10 Most Famous and Highly Trained Police Forces of the World

Different countries of the world have trained their police forces in a better and advanced manner like they do for their armies’. The profession of police also requires different important things which make it better in comparison with other forces of the world. They (trained and professional police force wear a special hat, strap on a gun or truncheon and head out onto the streets to thwart wrongdoers, spread civic virtues and help ladies across the road.

Different countries of the world are now following different latest techniques and technologies in order to make their police force as the best force of the world. Different types of research studies have shown this fact that when Robert Peel founded first modern police force with the Metropolitan Police Force Act of 1829, his Bobbies went out on the streets with pretty simple instructions and an emphasis on muscle over mind. But now things have been changed considerably. We have selected this article in order to discuss some highly professional and famous police forces of the world.

1. GSG 9 of Germany

This is considered as one of the most professional and famous police force of the world. The main thing of need of creation of this police force was the incident that occurred during the 1972 Olympics Games. The 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by terrorists, was an international tragedy, and the German police’s unpreparedness for such an attack led to the formation of GSG 9.

The most important thing about GSG 9 is that it is only open to officers with two years service under their belt and applicants undergo rigorous medical and psychological training before taking a 16 week basic training and a further nine weeks of different specialized lessons. They must also be top marksmen. Only one in the five applicants makes it through the tough training sessions. Since its formation, this police force conducted more than 1,500 operations and most interestingly they have only had to use their guns five times.



2. Junglas of Colombia

This is also considered another most famous police force of the world. This police force performs their duties in the Colombian jungles where the coke baron’s rule and the FARC guerrillas have been fighting a brutal civil war against the Government. They are very tough indeed. This thing must be cleared that in most countries of the world, the Junglas are considered as a military unit.

This police force was founded in 1989 and set up with training sessions from US Special Forces and Britain’s legendary SAS. They now look after their own training with some input from US DEA agents. There are around 600 Junglas and their main job is destroying jungle drugs labs. An even more elite cadre of 40 within the Junglas from the Special Reconnaissance Team who are responsible for their most dangerous missions.



3. BOPE of Brazil

This is also considered another highly famous and trained police force of the world. BOPE are considered an urban warfare unit, tasked with policing the city’s sprawling shanty towns. Their operations are often controversial and they have been accused of executing suspects among other abuses of their considerable power. They remain packed with all black uniforms, masks, and crossed pistols and badges. Their duties include policing prison riots, and in time of war they will be sent to the front lines. This police force undergoes extensive training and final three days of training involve staying constantly awake with almost no sustenance running mock missions.

4. Yamam of Israel

This police is also included in the list of highly professional and famous police force of the world and come to number four on the list. They are considered as the elite anti-terror cops of the Israeli Border Police. This police force was founded after the massacre of 21 Children at Ma’a lot in 1974. Different types of stories told us that the military Special Forces tasked with ending the hostage crisis failed to save the children and a special police unit was founded to tackle similar crises in future. Their training also involves some very difficult phases.

They are highly armed police force of the world. Different types of research studies have shown this fact that their favorite weapon is an armored bulldozer which they simple destroy buildings thought to be harboring the terrorists. These research studies have also shown this fact that this force has twice won the Urban Shield competition in America. The applicants of this police force are already trained soldiers having completed their three year military service with some distinction. The training session of this police force lasts for six months and includes a hell week which is said to be the toughest session of their training program.



5. The Grupo de Operaciones Especiales of Mexico

This is also considered another most famous police force of the world. Mexico is considered a state on the verge of collapse. Powerful drug have all but replaced elected state authority in parts of the country and the police are often considered to be in the pay of nacro gangs and when they are not they are likely to end up with a bullet in the head.

Named as GOPE, they are the elite and trained unit of the Federal Police, tasked with tackling the worst criminals, drug lords and terrorists. Despite Mexico’s terrible law and order problems, the GOPE have only 87 officers, who work in groups of eight to twelve on their missions. Like other professional police forces of the world, their selection and training is very tough. Among the organizations who help train these ultra-elite police officer are Mexican military special forces, Spanish police forces, the Colombian military’s urban anti terrorists units, French police special units, America’ Air Marshal service and the Mexican navy’s airborne marine unit.



6. Special Task Force of Sri Lanka

This is also considered another most famous and highly trained police force of the world. The Special Task Force is the counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency unit of the Sri Lankan police. Its prime task has been taking the police lead in dealing with the Tamil Tiger separatist guerrilla movement, and it’s so well regarded that it often goes on teaching missions around the world. It is also of worth mention here that this Special Task Force helped the Chinese authorities for preparing the Beijing Olympics.

This Special Task Force was formed in 1983, with a Sri Lankan Olympian at their head. The first training came from the Sri Lankan army, but the SAS from Britain were also bought in and Shin Beth officers from Israel also had input. They carry handguns, but mortars, grenade and rocket launchers and armored personnel carriers are also among their force.



7. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

This is also considered another highly professional and famous police force of the world. This police force has world’s coolest uniforms. Like other professional police forces of the world, this police force also undergoes extensive training. The training program to join the Mounties lasts for a demanding six months, each day starting at 6 am and finishing no earlier than 4:30 pm. The recruits are expected to take a large responsibility for developing their own physical and mental talents in an academically challenging environment. Once the six months training session is completed, another tough training session of further six months in the field starts.

8. French Police Nationale RAID

This is also considered another important and highly trained professional police of the world and comes to number eight on the list. Named the Black Partners because of their stylish noir get up, the RAID was formed in 1985. The main objective of formation of this police force was to tackle the violent criminals and terrorists. They are on the duty when President Obama or the like arrive in Paris and they are so elite that there are only 60 of them.

The candidates with good physical conditions can apply to this force. Selection is voluntary and only National Police officers with at least five year’s experience are eligible to apply. The success rate is about 10 from every 600 applicants. The candidates of this police force undergo from an extensive training program which lasts about nine months and includes six hours-a-day of tough physical work. They learn martial arts, tactics, shooting, learn how to get into buses, planes and trains, rescue hostages, attack from helicopters, drive like lunatics and even how to parachute. Sometimes they are also required to pass different elite military training courses.

9. Grupo Especial de Operaciones, Spain

This is also considered another famous police of the world and comes to number nine on the list of most famous police forces of the world. The GEOs were formed in Spain in 1977 and they tackle counter-terrorism. They were formed as a sort of partnership between military and the police.

They started out well, freeing five hostages in a bank raid with no bloodshed. There are different types of research reports that have clearly shown this fact that their operation record is best with 424 hostages free and 41 armed terrorists captured in their history. Only one officer has ever been killed on duty, when the Madrid train bombing suspects reacted to the GEOs approach by blowing up their flat.

Like other professional police forces of the world, the candidates of this police force also undergo from an extensive training program. The training is both physical and mental. Among the physical tests is a 3-KM run that must be completed in 11.5 minutes. Some candidates fail after getting through initial training, when they are given specialists training, including very demanding tests in police science and techniques.

10. US Marshals Service

This is also considered another famous police force of the world. American law enforcement is liberally littered with special units, and one of the toughest to get into is the US Marshals Service, the details of whose selection and training processes are a closely guarded secret. The officer of Marshal is almost as old as the United States themselves. The service became a federal government agency in 1789, and has been in action ever since. Marshals are the enforcers for the federal court system, handling everything from protecting courts to tracking down fugitives. The training program lasts for 19 weeks and is considered one of the toughest in the United States.




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