10 Top African-American Civil War Heroes To Remember

African-American Civil War Heroes hold a significant value in history and they are still remembered throughout the world because of their time-less efforts for equality. Most of the people are unaware of Black Civil War Heroes because we are not very much used to remembering our heroes.

African-American or Black Civil War heroes are the ones who have fought for social as well as political equality in America for African-Americans. They are the people who established the concept of providing equality cultural and social rights to Africans residing in America.

These heroes not only worked for the well-being of a few individuals only. However, they established the history which helped the world in understanding the importance of providing equal rights and opportunities to all the people regardless of their color, caste or religion.

If you are interested in learning about some great Black Civil war heroes who have sacrificed their lives then, dig into this article right away!

1. Martin Robison Delany

martin robison delany

Martin Robison Delany was not the direct more solid of the field. However, he was the writer, journalist and also activist who wrote several campaigns on the rights of African-Americans and why it was important to give them the right place in the economy.

2. John Lawson

john lawson

John Lawson can easily be labeled as the perfect example of Black Civil war heroes because of his immense efforts which are still valued by all the African-American. During the war zone, all of the teammates of Lawson got injured and thrown away.

Lawson was also one of the people but he managed to regain his powers despite having his one leg severely injured. After getting on his point, Lawson was able to equip gunners with the needed inventory which helped them in achieving their goals.

3. Andre Cailloux

Born as a slave in 1825, Andre Cailloux acted as the leader for the Afro-French community in 1862, after getting freed from slavery. Cailloux not only worked for creating an example for the people. He also sacrificed his life just for the sake of the wellbeing of his people. Although Cailloux fought for equality he was also successful in communicating the survival strategy to its people and also taught them about living with dignity throughout their lives.

4. James Daniel Gardner


James Daniel Gardner can easily be labeled as the war or battlefield hero because, during the Battle of Chaffin’s farm, Gardner fought with great efficiency and properly utilized his analytical skills in order to identify the enemy.

During the war, he got the chance of hitting on to his enemy and with the passion, he was able to achieve his goals.

5. Robert Smalls


Robert Smalls was also born as the slave and also served as the pilot in the harbor. Robert Smalls is called one of the great Black Civil War heroes because he is known for his incredible strategies and knowledge as a pilot which helped the African-Americans winning the due position in the congress and also at the Union Army.

6. Miles James

During the quest of the African-American war, Miles James showcased the world that nothing is impossible if it is done with true determination and passion. During the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm, Miles James got his one arm mutilated because of the direct shot. However, he decided to continue the battle with one arm just for the sake of safety of his people.

Although James was successful in executing his mission he was late on dismissed from his position in Army because of the disability which we had to face on the battlefield.

7. Alexander Thomas Augusta


Alexander Thomas Augusta was born in 1825 to free parents. Alexander is not famous because of the blood scarifies but because of his determination which helped the youth in understanding the importance of staying firm to their cause for the longest time.

Augusta is also one of the Black Civil War heroes who actively participated in saving lives and fighting for the rights of African-Americans. The main cause he focused on which associated with the streetcar riding right for the African-Americans.

8. Caroline Le Count

Caroline Le Count was one of the American teachers and she decided to keep his comfort-zone at one side just for the sake of her people. Since during that time, it wasn’t common for the females to jump in the field of activists, Caroline decided to do so in order to create the legacy of providing equal rights to people despite their color and caste.

9. Henry Johnson


Henry Johnson is known around the world for his great efforts in which he shifted from one place to another so that he could fight for the rights of his fellow members. Henry Johnson was not only working in the field, during his teenage, he also worked as the redcap porter.

10. Charles David Jr.

Charles David Jr. was the African-American he made a lot of efforts so that he could enter into the army and defend the due rights of his fellow who were suffering just because of their color. Charles started from the very low level where first he worked on his skills then, he got the due knowledge about the war and fought for the well being.

It is surely impossible to deny all the efforts made by the Black Civil War Heroes because they are the ones who saved the life of a million people by sacrificing their blood, families, and lives.

It is important to understand that before Black civil war heroes, it was impossible for the people to Black people to spend their life peacefully in America because of white supremacy.

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