15 Most Amazing Man-Made Islands in the World

Who said a man can’t do the best? It is true that apart from beautiful islands which are crafted by nature, our earth is full of some of the highly incredible man-made islands which can force you to stay at the place for the longest of time and max out perfectly.

1. Palm Jumeriah, Dubai

Palm Jumeriah, Dubai

Only a few people are aware of the fact that Palm Jumeriah is a man-made island in Dubai which was created using the land of Nakheel.

The island consists of the highest tourist rate and attracts a lot of people towards it because of its stunning beauty.

While visiting Palm Jumeriah, you can easily get relax at some of the nearby resorts, get your hands on the yummiest of East Asian/Mediterranean food, and enjoy some interesting activities by the island.

2. Notre Dame Island, Canada

Notre Dame Island, Canada

Credits: Shhewitt

Notre Dame was built back in 1965 and is known for its quality attractions for the visitors.

The man-made artificial island is also one of the most visited places by tourists because of the variety of things it offers.

Starting from the high-end casino bars, ice-skating zones, eateries to the perfect spot to relax, Notre Dame is a place that should be visited by tourists.

3. The Pearl, Qatar

The pearl island in Qatar is indeed one of the most amazing man-made islands because of its unique shape.

The shape of the island resembles the sting of a pearl.

The beauty of this place is visible during the night time when restaurants are offering exotic food, and ships are ready to sail people through the sea and other beautiful attractions which adds to the overall beauty of the place.

4. Hulhumalé, Maldives

Hulhumalé, Maldives

The Maldives is surely known for its collection of islands which are commonly called “atolls”.

Hulhumale is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Maldives and known for its man-made beauty which is backed by some of the beautiful beaches in the surrounding.

Hulhumale is indeed a great place for having family fun, enjoying swimming in the ocean, and sunbathing on a fair sunny day.

The interesting fact about this island is that it was created to provide houses to the growing population of the capital and to provide support to the industrial sector of the country.

5. Island Wilhelmstein, Germany

Wilhelmstein in Germany is one of the most underrated islands in the world but it is surely an amazing one.

This place is a perfect spot for history lovers because of its association with the past.

Tourists can easily decide to stay in one of the two resorts which are open for the public or choose to roam around during the day time while getting their hands on some of the yummiest pastries and shakes available on the island.

The best time to visit Wilhelmstein is during April-October.

6. Floating Islands of Peru, Lake Titicaca

Floating Islands of Peru, Lake Titicaca

Photo: Nouhailler

Peru is full of some of the organic floating island which is created based on the concept of Uro.

These islands are also commonly called Uro islands because of the activities performed by the people living in the areas.

These man-made islands are created using the totora reeds.

The visitors can easily roam around on the island, learn about history, understand the importance of proper civilization, and get their hands on the classical food.

The interesting fact is that this island gets replenished daily so every day on this island is a new day.

7. Willingdon Island, India

Willingdon Island is one of the biggest islands in the region which is preserved by the military forces.

Although it is not very easier to get to this island if you manage to do so then, there are a lot of things which tourists can enjoy.

Starting from some of the amazing hotels, warehouses, food to some special government buildings, a day at this man-made island could allow you to make a lot of beautiful memories.

8. Balboa Island, California

Balboa Island, California

Balboa Island in California is the most easily accessible islands where you can reach by your care or by taking the ferry ride of a few minutes.

Since Balboa Island is a crowded place therefore, it consists of several eateries that can allow the tourists to enjoy the food while experiencing the cool breeze.

Balboa Island also consists of two younger island sisters named Little Balboa and Collins isle.

9. Rokko Island, Japan

Rokko Island, Japan

Photo: furibond

It won’t be wrong to call Rokko Island one of the man-made residential spots where all the top-class business people tend to stay.

If you are planning to stay in Japan for some time while experiencing the lavish life then, Rokko Island is the perfect spot for you.

The island consists of international schools, restaurants, and business spots which can help you to have a perfect life.

10. Amwaj Islands, Bahrain

Amwaj Islands is not only a small island. However, it is a complete city that was initially developed with the vision of providing better waterfront investment opportunities to foreigners.

This sustainable island now consists of a proper university, gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, and other necessary amenities which are crucial for survival.

11. The World Islands, Dubai

World Island in Dubai is a small island patch which is called The Worlds.

Although the island isn’t completed as of yet the idea behind the creation was to create small patches in a circle format so that when the Ariel view of the area is taken, it looks like a complete world map.

12. Tokyo’s Disneyland

Everybody loves Disneyland. However, Tokyo decided to take its Disneyland to the entire next level by creating a man-made island in Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland is the only Disneyland out of United States.

If you are planning to visit this island anytime soon then, be ready to get your hands on some exciting rides, tasty food, and perfect places to stay.

13 Île aux Cygnes, France

Ile aux Cygnes in France is one of the popular travel destinations which can be visited during the day time.

The island not only adds up to the beauty of the area, but it also contributes to the strategic decisions thus making it one of the important islands for France.

14. Peberholm, Öresund Strait

Peberholm, Öresund Strait

Peberholm Island is the connecting island between Sweden and Denmark.

Peberholm is a very small island that is famous for connecting the bridges in the country.

Although this island isn’t open for the public yet but surely offers a perfect view while you are on the bridge.

15. The Venetian Islands, Florida

The Venetian Islands are a pretty part of stunning Florida and aims to offer a lot in terms of adventure activities and fun.

The Venetian is a chain of islands that are inhabitants as of now, therefore, they are open for the small gathering and picnics only.

It is surely true that man can do some wonders when it comes to creating some floating islands which are full of beautiful spots.

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