is s aid that first impression is the last impression. When you meet someone at work or socially the first thing that you notice is the face and his appearance. People who appear bright and fresh, they draw more people towards themselves.

No one wants to talk to or work with someone who appears tired and drowsy. So it is very important for us to maintain the freshness of our face, this not only helps us in our professional life but also helps us grow socially and make new friends.

It is not possible for everyone to look their best every day, sometimes due to sickness or sometimes due to work stress. Following are a few tips that will help you look fresh and your best, every day at work.


1. Eat Well


First and foremost, focus on what you’re eating. Your daily activities depend on the food that you had through the day. If you had fast food or something too oily you are going to feel sleepy the entire day and won’t appear fresh, where as fresh fruits and vegetables make you feel active and appear fresh.

Keep in mind that the junk food will make you feel low. Also quitting sodas and unnecessary caffeine from your lifestyle may also help you look fresh day in day out.

2. Sleep well


Your daily activities depend a lot upon the sleep you had at night. A good night’s sleep is equally important to feel fresh and attractive the next. A person who has had lack of sleep is usually irritable and cannot concentrate properly.

It is advisable to have at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This lowers your stress and you feel fresh the next morning.

3. Shower Daily


A good shower of 15 minutes in warm water can help you get rid of all the aches and makes you fell fresh and alive. Especially washing your hair daily. When you are active the whole day or your work involves going out, it is very important to wash your hair.

By washing your hair every day the grease that is there due to sweat and pollution is washed away and you feel clean and fresh and keeps the body odor away.

4. Workout Daily


The more active you are the more fresh you feel. People who stay in all day and don’t move much tend to get tired easily. Whereas people who keep themselves active feel fresh for a longer period of time.

There is no better day of keeping yourself active than working out, especially when your work involves a lot of sitting. Working out for an hour daily improves blood circulation in your body. And better circulation mean better performance. Do some stretching daily to make your body flexible and minimizing injuries.

5. Wash your clothes daily


Nothing makes you fell fresh mentally than a newly washed pair of clothes. People who repeat their clothes without washing look untidy and smell bad due to the body odor. This untidiness takes away from your freshness and you fail to impress.

6. Moisturize your skin


Moisturizing dehydrates your skin. Otherwise it will appear flaky and dry. A well hydrates skin appears vibrant and fresh.

7. Complete your work on time


This is very important to keep your mind at peace. When you are lagging behind on deadlines and have a lot of work piled up in front of you, you get stressed mentally.

This mental stress affects your sleep and other daily activities. This, as a result, affects your face and you no longer look fresh and active. So being up to date and completing work on time keeps you stress free.

8. Follow latest trends



Change is always good. Keeping up with the latest trends is the best way to keep you fresh. A new pair of clothes or shoes always makes one happy and your mind feels fresh. Being up to date in fashion also draws people towards you and helps you grow professionally.

9. Be Lively


No one wants to a person who is dull and lifeless. Being lively and cheerful adds a lot to your personality. People like to talk to you because they feel good after talking to you.

So one should always be lively and smiling. This helps you get a lot of acknowledgement and helps you grow socially.

10. Drink Water


Drinking water keeps you fresh. It washes out all the toxins from your body and helps you keep your skin fresh.

Drinking water also increases you concentration and brain function. Thus one should drink a lot of water when at work.

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