Top 15 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

It won’t be wrong to state that every job owns different types of risk which adds to the overall complexity of the work. Some jobs are comparatively fewer riskers than other ones and most of us are fortunate enough to have secured jobs.

However, there are certain jobs that are named as the most dangerous jobs in the world because at times they could be life-threatening. The people involved in dangerous jobs are not only supposed to take precautionary measures before performing their duty, but they also need specialized training for proper execution.

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world are discussed below. So dig in and equip yourself with some interesting information.

1. Miners


We all must have heard about the Black Diamond miners and how they are continuously sacrificing their lives just for the sake of providing a good economic boom to this world. Miners are most prone to death and casualties because they dig some unsafe and dangerous places in order to find the resources.

Around 5,000 fatality number was recorded during last year under the job description of miners.

2. Bush-pilots


Bush-pilot is the toughest job because Bush-pilots are supposed to go through some deadliest zones in order to reach their destinations. According to the survey, the highest numbers of crashes in history are recorded during the landing and take-off of Bush-pilots.

This job might sound like the scariest one but it is also labeled as the highest-paid job with some additional benefits.

3. Sanitation Workers

Sanitation Workers

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Most people consider sanitation workers as the most inferior ones because they are considered weak but sanitation workers are the most capable people because they are responsible for clearing all the holes while risking their lives.

4. Search and Rescue Workers

Search and Rescue Workers

Search and rescue workers are responsible for rescuing people’s life just by risking their own life. According to the survey, around 150 rescue workers sacrifice their lives during the process. The job might be scary but it is also the highest-paid job in the world.

5. Metal-crafters


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Metal-crafters are the people who are responsible for shaping steel so that it could be reused for several other purposes. Metal-crafter job is the risker one because it holds the great chances of causalities in terms of eye-sight lose during the process, falling of the person while fitting the steel or due to any other major reason.

Sometimes people doing metal-crafting tend to quite their job earlier because they are unable to perform properly due to eye-sight weakness.

6. Construction Supervisors

Construction Supervisors

Construction workers and supervisors are highly prone to the chances of getting injured or even killed during the process of construction or even the monitoring. Since construction is usually done at the underdeveloped locations therefore, the chances of causalities and injuries are relatively higher. Although, the pay is higher on this job, the risk is still there.

According to the data, almost 100 people got killed due to the construction working and the monitoring procedure.

7. Mechanics


Mechanics deals with thousands of electric wires and accessories on a daily basis therefore; they are highly exposed to the chances of getting electric shocks and currents. Nearly 20 mechanics sacrifice their lives while performing their duties on an annual basis.

The job isn’t very risker but it does involve certain difficult touch-points which could be harder for the workers

8. Slaughterhouse Workers

Slaughterhouse Workers

Photo: USDA

You must be thinking that slaughterhouse workers only sacrifice their fingers and thumbs during the process of slaughtering but that’s just one part of the story. Slaughterhouse workers are prone to a number of difficulties during the process because it isn’t easy to handle large animals and slaughter them without violating any rules.

Since slaughterhouse workers are supposed to handle giant animals therefore, this job is riskier and can lead to deaths in adverse cases.

9. Astronauts


All over the world, astronauts are called as highly skilled and strong people because they are the workers who are supposed to perform the risker task ever. Astronauts are not only supposed to travel to different spaces in order to identify the chances of life. However, they signup to sacrifice their lives for the cause. Yearly, a number of space ships go missing with the astronauts.

Although this job is the risker one it is also one of the highest-paid jobs in history.

10. Firefighters


Yearly a number of firefighters sacrifice their lives and bodies just for the sake of performing their duty to perfection. Firefighter job is one of the most dangerous ones because the person is literally supposed to play with fire and take necessary measures to control it.

11. Utility Lineman and Power Workers

Utility Lineman and Power Workers

It would totally be justified to call the job of utility lineman and power worker as the most risker one because it involves some great intensity stunts which can take the life of people. Utility workers are supposed to work with high voltage electric units which are prone to great injuries and death levels.

The work deaths related to utility workers are near to 100 and around 2,000 people suffer from non-fatal injuries on a yearly basis.

12. Roofers


Roofers are responsible for fixing, mending and placing roofs on the housetops. According to the survey, in 2016 almost 100 roofers died while performing their job. Most of the deaths are caused due to the lack of safety measures.

Sometimes roofers lost their life due to falling and slipping from the rooftops but sometimes they are exposed to extreme vulnerable hot weather which leads to further problems.

13. Police Officers

Police Officers

Police Officers simply put their lives into risk just to save us from all the hurdles. The job of a police officer is also the dangerous one because it involves a number of risks that a person might encounter without any prior notice.

A number of police officers lost their lives during their duty hours just because they were trying their best to save us from any possible hurdles.

14. Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

Most of the people usually don’t acknowledge the hard work done by truck drivers because they believe that it’s the normal driving job which requires no or little effort. However, driving a truck is one of the most dangerous jobs because the person is supposed to take full responsibility for the vehicle, the material loaded inside it and also drive smoothly on the longest routes possible for the delivery of material.

15. Deep-Sea Fishermen

Deep-Sea Fishermen

On an annual basis, around 1,000 fishermen lost their lives during the process of catching fishing in the harvest season. Deep-sea fishing is a risker job because it involves staying in water for almost half a year. The people are also prone to get lost in the sea without being noticed by anyone.

No doubt that every job consists of certain risks but the hardest jobs are the ones which require a lot of physical efforts and life-threatening situation.

We would like to salute all the workers for their hard work and wish them luck.

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