10 Amusing Facts That Make Japan’s Rail System the Best

Japan is known for its fantastic and recording-breaking technologies that are taking over the world by storm. Whether it be bullet trains, cutting-edge innovations, future determining Shinkansen or new modifications, Japan is all ready to create its own tech-based world very soon.

Japan’s Rail System is called the world’s best system because it is the easiest yet resourceful way of commute which allows the passengers to travel freely. Japan Rail system isn’t attractive and beneficial for the resident of the country only; it is also highly regarded by the tourists because Japan rail consists of the pre-booking system which allows the tourists to get accurate information about trains and at what time they should reach the platforms.

If you think you know everything about Japan’s Rail System and why it is best then, you are wrong. Japan Rail system is full of amusing facts which ultimately add to the overall awesomeness of the system.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the amusing facts that make Japan’s Rail System as the best one.

1. Japan stations Discourage Suicides with Blue Lights


Photo by Damon Coulter

Japan tracks are the most popular suicide spots therefore, companies in Japan decided to prevent the chances of suicide by installing blue lights. The purpose behind the installation of blue lights was associated with the color theory. It is believed that blue color helps in calming people down and would help in reconsidering their decision to committing suicide.

It was reported that after the installation of blue lights, the overall suicide rate in the country dropped by 84%.

2. Japan stations have the Highest Elevations


Photo by Klook

Japan consists of the highest elevations in the world with a height of around 1345 meters excluding ropeways and trolleys. Additionally, Japan railway paths are referred to as truck-lines because almost 50% of the railways are built on bridges.

3. Japan Rail System has the shortest Delay Time


Photo: AP

By law, the Japan Rail system cannot delay the train at any cost. In order to do so, the rail authority should have a delay certificate. The average delay time of any train in Japan is around 0.05 seconds, which is actually the lowest in the world.

4. All the Japan Trains are Eco-friendly


You’ll be shocked to learn that Japan is continuously working to make the environment better for its people. In order to make this world a better place, the Japan railway system has decided to cut on the energy consumption by utilizing those techniques which are crucial. Recently, Japan has worked around increasing the train speed so that it could reduce the overall energy consumption by 40%.

5. Japan owns the world’s busiest Rail System


Photo by charnsitr / Shutterstock.com

According to the research, out of 50 busiest rail systems, 45 railway tracks could be found in Japan. The county consists of the largest railways system which is busy all the time in transporting people from one place to another.

6. All Trains consists of Automatic Emergency Brakes System

Unlike other Railway systems, all the trains in Japan consist of the automatic emergency brake which allows the captions to stop the train in case of any emergency. Although it is against the law to stop the speeding train since it can cause a lot of issues but in case of emergency, captions are allowed to do so.

7. Japan own Women-only Trains

Japan own Women-only Trains

Japan has zero tolerance for the groping men and with the people who cannot control themselves. Japan consists of the women-only trains which allow women to travel in their own space without getting worried about their security. Although these trains are introduced only by the few companies but this option is still available for females.

8. Personalized Pushers

Personalized Pushers

At all the Japan Railway stations there are personalized pushers that are hired by the companies. The major duties of these pushers are to push people inside the train during the rush hours. Since trains at Japan airports couldn’t get late therefore, these pushers push people inside the train so that everybody gets the chance of getting in.

9. Japan has “Barking Trains”

Barking Trains

All the trains in Japan consist of the braking ultrasonic waves which are used to trick deer via sounds. Deer are iron lickers are sometimes they get so much lost in the process that they fail to identify that train is coming from another direction and could impact their well-being.

In order to save the life of deer, Japan Railway authority decided to insert braking noise in the trains so that the deer could get frightened and save themselves from any sort of disaster.

10. 50 years and No fatalities

It is quite interesting to see that in over 49 years there were no major fatalities even during the most dangerous of natural disasters. Some people call it a miracle while others call it the efficiency of Japan government, whatever it is, we must say that amazing and pretty mind-blowing.

It won’t be wrong to state that every other technology is loaded with some interesting facts which are capable of blowing your mind away. The same goes for Japan and we are totally in the phase of awe.

Japan is not only rich in terms of its culture, but it is also progressing and concurring with the ladders of success just because of its incredible technology integrations that are capable of making life easier for the people.

Do you know any interesting facts about Japan’s rail system which we have missed? Make us aware by leaving your comments below. We’ll love to read your insight.

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