15 Coolest Offices Around the World

This world is filled with different artworks of human being. All the things depict the capability of human mind while developing the latest and new things. There are different types of research reports that have clearly shown this fact that now days, businesses particularly who make their money on internet, seem to be paying more attention to their staff and work environment. In this way they can get most out of them. We have selected this article in order to discuss some coolest and well designed offices of the world.

Following are considered some coolest offices of the world.

1. Selgas Cano – Madrid

This is considered as one of the coolest offices of the world. There are different big companies in the world who have large and well furnished offices for their staff. But when it comes to making awesome offices, size does not matter. This office is considered as one of the most relaxing office because half of this office is situated underground and half above the ground.

This Selgas Cano office was designed by Iwan Baan and is situated in a forest, near Madrid in Spain. The presence of clean lines and colorful details make it a great place to work in. This office also has great food and gaming areas, fun slides and more about a relaxed environment.

2. Google Office – Zurich

The office of Google is also included in the list of coolest offices of the world. It is said that one of the key success factor of Google is its employees who are always dedicated to work in awesome office environment. Google put  a lot of time and money into making the perfect work environment, mixing business with pleasure so that the staff can relax and refuel during their breaks.

One of the most interesting things about Google is that nobody is allowed to more than 100 meters away from food and due to this fact that you will find kitchens everywhere as well as awesome and beautiful cafeteria where every employee is fed three times a day for free.



3. Red Bull Office – Soho, London

This is also considered as one of the coolest offices of the world. This office is basically a converted building of five old pubs in Soho, London. This building remained an interesting building with plenty of space and cool features. This is considered as a perfect work place for the young Londoner looking to be creative with one of the most interesting companies around.

4. AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California

This company is recently constructed its office which has been included now in the list of coolest offices of the world due to its beauty and awesome interior. They have gotten rid of the bland corporate façade and taken a leaf out of Google’s books and tried to make their office more fun and inspiring.

5. Parliament – Portland, Oregon

This is also considered as one of the coolest office of the world. This is a company that knows the importance of a happy and comfortable work environment. The design of this office involves a lot of reclaimed or recycled materials such as old street signs, a salvage pizza over and a wood from a barn and a church. All these things have contributed a lot towards the beauty of this office.

6. Dreamhost – La Brea, California

This office is situated in California and is also included in the list of coolest offices of the world. This office is designed by same company who designed AOL, Facebook and Dreamhost offices. The design of this office has gotten rid of personal cubical to encourage interaction between the staff. Open and private areas are scattered about the building for meetings, relaxation and work.

7. Comvert – Milan, Italy

This is also considered as one of the coolest offices of the world. This has got to be one of the coolest buildings to build an office in, which came about when alternative clothing company Comvert were looking for a new space for their headquarters. This office contains different things of beauty and its interior structure has made it ideal for workers who love to work in a cool and relaxed environment.

8. Facebook – Palo Alto, California

The office design of Facebook presents some unique ideas. The most interesting thing about this coolest office is that the company is using its own software to conduct polls asking their employees what they would want from an office. There is a whole booth that you can polish up your mixing skills at while entertaining the colleagues. All of this combined with the modern, comfortably styling of the complex and that means that Facebook is one of the best places to work and play.

9. YouTube – San Bruno

This office is also included in the list of coolest offices of the world. This company has stylish and unique office which has been equipped with state of the art facilities and infrastructure. Big open floor plans and perks for employees dominate this office complex as they can relax with a bit of indoor putting, free-roam Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming and gym activities.

10. Dtac Headquarters – Bangkok

Dtac recently decided to put an end to separate office spaces throughout the city of Bangkok and brought all six buildings under one roof, which happens to be the largest ever office lease in Thailand’s history, occupying around 650,000 square feet. The basic purpose of doing all these things is the company’s desire to become the employer of choice to “enhance cooperation and communication, strengthen common goals, and increase creativity” and make it easier for the brand to react quickly to changing conditions.

11. Gummo – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This is also considered as one of the coolest offices of the world. Everything in the office conforms to the new house style of white and grey. All the furniture of the house is beautifully made and manufacture and has been kept in a way that increases the beauty of this office to great extent.

12. Lego – Denmark

This is also included in the list of coolest offices of the world. The colorful open-plan layout encourages interaction and play between the staff, is an effort to fuel their imagination, which is what Lego is all about. The meeting rooms of this office are all light, colorful and open and vary in sizes depending on their uses.


13. Zappos – Las Vegas, Nevada

In fact Zappos is a huge company and it is one of the world’s largest online shoe retailers. Customer satisfaction is the secret behind their success. The culture of realizing people’s importance and individuality has been transferred in to the company’s headquarter where each employee gets their own little imprint into the office design.

14. KBP West Offices – San Francisco, California

This is also considered as one of the coolest office of the world. The unique office and conference building is made up of three wings, which are separated by sliding walks and can be opened up to create a single, colorful meeting room. There is a library conference room with wooden swivel chairs, bizarrely shaped rooms with slanted ceilings and chalkboard walls etc.


photo by:news.lampshoponline.com

photo by:news.lampshoponline.com

15. Big in Japan – Dallas, Texas

This is a mobile apps developer company who started their operations in 2008 with their award winning, barcode scanning app. They offer a cool and relaxed working environment to their employees. Big in Japan have done away with work cubicles and opted for a more clean finish, with a glass-walled conference room to give the impression of space.  The mix of work and play is everywhere in this office.

source: blog.eoffice.net

source: blog.eoffice.net


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