15 Most Humid Places in the World

High level humidity is not doubted the biggest enemy of your productivity day. Most people tend to confuse humidity with hot weather. However, they both are different things which can be replaced with each other.

Humidity is basically the level of water vapors in the air. The excess and extremely low amount of water vapors in the atmosphere can lead to disrupting the climate. It is the humidity level in the air which helps in determining the overall temperature and what impact it could have on the human body

1. Alaska


Alaska is one of the most humid places in the world because of its unique geographical location and environmental factors. The humidity level in Alaska on an average basis is 77.1% because of which it is on the top of the list.

Alaska’s dew point rank can also reach to 50 during the most humid times.

2. Arizona


After Alaska, the second name which comes on the top of the list is called Arizona. Arizona is the second most humid places in the world because of the average humidity level of 77.1%. Although the humidity ranking of Arizona is not very much high as compared to Alaska. However, it is still called the most humid place.

3. California


It won’t be wrong to state that the United States is the most humid country. California is another state in America which consists of the highest humid level throughout the year. The average humidity rank of California is 61% and the dew points in the year can easily reach up to 18 during the most active hours of the day.

4. Jazan


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Jazan city in Saudi Arabia is the most humid place in the region with the highest temperatures throughout the year. Most of the people prefer not to live in this city because of the highest temperatures and very little warmness during the winter season. During the extreme weather times, the humidity in Jazan could be more than 70%.

5. Bangkok



Bangkok is no doubt a center of attraction for a number of tourists but this city is also called the hottest place in the world because of the high level of humidity. The level of humidity in Bangkok could reach up to 55% on a daily basis.

6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another most humid place in the world with a humidity level of more than 77% during extreme weather hours. It is important to understand that Las Vegas temperature tends to remain hottest throughout the year and could easily reach up to 40 centigrade during the day time.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Sauna-style cities in China might not be the hottest city in the world but the humidity level of the city makes the temperature vulnerable for the people living there. The average humidity level in the country is more than 55% and during the moist-wet season, it ultimately becomes difficult for the people to perform their daily chores easily.

8. Mexicali

Mexicali is the city in Mexico with a humidity level of more than 55% on an average basis. This city is not only humid. However, because of its nearness to the dessert, this city can also be one of the hottest in the world with temperatures touching up to 40 centigrade during the summer and day time.

9. Melbourne


Australia is also high on humidity country and Melbourne is on the top of the list with more than 70% of humidity level. Apart from being the most humid, Melbourne is also of the hottest city in the world with temperatures reaching up to 46 centigrade during the day time.

10. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

If you are planning to visit Malaysia anytime soon then, you should be ready for the highest level of humidity which you can easily experience during the summertime. During the summertime and mid-winters, the humidity level in Malaysia could reach up to more than 85%.

This beautiful skyline city is always loaded with a lot of heat and heavy temperature, so you need to properly prepare yourself before visiting the place.

11. Phoenix


Phoenix is Arizona is another high on humidity country with an average percentage of 65 on a daily basis. Due to the high level of humidity, the temperature of Phoenix tends to stay hottest during the summers.

The average temperature during the summer times could reach up to 40 centigrade due to the nearness of the dessert. Most people tend to stay inside their homes during the summertime in order to avoid the heat.

12. Athens


Athens is not only known for its immense humidity level, but it is also famous due to the highest level of pollution. The humidity level in Athens could reach 66% and the temperature could go up to more than 45 centigrade on an average basis.

13. Cairo


Cairo is situated near the Famous Nile River banks, and is home to the great Pyramid of Giza and is one of the largest cities in Africa. Cairo is also called as the hottest city due to its nearness to the African desert ghostwriter österreich. The overall humidity level in the city could reach up to more than 50% on an average basis.

14. Florida


Just like other cities of the United States ghostwriter, Florida is also the most humid one with an average percentage of 74.5%. The overall due rate in the country could reach rank 2 during the summer times.

15. Georgia


Last but not least, Georgia has the 17 rankings when it comes to measuring the humidity level in the city. The overall humidity percentage in the country is 71.1% образование в германии. Georgia is also one of the hottest cities in US.

It is true that humidity is one of the ways of nature to control the weather and surely nothing could be done to control the humidity level in any control поступление в немецкий вуз. However, there are some manly measures which can be taken in order to minimize the issues, health problems and environmental impacts caused by the level of humidity.

In our opinion, the above-stated states are the most humid places in the world because of their overall location and climate постельное белье купить украина. Do you think that we have missed any place? If yes then, you can write the place name below in the comment section below.


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