12 Interesting Facts about Death Valley in California

It won’t be wrong to state that Death Valley is the land of extremes which is situated at the lowest point in California and is the crucial part of the Mojave Desert touching the borders with Nevada. Apart from being the hottest, driest and lowest national park in the region, California Death Valley has got a lot to offer to the visitors such as some mesmerizing landscapes, snow frosts at the tower peaks and lush meadows followed by the tiny oases in the region.

The Death Valley was discovered in October 1994 and till then it is the home to unique wildlife that has become acquainted with the harsh weather conditions in the region.

Since the Death Valley in California never disappoints to leave us astonished, therefore, it is important to shed light on some of the interesting facts about the desert and how it is contributing to the overall geographic well-being of the country.

1. Lowest Point in North America

Lowest Point in North America

The Death Valley in California is situated at 283 feet below the sea level which is the lowest point in the country. The Death Valley is the combination of the majestic landscape which can leave people in awe. The valley consists of the unique contrast of salty plains which are sometimes mistaken as the snow and it also consists of the galaxy eroded hills which adds up to the overall attraction of the Death Valley.

2. It’s Impossible to Beat the Heat at the Death Valley

It's Impossible to Beat the Heat at the Death Valley

During the summers of 2018, the Death Valley in California was labeled as one of the hottest places on the earth with temperatures touching the point of 127 F for straight four days. The heat was dangerous but the visitors were still allowed to visit the travel-friendly areas of the valley.

3. Unbelievably Large Area

Unbelievably Large Area

The area covered by the Death Valley is incredibly large which covers more than 3,000 square miles. The entire area of the desert moves from the north to south and consists of the multiple layers which are bounded to the east and some of the ranges in the west.

Since the temperature of the area is distributed by nature therefore, the temperature has moderate impacts.

4. Salty Land

Salty Land

Salty Land is a great attraction to the visitors of Death Valley in California. The valley consists of the salt pans which get evaporated during the winter times and get transformed into the salty plains.

5. Wildflowers are the Life to Desert

Wildflowers are the Life to Desert

Wildflowers are the attraction in the desert which gives it life. During the springtime, the Death Valley comes to the life with the wildflowers which are usually yellow in color and add to the overall beauty of the desert.

During the peak spring seasons, a combination of yellow, purple, pink and gold. A deep soaking rain of more than half inches with wind is needed to sprout the seeds of flower in the region. In order to view these flowers, visitors can visit the area during the springtime.

Death Valley has lower humidity. You should also check the list of most humid places in the world, which also includes some California as well.

6. Natural Rock Moving at the valley

Natural Rock Moving at the valley

It might sound mysterious but Racetrack Playa in California is home to some unique mysteries which are actually capable of leaving people in a great shock. Due to the high intensity of heat, the traveling of rocks from one place to another is pretty normal.

Some of the rocks weighing up to 700 pounds have traveled to 1500 feet. Usually, the moving of stones takes place during the winter season because the water starts freezing inside the valley which moves the stones from one place to another.

7. Singing Sand with Star Gazing

Singing Sand with Star Gazing

What could be better than star gazing during the midnight and hearing the sand sound singing the melody song? Although the sand dunes are the smaller part of Death Valley in California still these dunes are capable of singing the song due to the high-speed winds.

While standing at the top of dunes, the visitors can experience the unique sound or the strangest phenomena which cannot be heard anywhere else. The sound is caused due to the falling of sand from the high steep sand dunes. It’s quite interesting to see that stands can also sing the song and can leave the tourists in awe for the longest time.

8. Devil’s Golf Course

Devil’s Golf Course

The devil’s golf course is actually not designed for playing Golf. The name of Devil’s course suggests that it is only possible for the devils to play on this ground because it is impossible for human beings to pass the ball through it.

The devil’s golf course isn’t only known for its unique ballpoints. However, it is also famous for the salt cracking sounds which can be heard from the far places. The sound is created when billions of tiny salt particles crack into the land and start contracting due to the pressure of heat created inside.

9. Galaxy Park in the National Park

Galaxy Park in the National Park

Galaxy in the National Park is a heaven zone for the Star Wars lover. The galaxies in the National Park can be viewed from the far, far areas. For witnessing the multi-colored eroded hill beauty all you need to do is just take the Artistic drive up to the hills.

The beauty of the place is hidden into the purple, green and haze colors which are created due to the natural oxidation of metal inside the rocks. This galaxy location of National Park has been used a lot of times in different movies springtime give the artistic look to the scene.

10. The charcoal kilns

The charcoal kilns

The charcoal kilns are basically 2 feet tall and explain the history of Death Valley through its incredibly designed walls. Charcoal Kilns is one of the beautifully preserved locations in the National Park and a unique attraction that motivates the visitors to explore the history of the area.

Before that 1990’s, these charcoal kilns used to super the power to two nearby silver mills. The mines and the charcoal kilns were built by the American Indians and Hispanics who later used the similar fuel source for generating the energy in their mills

11. Volcanic Explosion in the Area

Volcanic Explosion in the Area

The mark of a volcanic explosion in the area can still be found in the National park of Death Valley. The Ubehebe Crater is more than 600 feet deep and half a mile in width. According to history, the explosion in the area might have happened 300 years ago and the footprints of the explosion can still be found in the region.

A small glimpse of the area can really help the tourists in appreciating the beauty of this world and how nature crafts the beautiful masterpieces.

12. Presence of Fishes in Death Valley

Presence of Fishes in Death Valley

It’s definitely impossible to locate a fish in Death Valley which is situated at the lowest point. However, luckily there are some fishes in the world which can survive in the salty water land and one of them is Hole Pupfish which is also the part of endangered species. Hole Pupfish is the rarest fish in the world that live under 93 degrees of water and oxygen concentration. The surviving terms of Hole Pupfish are incredible because these terms are lethal for the survival of other fishes.

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